Join the campaign #WeareETSI - A message from ETSI's Board Member Axel Ferrazzini

Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are key pillars of the ETSI community.

ETSI is committed to help raise awareness of the value of SMEs and micro-enterprises and we would like to highlight the people behind our standards: #TheStandardsPeople.

To mark the "Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day" on 27 June, the next part of the campaign showcases our SME and micro-enterprise Members.

We are calling upon all SME and micro-enterprise Members in the ETSI community to support this campaign by submitting a self-recorded video testimonial: Introduce yourself, your organization, and how you perceive your place in this diverse community. Last but not least, you may comment on how to make the most of membership in ETSI. 

Please find Axel Ferrazzini's call for support by following the video #WeareETSI - Calling upon all SME & micro-enterprise Members in the ETSI community to support the campaign.

Axel Ferrazzini, ETSI Board Member

Get involved! Send your self-recorded video testimonial in landscape format of approx. 2 minutes to

We look forward to receiving your contributions to which we will add the ETSI logo and the hashtag #WeareETSI.

All contributions will be promoted via ETSI social media channels and on our website.


SMEs and micro-enterprises in ETSI

SMEs and micro-enterprises make up an impressive 27% of ETSI’s diverse membership of over 900 organizations from 64 countries. Like any other member, they participate directly in our standards-making activities in a consensus-based environment. Expertise and collaboration count for much more than company size.

At ETSI, we recognize this strategic importance of SMEs and micro-enterprises, and they in turn recognize that participating in standardization activities may significantly benefit their business. As a member of ETSI, SMEs and micro-enterprises have commercial benefits over competitors that are not present, they enhance their company's credibility and reputation through the association of having been “on the inside” and reduce time to market for product development in line with standards being drafted. 

As the backbone of our economy, SMEs and micro-enterprises are crucial for economic growth and prosperity, and with a high capacity for innovation. Many SMEs and micro-enterprises are highly influential and active in ETSI – working alongside the world’s leading telecommunications companies and holding official positions.

  • 35 Nationalities
  • 27% of our members are SMEs and micro-enterprises
  • >50% of official positions in our technical groups are held by SMEs