Security Week 2016

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Now in its second year, the ETSI security week will consist of an IoT Security Workshop running from Monday 13 to Wednesday 15 June 2016 followed by the ETSI Technical Committee CYBER plenary meeting taking place from 15 to 17 June 2016 and the hosted AIOTI Workshop on 16 June.

The 2016 ETSI Security Week will take place in Sophia Antipolis, France on 13-17 June 2016.

The ETSI Internet of Things Security Workshop will take place on 13-15 June 2016 and will focus on the technical, business and policy implications of securing the Internet of Things (IoT), taking examples from the most relevant IoT domains such as Automotive, Smart City and the Industrial Internet.  

Over recent years, IoT has rapidly become a mainstream technology, with an unprecedented number of connected products being deployed in our homes, cars, businesses and connected cities. Only recently have we really started to question the security and privacy implications of connecting everything to the Internet and sharing our personal data from billions of devices over multiple applications. With the ever increasing number of off the shelf connected devices, often with only minimal security mechanisms, comes an ever increasing variety of potential new security threats.

The workshop will examine:

  • What specific security threats arise from the Internet of Things?
  • What are the priorities for securing the connected car, medical devices, and critical infrastructure?
  • What Policy initiatives are currently addressing the issue of IoT Security and Privacy?
  • What is being done by Industry to secure the Internet of Things?
  • What innovative R&D work is being done in the area of Secure and Trusted ICT systems and devices?
  • How can infrastructure and devices be better secured to protect against potential security hacks?
  • What International initiatives are examining the issue of IoT Security and how can this benefit the industry?
  • How can standards and international cooperation help rapidly progress the solutions needed to secure the Internet of Things?

This event provides an ideal opportunity for participants to hear experts present and debate about the latest IoT Security threats, the global initiatives that may respond to those threats and the key protective measures that exist and could be further developed using standardized solutions.

The stable agenda is now available !

Members of the Programme Committee

  • David Boswarthick, ETSI Director CSC
  • Charles Brookson, AZENBY, ETSI TC CYBER Chairman
  • Pierre Chastanet, Deputy Head of Unit – Trust & Security (H4) at EC DG Connect
  • Sonia Compans, ETSI, TC Cyber Technical Officer
  • Marijke Desoete, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 Vice Chair
  • Margot Dor, ETSI, Strategic Director
  • Andreas Fuchsberger, Security Expert Microsoft
  • Gérard Gaudin, Chairman ETSI ISG ISI
  • Riccardo Genghini, Chairman TC ESI
  • Simon Hicks, ETSI General Assembly Chairman
  • Gerald McQuaid, Vodafone, ETSI TC LI Chairman
  • Christophe Menant, Security Expert Hewlett Packard
  • Mark Pecen, Approach Infinity, Inc., ETSI ISG QSC
  • Steve Purser, ENISA
  • Andrew Shields, Toshiba, Chairman ETSI ISG QKD
  • Klaus Vedder, Giesecke & Devrient, Chairman ETSI TC SCP
  • Claire Vishik, Security Expert Intel
  • Dirk Weiler, Nokia, ETSI Board Chairman

Who should attend?

This event is of particular interest to:

  • Organizations and stakeholders involved in IoT Security projects
  • Government agencies and organizations working on Security
  • SMEs and Start-Ups driving technology innovation in the domain of Security Solutions
  • Research Institutes & Universities
  • IoT Applications developers
  • IoT Device and infrastructure manufacturers
  • Network Operators
  • Service Providers
  • Network and Systems Security Administrators
  • Security Engineers
  • Risk Managers
  • Strategic Planners Information Security Managers and Directors
  • Information Security Staff
  • Security Architects
  • Network and Systems Security Administrators
  • Security Consultants
  • Industry Analysts

ETSI TC CYBER#7 will take place during the ETSI Security Week, after the IoT Security Workshop, on 15 June (pm) until 17 June 2016.

Participation at TC CYBER#7 is open to all ETSI Members upon registration.
Non ETSI Members could attend upon request to the TC officials at the time of registration.

On an exceptional and temporary basis, observers and non-members may be invited or authorized by the Chairman to attend the meeting.

Objectives of the TC CYBER#7 Meeting

  • Assess the outcome of the Security workshop and initiate resulting standardization work
  • Progress on Cyber Security standardization work
  • Align work with other ETSI groups, coordinate work with external groups and enhance collaboration with other SDOs in a context of global Cyber Security efforts
  • Involve participants of the Security Week including non ETSI Members in order to expand the range of ideas and proposals for future standardization work

If you are an ETSI member, you may register here

If you are not an ETSI Member and want to participate, please contact [email protected]

The AIOTI Workshop on Security and Privacy in the hyper-connected world will take place on Thursday 16 June 2016 during the ETSI Security Week and after the ETSI IoT Security Workshop.

Priority for participation to this event is given to all AIOTI WG03 and WG04 security experts, TC SmartM2M members but also to a limited number of external participants upon request to the ETSI contact for this event [email protected]

Objectives of the AIOTI meeting on Security and Privacy

  • Discuss minimum security and privacy requirements along the entire networked architecture and value chain similar in various sectors.
  • Contribute to
    • Policy and legislation on security and privacy requirements
    • Standards
    • Labelling / Certification
  • Questions to be answered by the related AIOTI Working Groups (verticals).
  • Assess the completeness of the security and privacy requirements of the vertical WGs

The Allianz Riviera in Nice is hosting some UEFA EURO 2016 games.
Some matches are taking place on Sunday 12 and Friday 17 June.

Many hotels might be fully booked during the month of June. We advise speakers and participants to quickly book their flight and hotels. 

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