Internet of Things in the Smart Home

After the December 2015 workshop on standardization for M2M and the Internet of Things in Smart Cities and Smart Living, ETSI's SmartM2M committee and the European Commission continue to explore the landscape of Standardization of IoT with a new workshop dedicated to IoT in the Smart Home. This event will take place in ETSI's Headquarters on 21-22 March 2016.

The workshop will analyze the recent developments in the Smart Home, with a wide spectrum of point of view: business models, applications, technology and frameworks, regulation and law, etc. In particular, the selected presentations will explore the IoT standards landscape, and the major challenges that the Large Scale Projects (LSPs) starting in 2017 will have to address.

This event is co-organized by the ETSI Specialist Task Force (STF 505) on "IoT Standards landscaping and IoT European LSP gap analysis". This group of experts, funded by the European Commission and supported by ETSI, is commissioned to provide on the one hand an in-depth analysis of the IoT Standardization landscape, and on the other hand, an identification of the IoT standardization gaps to which the LSPs will be confronted. The experts will present their initial results and recommendations.

Objectives of the workshop

This workshop will investigate the global landscape of IoT in the Smart Home, with a focus on Standardization, and provide:

  • Highlights into some of the advances and challenges that large deployment of Smart Home projects will have to face, such as the cross "vertical domains" integration, the interoperability, the regulatory aspects,
  • A status of the ongoing Smart Home standardization activities in Europe and worldwide,
  • Insights into the main challenges that the Large Scale Pilots starting in 2017 will have to address, in particular those related to Smart Living.
  • Early results and recommendations of ETSI Specialists Task Force on IoT Landscaping and Gaps identification, in support of the definition of the Large Scale Pilots.

Who should attend?

This event is of particular interest to:

  • Decision makers for Smart Home deployment projects
  • M2M (Communication) Components and Equipment Manufacturers
  • Network and Service providers
  • Policy makers
  • Research Institutes and Universities
  • Stakeholders involved in the preparation of IoT Large Scale Pilots (LSPs)
  • Standardization actors in IoT

Progamme Committee

  • Angel Boveda, Wireless Partners
  • Emmanuel Darmois, CommLedge, Member of STF 505
  • Omar Elloumi Nokia, TC Smart M2M Vice-chair
  • Patrick Guillemin, ETSI
  • Achilleas Kemos, European Commission
  • Guenter Kleindl, FEEI, TC DECT Chair
  • Joachim Koss, JK Consulting Projects, Leader of STF 505
  • Samir Medjiah, Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, Member of STF 505
  • Ultan Mulligan, ETSI
  • Jumoke Ogunbekun, EX2 Management Consulting Ltd, Member of STF 505
  • Roger Samy Sagemcom, TC PLT Chair
  • Enrico Scarrone Telecom Italia SpA, TC Smart M2M Chair
  • Laurent Velez, ETSI
  • Michelle Wetterwald, FB Consulting, Member of STF 505

Agenda Day 1: Monday 21 March 2016

12:30 Check-in


  • Welcome address
14:00 SESSION 1: Requirements and Gaps
Chair: Michelle Wetterwald, FB Consulting, Member of STF 505
14:00 Quantifying the stupidity of the Smart Home
Per-Olof Hedekvist, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
14:30 Smart Homes' security: from theory to practice
Jacques Fournier, CEATECH
15:00 An open virtual neighbourhood network to connect intelligent buildings and smart objects
Keith Dickerson, Climate Associates
15:30 Networking Coffee Break
16:00 IoT in the Smart Home / Smart Building Environment
Jean-Daniel Napar, eu.bac
16:30 IoT in the Smart Home: an overview of urgent standardization needs and GAP analysis
Angel Boveda, Wireless Partners
17:00 SESSION 2: Cross-Domain Application Support
Chair: Joachim Koss, STF 505 Leader,  JK Consulting & Projects
17:00 oneM2M: Bridging IoT connectivity Islands
Enrico Scarrone, TC SmartM2M Chair
17:20 Interoperability for Demand-side Flexibility
Jasper Roes, Josef Baumeister, TNO / Willem Strabbing, ESMIG
17:40 Opening a smart home infrastructure to 3rd party applications and devices
Sébastien Bolle, David Escoffier, André Bottaro, Orange
18:00 Questions & Answers / Discussion
18:20 Session 3: Summary of Day 1
18:30 Networking Cocktail

Agenda Day 2: Tuesday 22 March 2016

09:00 SESSION 4: Real life Developments
Chair: Samir Medjiah, Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, Member of STF 505
09:00 Welcome Address, Luis Jorge Romero Saro, ETSI Director General
09:10 Cross-domain IoT Application Development for Smart Home
Soumya Kanti Datta, EURECOM
09:30 Enabling Home Automation through Open Source Modular Gateways: The AGILE approach
Charalampos Doukas, CREATE-NET
09:50 Questions & Answers / Discussion
10:10 Coffee & Networking break
10:40 SESSION 5: Standardization
Chair: Guido Walcher, TELIT
10:40 Standardisation for Smart Living Environments for Active and Healthy Ageing
Monika Lanzenberger, European Commission, DG CONNECT
11:00 CLC TC205 - Home Electronics Systems and the IoT – EN 50090-6-1
Joost Demarest, CENELEC/TC 205
11:20 SAREF and SAREF4EE
Jasper Roes, Josef Baumeister, TNO
11:40 ZigBee Standard: enabling interoperability in the Smart Home
Jean-Pierre Desbenoit, Schneider Electrics
12:00 ETSI Standards for DECT ULE: an update and perspectives for the future
Daniel Hartnett, DECT Forum
12:20 Questions & Answers / Discussion
12:40 Networking Lunch
13:50 - 15:00  SESSION 6: STF 505 - IoT Landscaping and Gap Analysis
Chair: Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia 
13:50  SmartM2M support to AIOTI and the LSPs
Enrico Scarrone, TC SmartM2M Chair 
13:55  An update on AIOTI Work Group 3 on Standards
Patrick Guillemin, ETSI & AIOTI WG3 Chair 
14:00  STF objectives and work programme
Joachim Koss, STF Leader, JK Consulting & Projects 
14:05  An update on IoT Landscaping
Jumoke Ogunbekun, STF Member, EX2 Management Consulting 
14:25  Towards the identification of Gaps
Michelle Wetterwald, STF Member, Consult Europe 
14:45  Questions & Answers / Discussion 
15:00 - 16:00 

Panel Discussion: Issues for Large Scale Deployments in the Smart Home 
Chair: Emmanuel Darmois, CommLedge


  • Bruno Basquin, Gemalto
  • Patrick Guillemin, H2020 CSAs, ETSI
  • Giorgios Karagainnis, AIOTI WG3
  • John Ketchell, ANEC
  • Jumoke Ogunbekun, STF 505
16:00-16:15 Conclusions 
16:00  Conclusions from the European Commission 
16:15 End of workshop

Download the speakers' biographies in PDF format HERE