6TiSCH 2 Plugtests

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ETSI organized the 2nd 6TiSCH (IPv6 over the Timeslotted Channel Hopping mode of IEEE 802.15.4e) Plugtests™. This event was held from 02-04 February 2016 in Paris, France and was hosted by Inria. This event had the support of the newly created IP6 ISG (IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6 Industry Specification Group).

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This Plugtests™ event focused on assessing the interoperability of 6TiSCH implementations based on the draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal specification as well as the 6TiSCH Operation Sublayer (6top) Protocol.

The 2nd 6TiSCH Plugtests™ event conducted testing campaign based on the test cases developed by ETSI and the IETF 6TiSCH WG and focused on the conformance and interoperability of the IEEE 802.15.4e technologies.

It was a unique opportunity for 6TiSCH vendors to test their product against different implementations.

Please note that the participants’ names and the interoperability results will not be public as the event was covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

This activity was supported by the European Commission.

6TiSCH 2 Plugtests Blog

The direct link to refer to this blog is http://www.etsi.org/news-events/events/1022-6TiSCH-2-plugtests?tab=2

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Aurélie Sfez
04 February 2016

Group Photo

The 6TiSCH# 2 participants gathered together in the Inria premises.

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Aurélie Sfez
03 February 2016

Networking dinner

The 6TiSCH#2 participants are enjoying a networking dinner in a traditionnal French restaurant.

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Aurélie Sfez
02 February 2016

6TiSCH 2 Welcome Session

We have started the second edition of the 6TiSCH event with the official welcome session in the Inria Premises in Paris.

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