#WeareETSI: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness

ETSI is committed to raise awareness of diversity, equity and inclusiveness – the key pillars of the ETSI community.

Our campaign #WeareETSI highlights the people behind our standards: #TheStandardsPeople.

We dedicated the month of March, coinciding with International Women’s Day, to gender diversity, and received an amazing response from our female contributors – the women of ETSI. Watch their video testimonials on this webpage and hear their views on diversity, equity and inclusiveness in the ETSI community. You will learn how they got into ITC standardization, their role and experience in ETSI, and whether and how gender played a role in their experience. Fellow women considering ICT standardization as their future career may obtain some good advice.

It’s never too late to contribute! If you’d like to make your voice heard, send us your video testimonial (self-recorded in landscape format, length of approx. 2 minutes): branding@etsi.org

We look forward to receiving your contributions to which we will add the ETSI logo and the hashtag #WeareETSI.

All contributions will be promoted via ETSI social media channels and on our website. 

Our Members' Testimonials

Suno Wood, Association of users for life cycle resource management for information communication technology (FR) - Chair of ETSI TC eHealth Cristina Lumbreras, European Emergency Number Association (BE) - Chair of ETSI TC EMTEL
Zou Lan, Huawei Technologies (UK) Co., Ltd. (GB) - 3GPP SA5 Vice Chair, Rapporteur of ETSI GS ZSM 003 Marianne Mohali, Orange (FR) - oneM2M RDM Vice Chair
Bettina Funk, ITS (SE) - ETSI Board Member, Chair of ETSI Board Process Group Shane HE, Nokia (DE) - Chair of oneM2M RDM Working Group
Guangjing Cao, Huawei (FR) -  Vice Director of ETSI Coordination Department Claire d'Esclercs, ETSI (FR) - Director for Membership Development in ETSI 
Chantal Bonardi, ETSI (FR) - Technical Officer at ETSI Susana Fernandez, Ericsson (SE) - Vice-Chair 3GPP CT WG3 
Sophia Papathanasopoulou, Ministry of Digital Governance (GR) - Head of Broadband Unit Isabelle Valet-Harper, CommLedge (FR) - Standards Consultant & ETSI Board member 
Muriel Deschanel, b<>com (FR) - Senior Director Applications and Hypermedia  Rana Kamill, BT (UK) - IoT Ecosystem Architecture Solution Manager & ETSI and oneM2M Delegate 
Lena Chaponniere, Qualcomm Inc (US) - Sr Dir, Technical Standards & 3GPP CT1 Vice Chair Nurit Sprecher, Nokia Solutions and Networks GmbH & Co (DE), Vice Chair of ETSI ISG ZSM