ETSI Workshop on NFV Acceleration Technologies

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ETSI ISG NFV is pleased to announce a half day workshop on NFV Acceleration Technologies on 10 April 2019. The event will be co-located with the 21st edition of the MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress, in Paris, France.
Currently, the group is calling for presentations. It is intended to have the full programme online at the end of January 2019. 

Event Objectives

  • Provide an overview of the ETSI approach to NFV acceleration and of the set of available reports and specifications;
  • Understand how NFV acceleration solutions, in particular those developed by Open Source communities, relate to the NFV acceleration approach developed by ETSI;
  • Identify the gaps between the requirements specified by ETSI and these NFV acceleration solutions, with the goal of assessing whether and how to fill these gaps;
  • Identify new use cases and potential needs for future standardization work in relation to NFV acceleration.

Guaranteeing high and predictable performance for packet processing has been a major challenge since the inception of the NFV technology. The set of technics to enable high and predictable performance to be delivered on commodity servers is known in general terms as NFV acceleration.

Over the past 4 years, ETSI NFV ISG published a series of specifications around the topic of NFV acceleration:

  • GS NFV-PER 001, one of the first ETSI NFV ISG deliverables, focusing on NFV performance and portability best practices;
  • GS NFV-IFA001  reporting on use cases for NFV acceleration
  • A set of requirements specifications aimed at designing NFV acceleration solutions that can support these use cases without jeopardizing the portability of virtualized network functions across heterogeneous servers
    • GS NFV-IFA 002, specifying an acceleration model enabling virtualized network functions to consume acceleration services from the infrastructure, through abstract interfaces, regardless of the actual implementation of acceleration resources.
    • GS NFV-IFA 019 providing further details the specification of an abstract interface enabling partial offloading packet processing from a virtualized network function to dedicated switches in the infrastructure.
    • GS NFV-IFA 004 and GS NFV-IFA 018 specifying requirements for managing accelerators in the NFV infrastructure.

This event is the right moment and opportunity to assess where the industry has been moving with regards to NFV acceleration.

ETSI is calling for presentation proposals on:

  1. Open NFV acceleration solutions (available or under development) and how they relate to the ISG NFV acceleration approach. This includes open-source solutions, proof-of-concept demonstrations of existing standards or openly available evaluation solutions implementing them;
  2. Gap analysis between NFV acceleration solutions and ETSI NFV specifications, as long as they don’t relate to concrete commercial products;
  3. New uses cases requiring NFV acceleration and potential needs for future standardization work.

Input is expected from standardization development organizations, Open Source communities or individual companies and research institutions.

Proposals for presentations should be submitted using this submission form by 15 January 2019 to [email protected]

It is is intended to have the full programme online at the end of January 2019.