The International Telecommunication Union (ITU)​​ together with ETSI Industry Specification Group -Fifth Generation Fixed Network (ETSI ISG F5G​), the Broadband Forum (BBF), and the China Communications Standards Association – Technical Committee 6 (CCSA TC6) are organizing the Third Joint ETSI ISG F5G, BBF, CCSA TC6 and ITU-T SG15 Workshop on "FTTR" (Fibre to the room)​, which is taking place on 23 June 2023 from 14h00 to ​​18h00 (CEST).

The event will be held fully virtual.

This workshop intends to offer the opportunity to continue the discussion on FTTR (Fibre to the room) for all involved stakeholders. ​FTTR is a hot topic in Q3/15 for home networking. The fibre in-home topology and functionalities of FTTR technologies may be different from the current fibre-based technologies in transport and access network. For better developing the FTTR specification (G.fin-series), it is necessary to understand the use cases of FTTR and derive the corresponding network requirements. As a result of the recent progress, ITU-T SG15 started the approval process of the new Recommendation ITU-T G.9940 (ex. G.fin-SA) "High speed fibre-based in-premises transceivers - system architecture" at the last meeting in April 2023.

Participation in the workshop is open to all regular participants of ETSI ISG F5G, BBF, CCSA TC6 and ITU-T SG15 meetings and to any individual interested in the topic who wishes to contribute to the work.​ Participation is free of charge. ​

Detailed event information including registration and agenda are available here.


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