3rd ITS Cooperative Mobility Services Plugtests

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  • CETECOM HQ - Essen, Germanyexpand

In the continuous effort to support rapid ITS deployment and to validate the ETSI ITS Release 1 standards, a third Plugtests event was organized in November 2013 focussing on Co-operative Mobile Systems standards from ETSI, CEN and ISO and to test the interoperability of ITS equipment from all key vendors.

CMS can significantly help the European motorist to increase safety, reduce congestion and make fuel (energy) efficiencies. Interoperability is essential if these systems are to work correctly. This event was organized in cooperation with ERTICO.

its cms 2013

The scope of the last event, held in 2012, was broadened to include Secure Messages and Certificates tests based on ETSI TS 103 097, while still retaining the interoperability tests for CAM, DENM, and GeoNetworking.
As in the previous ITS CMS events, the ETSI conformance test platform was provided as well as a radio bench which allowed the testing of real life GeoNetworking forwarding scenarios. In addition to these tests, Secure Messages and Certificates tests based on ETSI TS 103 097 were part of the scope of the event.

During the event the ITS Conformance Validation Framework was demonstrated and live trials against implementations were conducted. This demonstration and the live trials proved to be a big success and were felt to be very interesting by the vendor community.

This event was attended by eighteen companies from countries worldwide and over the course of the testing week more than five hundred interoperability tests were carried out. As the third in this series of ITS CMS Plugtests events, this was a good level of participation (higher than the similar event held last year) and shows the interest there is for these events. 

As well as the interoperability event, a workshop was also organized on ‘Future Perspectives of Car-to-X Communication’, gathering experts from both public and private organizations specializing in ITS technologies and implementations. The workshop was held on Wednesday 27 November, with the aim of providing a high-level networking platform for stakeholders and experts of both public and private organizations specializing in ITS technologies and implementations. More information may be found via this link : http://www.etsi.org/news-events/past-events/730-its-cms-workshop2013 

Once the event had started a live blog was launched with information and pictures uploaded on a daily basis. The blog may be found here: http://www.etsi.org/news-events/events/665-Plugtestss-2013-itscms3?tab=2

ITS Cooperative Mobility Services #2

11-15 June 2012 - Versailles, France

Following the success of the first event in Helmond (NL) in November 2011, it was decided to hold a second CMS Plugtests event from 11th to 15th June, 2012. More than fifteen companies with over forty five participants met at IFSTTAR's Versailles-SATORY test site.

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ITS Cooperative Mobility Services #1

14-18 November 2011, Helmond, The Netherlands

This event aimed to test the interoperability of ITS protocols CAM, DENM, BTP, GeoNetworking and ITS-G5. A radio bench setup was provided to enable testing multi hop scenarios and to provide GPS feed via a position server for all test scenarios. This event was intended to help the acceleration of the ITS standardization as well as recommendations for ongoing and future projects to lead the deployment of cooperative ITS systems.

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3rd ITS CMS interoperability event - follow it live!


Karen Hughes
29 November 2013

Kapsch running conformance tests against the ETSI test platform operated by operated by Dirk Tepelmann (TestingTech)


Qosmotec control software qper live in the radio bench to enable geo configurations dynamic attenuation tool installed in the radio bench.


Iris Köster (Qosmotec)


Hitachi running conformance tests against the ETSI test platform operated by Alexander Berge (AMBC)

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Karen Hughes
28 November 2013


QMIC running conformance tests against the ETSI test platform operated by Alexander Berge (AMBC) Test Session Chair Matthias Helfert (AustriaTech) is monitoring the session


Unex installing their equipment in the radio bench



At noon today the ITS CMS Plugtests event will receive a visit from the participants who are attending the ITS Plugtest Management Workshop "FUTURE PERSPECTIVES OF CAR-2-X COMMUNICATION". This workshop is being held today in Dusseldorf and has been organized by CETECOM and is supported by ETSI.




STF455 - FAST / CALM Demo

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Karen Hughes
27 November 2013

Lively discussions during the wrap-up session today

 ITS CMS 2013

Sebastian Mueller, ETSI, chairs the wrap-up session


Introducing the findings of todays testing sessions

ITS CMS 2013

Everyone participates


The Vector tool, monitoring traffic and helping to debug.

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Karen Hughes
27 November 2013

ITS CMS 2013

Cohda, NXP & Hitachi Renesas carrying out security tests

ITS CMS 2013

 Fraunhofer ESK & Vector in CAM DENM Face to Face tests

 ITS CMS 2013

Siemens running RF tests to check complience with the current Spectrum Regulation & checking radio performance. This test bench is provided by Rohde & Schwarz. 

 ITS CMS 2013

NEC Europe & Security Innovation with Trialog (Preserve Project) in a security session.

ITS CMS 2013

AutoTalks & Siemens in a Geo Networking face to face session, monitored by Vector tools. Matthias Helfert from AustriaTech acting as Test Session Chair.

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Karen Hughes
25 November 2013

Bjoern Bunte welcomes participants

Day 1 at the ITS CMS plugtests event - Bjoern Bunte, Director Business Development, welcomes the participants to the CETECOM HQ where this event, organized by ETSI and ERTICO is being hosted.

Sebastian Mueller introduces Support Team

Sebastian Mueller, ETSI Plugtests Manager, introduces the Support Team & Test Session Chairs to the 70+ participants.

Welcome session

Joern Edlich, CETECOM, welcomes everyone to Essen, Germany.


Preparing for the geo-networking routing tests

ITRI, Marben Products, Siemens, Commsignia, DENSO & QMIC setting up their devices in the shielded boxes and preparing for the geo-networking routing tests.

Action shot

Action shot!

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