UCAAT 2017 - ETSI User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing

UCAAT is ETSI’s annual conference on test automation focusing on both automated test design and test execution automation. UCAAT 2017 will take place on 11-13 October 2017 in Berlin, Germany. 

ETSI is pleased to announce the launch of the User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) 2017. This year’s event is organized by Fraunhofer Fokus, with the support of ETSI Technical Committee Method for Testing and Specification (TC MTS).

One of this year’s main topics will be testing the Internet of Things (IoT) which has been blurring lines between verticals such as telecom, transport, enterprise IT, automotive and leading to the emergence of a unified technology platform. After years of standardization, also taking place in ETSI, the growth of deployed solutions is rapid but still offering the diversity common to major steps in technology. That brings challenges but also new opportunities for business and testing technologies to the market place.

Sponsorship Opportunities

UCAAT is a great opportunity for tool vendors to contact their users, please look at the sponsorship opportunities available for this event.

Event Details

A dedicated conference web site is available at where general event presentation, call for presentations, and sponsoring packages are presented.