What the Standards People are saying

Martin Arndt

Martin Arndt, Standardization Manager, DKE

Having been a National Standards Organization since the creation of ETSI we have always been involved in all the exciting standardization activities. Since the first set of European Norms prepared for making the Internal Market come true we have been enjoying short and lengthy discussions as well as easy and controversial topics, always getting to a happy end, which means consensus has been found! 

As an ETSI Member we also happily contribute to the preparation of all types of deliverables, hence both our roles enable us to act as an interface to the ETSI Members headquartered in Germany. 

That’s why we are proud of being #TheStandardsPeople!


Photo of Shivom Aggarwal

Shivom Aggarwal, Head of R&D Projects / Data Scientist, EURA NOVA

EURA NOVA has been at the forefront of AI research for over a decade and found that ETSI is an essential organization to be part of.

At ETSI we not only have a chance to have a voice in latest technology standards in areas of strategic importance for us, but also forge partnerships with other players in the industry.

The breadth as well as depth of discussions and outcomes at ETSI has been compelling to continue capturing our interest and resources.


Photograph of Daniel Dédisse

Daniel Dédisse, co-founder and CTO of VOGO

Through ETSI membership we will be able to benefit from new innovative developments and greater visibility due to being part of a whole ecosystem of first-rate technological players. Our member status will also be a tremendous asset in ensuring we are at the forefront of upcoming 5G developments.

This is a decisive advantage in grabbing future opportunities in 5G. The arrival of this new generation of network technologies stands as a genuine opportunity for VOGO, notably paving the way to the integration of new functionalities into our solutions and reduce our time-to-market in the sports and entertainment sectors.


Photograph of Ted Laverty

Ted Laverty, VP Strategy & Standards, DTS Licensing (NI) Ltd

We have been participating in ETSI for over 17 years during which time our audio business has grown phenomenally. We have used ETSI publications as a foundation for the requirements of the other standards organizations that we participate in to build applications with other industry players.

ETSI has provided an easy to use repository containing the globally recognized set of publications which we have actively led and that our partners and customers can depend upon.

The global recognition of the ETSI standards in which our core surround sound audio technologies are specified is a key factor of our continued membership.

The ETSI publication and maintenance process is thorough, straight forward and transparent, leading to very high-quality output. 

The ETSI community represents the top tier of the global players in our industry. Participation in ETSI allows us extensive networking opportunities and the ability to help shape the standards that affect our businesses.

Via ETSI, we are also able to participate in 3GPP and gain access to an even larger community of technology standardizers and obtain a broad view of evolving industry segments which adds value to our strategy and innovation teams.

DTS Licensing (NI) Ltd

Photograph of Thomas Chatelet

Thomas Chatelet, Project Manager, European Union Agency for Railways

The European Union Agency for Railways aims at promoting a common approach to railway safety and enhancing the level of interoperability of railway systems in Europe. In its role as the system authority for the European Railway Traffic Management System, the Agency operates for the removal of technical barriers by devising an adequate technical and legal framework.

To ensure a coordinated development of the regulatory requirements (e.g. Technical Specifications for Interoperability) and of relevant European standards, the Agency is relying on the strong coordination with the European Standard Organizations, and specifically with ETSI for all Standards dealing with telecommunications, broadcasting and other electronic communications networks and services. The Agency is in particular following the Technical Committees on Railway Telecommunication, CYBER, and EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters to reflect in the European Union legislation the latest developments.

ETSI acts as a catalyst, attracting all interested parties in the discussion on the evolution of Information and Communication Technology for rail, and the Agency is very proud to be an active member since 2017 and to contribute to the standardization effort to make (amongst other things) the railway system work better for society.

Photograph of Christophe Gossard from John Deere

Christophe Gossard, John Deere GmbH & Co. KG

When I came to ETSI for the first time, I knew that my company John Deere was entering a new domain for standards. It was quite impressive to review the work performed so far within this institute and the long track for deliverables going from the early steps of the 3G to the radio telecommunication standards. The processes and the support provided by ETSI are quite well rounded and this helps to focus on the added value that each member can provide.

But what pleased me the most was to see a place where communities from all over the world are willing to engage all together in the organization of technical expertise to deliver standards designed by the industry. Many challenges have to be addressed when it comes to the integration of existing standards from the agricultural sector and the merging of those from the telecommunication sector, but many bridges can be built for the interest of all stakeholders, and ETSI, I think is the good place to start with.

John Deere GmbH & Co. KG

Photograph of Marika Vindbjerg from Dansk Standard

Marika Vindbjerg, Senior Consultant, Dansk Standard

Danish Standard has the role as national administration and National Standard Organization member. We have felt welcome in the ETSI family from day one. From a warm smile in the reception to an open mindset in the ETSI Secretariat management. Your ideas get the best start in ETSI’s flat organization where it is not far from thought to action.

Danish Standard are ready to act as local ETSI ambassador to help anyone interested in getting involved in standardization.

Dansk Standard

Photograph of Jan Holub from Mesaqin.com

Prof. Ing. Jan Holub, Ph.D., Mesaqin.com s.r.o (Ltd.)

After more than 15 years in ETSI, I consider my colleagues from our working group (STQ) and from the ETSI secretariat as my good friends, if not family members, and Sophia Antipolis has become my second home. ETSI enabled our company to expand our network and share our experience with the leaders in the field.

ETSI meetings and workshops feature the discussions we want to be a part of and attracts the people we want to talk to. This would be very difficult, if not impossible, to attain anywhere else. Our company has gained access via ETSI and the 3GPP partnerships to major projects in our field of expertise (subjective audio and video quality testing) and it is a great honour for us to participate in these important developments (e.g. Enhanced Voice Services) with world-wide impact.

Mesaqin.com s.r.o (Ltd.)