eCall 2012

This was the first eCall Plugtests event and was held on the road test site of innovITS Advance which has Europe's most Advance ITS specific test track. A private GSM network is only available in the middle of the test track so a marquee was set up to enable the participants to benefit from the best coverage from this private network.

The event focused on testing interoperability of the Pan European eCall and the objective was to provide a realistic environment for vendors to test their implementations against each other. IVS vendors were able to test the interoperability of their product with the different PSAP implementations, and vice-versa.  Tests covered realistic scenarios and participants monitored the behaviour of their products in the different phases of the transmission of an eCall, and assessed whether it worked properly or not.

The tests were performed over the innovITS ADVANCE GSM/3G private network, allowing IVS units to make 112 based eCall to the PSAP.

Eight companies participated in this event and fourteen different devices were tested, nine of which were IVS (In Vehicle System) and five of which were PSAP devices (Public Service Answering Point).
More than five hundred interoperability tests were run during the course of the event and these tests gave an excellent success rate of  almost 90%. This is an impressive success rate as this is the first interoperability event on this technology and given the fact that both prototype and mature implementations attended.

The event will contribute to the safety of European citizens through the introduction of interoperating eCall equipment. However, even though the pass rate is high further events will be needed to achieve the high level of interoperability that all safety critical applications should attempt to reach.