eHealth / Connectathon 2012

The Connectathon, organized by IHE-Europe is a ‘connectivity marathon' during which systems exchange information with complementary systems from multiple vendors, performing all of the transactions required for the roles they are implementing.  The primary objective of Connectathon 2012 was to test different IHE profiles form several different domains.

The ETSI activity focussed on the PIX profile from IT infrastructure domain with tests that were enhanced with respect to previous year. The objective was to demonstrate again the capabilities of TTCN-3 based technology for testing eHealth systems. We were able to bring our unique experience and tools, based on our Interoperability Best Practices, to this important community. The results and experience were again very well received as testified by many participants that tested with ETSI during this event.

The event attracted 120 different healthcare systems by 85 companies and institutions with 520 participants who tested new healthcare systems. Over 2800 tests for interoperability among medical information systems were performed, including two new profiles that establish a foundation for patient-centric care by moving richer data sets through clinical workflows to physicians and caregivers.