Manage my membership

Representatives of ETSI members may apply for an ETSI online account username and password, which they can then use to access information on the ETSI Portal which is restricted to members.

(Links on this page are available only to Official or Financial Contacts of ETSI Members)

Each ETSI member designates an official contact and a financial contact who receive the right to manage their membership details. 

Official Contacts can perform the following actions:

Official and Financial Contacts can perform the following actions:

Any ETSI member may join 3GPP. Please consult the 3GPP website membership page for details.

Any ETSI member may join the oneM2M Partnership Project. Please consult the oneM2M website for details.

To join an ETSI ISG, please contact the ETSI ISG support team.

Contact the ETSI membership administration team for assistance with any of these topics.

See ETSI Technology Clusters and Technology Leaflets for an overview of the current areas of work in ETSI.

Download published ETSI standards via the ETSI Standards Search or the ETSI Work Programme database.

Read the ETSI Work Programme brochure for more detailed information.

Apply for an ETSI online account to access information on the ETSI Portal which is restricted to members.

On the ETSI Portal, log in using your ETSI OnLine account username and password, and select the Technical Body you are interested in. Then:

Request to become a member of our 3GPP or oneM2M partnership projects, or to join an ETSI ISG.

ETSI Official and Voting contacts can vote on ETSI Standards and ETSI Guides and provide comments via the eApproval application.

The following guides are available from the ETSI Portal to help members receive the most value from their ETSI membership: