Webinar: ETSI Software Reconfiguration Framework for Mobile Devices – Security model for radio application distribution

About this webinar

This webinar introduces the security model in ETSI's Software Reconfiguration Framework for Mobile Devices. It gives an overview of radio application distribution scenarios and related risks, describes how the model supports the regulatory framework for radio equipment exemplified by the declaration of conformity, and details the measures in place for the protection of assets.


Scott Cadzow has over the past 20 years or so become a recognised standards development expert, primarily for security standards, in a number of International Standards Development Organisations including ETSI, ITU-T and ISO. In ETSI Scott is or has been the rapporteur for the TETRA security specifications, the suite of guidance documents for effective security standards development (covering Common Criteria, Risk analysis, and security requirements engineering) in technical bodies MTS and TISPAN, and has acted as an expert to a number of Specialist Task Forces in TETRA, TISPAN, HF, MTS, eHEALTH and AT-D. He has served as chairman of the ETSI ITS Security group and as vice-chairman of each of ETSI Project TETRA WG6 (Security), TETRA Security and Fraud Prevention Group (SFPG), and of the ETSI Lawful Interception group. Scott has contributed to reports from ENISA on network resilience, supply chain integrity and on measures to counter internet bullying. More recently Scott has been involved in a number of projects under the FP7/CIP/H2020 umbrella looking at security and privacy aspects of smart cities. This has led Scott to take a wider view at the whole interoperability conundrum and to address the need to look more deeply at the problems we will face with the IoT and dynamic self configuring equipment.

François Ambrosini obtained his engineering degree in electronics and signal processing combined with a master's degree in computer networks and telecommunications from ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France, in 2003. He was involved with radio technology development at Sagem Défence & Sécurité and later in the standardisation of mobile TV systems at Motorola. He operates an office for consulting in information technology and security since 2012.