Covid-19 - Rules & info regarding France & the ETSI HQ

Disclaimer: ETSI cannot be responsible of any outdated information.

Travelling & transport

Can I travel to France?

Yes, if you have a health pass.

How to travel inside France?

There are no restrictions on travel inside France, however you will need a health (sanitary) pass for long-distance trips by plane or train.

Are the public transports (bus, train) working normally?

Yes, the transport is broadly functioning as normal.

Will I have to be in quarantine/self-isolated when I will go back to my country?

Please check with your local authorities.

Health (Sanitary) Pass

What is the health pass ("pass sanitaire")?

The Health pass is a certificate issued by national authorities in digital or paper form, authenticated by a QR code.

It doesn’t imply mandatory EU recognized vaccination only, it can be an EU recognized vaccination or a valid covid test, plus other cases if you had covid for instance.

How do I get a health pass which is valid in France?

Please refer to the following link:

What about health passes from other countries of the world?

If you were vaccinated abroad please see this URL.

Which vaccines are accepted to enter France?

Not all vaccinations are recognized in France/EU. Please see this URL for more information.

Do I need a health pass to enter ETSI buildings?

No, a health pass is not required to enter the ETSI buildings, but you need to wear a mask and keep the social distancing.

PCR/antigenic tests

Where can I get a PCR/antigenic test and how much does it cost?

An antigenic test can be taken at a pharmacy for about 25€ (results within 1 hour by email/text message and generally no appointment is required).

Are there some test points in the airport? Could I do this test and then apply for health pass in the airport?

Antigenic and PCR tests can be performed in the airport pharmacy Terminal 2 (all flights to Nice are currently operating from T2). The result for antigen is available within 15 minutes whereas for PCR tests 24 hours/48 hours are required:

I will stay in France for 5 days. I know a health pass on the basis of covid test is valid only for 48/72 hours. So, what should I do?

You will need to renew the test during your stay to keep your health pass. For more information you can consult this URL.

Sanitary measures in ETSI and around

What are the sanitary measures at ETSI?

Please see this flyer.

What are the sanitary measures applicable at hosting facilities, hotels and restaurants in Sophia Antipolis area?

Please refer to the web page of the Prefecture des Alpes Maritimes (in French):

You don’t need to wear a mask outdoor except in places where social distancing is not possible, e.g. queues, open-air markets, railway stations.

You need to wear a mask in indoor public spaces, like public transports, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, cinemas. The current practice is that a health pass (recognized vaccination, healed from covid or covid test) is required to eat in restaurants and enter bars and wearing masks is mandatory indoors and even on terrasses.

How to get to ETSI and where to stay

Contact details

650 Route des Lucioles
06560 Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis

Tel.: +33 4 92 94 42 00 (Reception)
Email: - or refer to the Contact us page.

The ETSI building is open from 07:30 to 20:00, Monday to Friday.


GPS: Lat. 43.6169128 - Lng. 7.0528493

The ETSI Secretariat is located in the Sophia Antipolis science park, between Nice and Cannes on the French Riviera. The nearest airport is Nice international (NCE) and the nearest train station Antibes.

Travel from Nice airport to ETSI

From the airport it is a 25 minute journey by car to ETSI. You can book in advance and benefit from an ETSI discounted rate.

We have negotiated preferential local rates with:

Free parking is available outside the ETSI Main building and Einstein building.

A shuttle bus service [n°230 - see timetable] is available from the airport ('Promenade des Anglais' outside Terminal 1) to Sophia Antipolis (not on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays). The bus ticket costs €1.50.

On the bus timetable you only see the bus-stop called "Skema" which is just before "Place Sophie Laffitte". Ask the driver to stop at "Place Sophie Laffitte", which is closer to ETSI than "Skema". 

To go from ETSI to the airport you have to take the bus n°230 at the bus-stop called "Place Sophie Laffitte". When leaving the ETSI main building turn left, then go down the road and take the bus stop on the other side of the road (cross the road). "Place Sophie Laffitte" is the nearest bus-stop, where the bus should arrive about 2 minutes after the time mentioned in the timetable for the bus-stop called "Skema".

Information on Airport buses.

See Envibus timetables for buses in the Sophia Antipolis area.

The bus n° A goes to Antibes (and comes from Antibes) including the Antibes train station. 

If you come from Antibes train station, you need to take the bus-stop called "POLE ECHANGES" to take the bus n°1 for Sophia Antipolis. The nearest bus-stop mentioned in the timetable from Antibes to ETSI is "Skema", but you should get off at "Place Sophie Laffitte" as this is closer to ETSI.

To go from ETSI to the train station in Antibes you have to take the bus at the bus-stop called "Place Sophie Laffitte". When leaving the ETSI main building turn left, then go down the road and take the bus stop on the opposite side of the road (cross the road). "Place Sophie Laffitte" is the nearest bus-stop, where the bus should arrive about 2 minutes before the time mentioned in the timetable for the bus-stop called "Skema".

Direction to ETSI main building:

  • Leave Nice Airport and join the A8 Motorway taking the direction to Cannes and Aix en Provence
  • Leave the A8 at the exit 44 (Juan-Les-Pins and Antibes). A toll is required (€1.50)
  • On leaving the motorway, take the left hand fork sign posted to Antibes, Vallauris and Golfe Juan, (do not follow the sign to Sophia Antipolis)
  • The road curves to the right and just before the roundabout take the turning to the right (direction to Cannes, St Bernard, Vallauris and Golfe Juan) - stay on this road and go always straight on (pay attention for a speed camera in the 70 km/h section)
  • Continue and follow the signs to Grasse and Sophia Antipolis. After a couple of kilometres you will join the Route du Parc and reach traffic lights on your right.
  • Just after the traffic lights turn to your right (Biot, Les Lucioles and Les Templiers)
  • After a few hundred metres on your right you will see a sign post including the ETSI logo, turn to the right here
  • The ETSI main building is a bit higher up on your left (on the right you have the Eurest building)

Hotels in the area

We have negotiated preferential local rates pdf (not applicable in July/August) for:

  • Select the hotel and call the hotel to ensure availability
  • Make all reservations in your own name, directly with the hotel. Do not use an intermediary (e.g. travel agency or airline company)
  • Fill in the 'Hotel reservation form' and fax it to the hotel (we recommend that you identify yourself as attending 'ETSI/[Name of the event]')
  • Check that the room rates correspond to those agreed upon by ETSI for the current year and reported in the list of hotels
  • To cancel your reservation, call the hotel 24 hours in advance to confirm the cancellation, and keep your cancellation registration number

Please note that the ETSI Secretariat cannot make reservations for you and cannot be held responsible for any cancellations or 'no show'. ETSI provides this information in good faith but declines all responsibility regarding the use of the hotels.


If you are visiting from outside the EU, you may need a Visa. If you are not sure, check with your local French embassy. ETSI can provide you with a personal invitation in order to assist you with your application.

To get a personal invitation letter to obtain a visa, please fill out and submit the visa form.

Should you need more information, please contact the Meeting Support Team.