Use of ETSI Member logo

To enable our members to show their engagement and pride in ETSI, we have created a dedicated ‘ETSI Member’ logo.

This ‘ETSI Member’ logo is derived from the official ETSI logo and allows ETSI Members to easily and clearly declare that their organization is an integral part of ETSI: an ETSI Member.

The ‘ETSI Member’ logo really is a ‘limited edition’ as it can be used exclusively by our members.

Show the world your commitment to and involvement in ICT standards-making by displaying the ETSI Member logo; be it on a physical exhibition stand, your marketing collateral or your website; the options to position your brand closely with the ETSI brand are manifold. 

We invite you to choose one of the following alternatives that best matches your needs:

  • Request a high resolution version of the ‘ETSI Member’ logo to integrate it in your stand design
  • Request an ‘ETSI Member’ plaque that you can either stick to a wall or display freestanding on your reception desk or any other surface you deem suitable. The ‘ETSI Member’ plaque is a foam board of 25x10cm (w x h) that comes with double-sided tape and a board stand so you can choose how to best display it.

Please pass this information on to your colleagues in charge of Marketing/Communications/Events or directly request the ‘ETSI Member’ logo from Marion Hagemeier, Director of Branding and Events at ETSI.

For the implementation of the logo please refer to the pdfETSI Member logo Guidelines.