Workshop on Selected Items on Telecommunication Quality Matters

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TC STQ is responsible for standardization relating to terminals and networks for speech and media quality, end-to-end single media and multimedia transmission performance, Quality of Service (QoS) parameters for networks and services and Quality of Experience (QoE) descriptors and methods.

This workshop on "Selected Items on Telecommunication Quality Matters" aims at connecting experts working in this area and providing them the opportunity to present their work and share their experiences.

Objectives of the Workshop

The main objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Discuss hot issues from a terminal quality perspective
  • Discuss different perspectives of Quality of Experience including voice services.
  • Discuss several issues related to transmission planning
  • Present information about future conferencing systems, end-to-end architecture for improvements in QoS 
  • Exchange information and establish relationships between research, state and industrial organizations involved in the topic
  • Discuss the concepts of 'net neutrality' & ‘differentiated traffic management' and their potential impact on QoS as perceived by the user

Topics covered in the workshop include: 

  • Features in Terminals
  • Quality of Voice Services
  • Measurements of terminals and terminal architecture
  • End to end architecture for improvements in QoS
  • HD and CAT-iq voice experiences
  • Voice Quality by Codec design
  • Future Conferencing Systems
  • Quality of Experience (Where we are, Standardization and architectures for QoE)
  • Transmission Planning for IP-based multi services and Future of the E-Model
  • Regulatory Approaches to QoS in today's heterogenous packet network

70 experts from all over the world attended the workshop hosted by A1 Telekom Austria.

Workshop Presentations

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Welcome address
Marcus GRAUSAM  CTO, A1 Telekom

Introduction on ETSI TC STQ Work
Andreas KAMCKE, ETSI TC STQ Chairman, Gigaset Communications GmbH

SESSION 1: Quality of Voice Services part I

Session chair: Andreas KAMCKE, ETSI TC STQ Chairman, Gigaset Communications GmbH 

Selection of reference speech samples to be used together with ITU-T P.863
Jean-Yves LE SAOÛT, France Telecom

User-centric service model in wireless networks – the transition from technical excellence to customer experience excellence
Jan HOLUB, s.r.o. (Ltd)

Recent activities on speech quality assessment
Michal SOLODUCHA, Telekom Innovation Laboratories

SESSION 2:  Quality of Voice Services part II and New Features in Terminals

Session Chair: Hans W. GIERLICH, ETSI TC STQ Vice Chairman, HEAD acoustics GmbH

The Impact of Terminal Performance and Screen Size on QoE
Raimund SCHATZ, Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien (FTW)

Phone call interactivity, echo distortion and their relations to conversational quality perception
Jan HOLUB, s.r.o. (Ltd)

Adaptive time scale modification of speech for graceful degrading voice quality in congested networks
H. Gokhan ILK, Ankara University, Electrical & Electronics

SESSION 3: Measurements of Terminals and Systems

Session chair: Joachim POMY, ETSI TC STQ Vice Chairman, PQM Consultants

New Developments in Speech Quality Testing
Hans W. GIERLICH, ETSI TC STQ Vice Chairman, HEAD acoustics GmbH 

Evaluation of noise reduction in modern mobile devices
Valérie GAUTIER-TURBIN, France Telecom
Hans W. GIERLICH, ETSI TC STQ Vice Chairman, HEAD acoustics GmbH  

Experiences with new ETSI MGW Quality Standard ES 202 718
Christoph FURER, Swisscom

SESSION 4:   Approaches to QoS in Today's Heterogenous Packet Network

Session Chair: Jan HOLUB, s.r.o. (Ltd)

ITU and a global approach towards QoS
Joachim POMY, Telecommunications & Int'l Standards

Study on the quality of broadband Internet access services
Volker SYPLI,  Bundesnetzagentur (Germany)

QoS considerations in Next Generation Access infrastructures
Volker SYPLI,  Bundesnetzagentur (Germany)

SESSION 5 :  End to End Architecture for Improvements in QoS and Transmission Planning for IP-based Mulit-Services and Future of teh E-Model

Session chair: Martin BRAND, A1 Telekom

QoS / QoE in the context of videoconferencing services over LTE/4G networks
Maty NDIAYE, France Telecom

QoS of connections from current technologies to LTE for delay sensitive applications
Peter POCTA, University of Žilina, ETSI STF 437

E-model based voip QUALity optimization software (EQUAL+)
Miroslaw NARBUTT, Communications Network Research Institute Dublin Institute of Technology

SESSION 6 : HD and CAT-IQ Voice Experiences and Voice Quality by CODEC Design

Chaired by: Hans W. GIERLICH, ETSI TC STQ Vice Chairman, HEAD acoustics GmbH

CAT-iq and HD voice, a technology update

CAT-iq 2.0 audio certification and future potential improvements
Jean-Yves LE SAOÛT, France Telecom

Enhanced Voice Services – Next Generation in Speech Quality
Imre VARGA, Qualcomm Inc

SESSION 7: Quality of Experience (Where we are, Standardization and Architectures for QoE)

Session chair:  Peter POCTA, University of Žilina

The change from narrowband to wideband – a missed opportunity in 1984?
Andreas KAMCKE, Gigaset Communications GmbH

Standardization activities for non-intrusive quality monitoring of multimedia
Alexander RAAKE,  Telekom Innovation Laboratories 

SESSION 8: Quality of Experience and Future Considerations

Chaired by: Jean-Yves LE SAOÛT, France Telecom

Methods and tools to assess QoS from the end customer domain
Wolfgang BALZER,  Focus Infocom GmbH

Interactive Content for Subjective Studies on Web Browsing QoE: A Kepler derivative
Sebastian EGGER,  Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien (FTW)