ETSI's Centre for Testing and Interoperability and the OpenSourceMANO community are organizing the OSM#15 Hackfest on 12-16 June 2023. The event will be hosted by CTTC and co-located with the OSM#15 Plenary Meeting.

Participation in ETSI Hackfests is free and open to all upon registration.


This event is a development oriented Hackfest in the form of several self-contained challenges such as bug fixes, developing small features, writing unit tests, or automating end-to-end tests exercising some use case. Challenges will be mentored by key members of the OSM community.

The Hackfest will start on Monday 12 June and finish on Friday 16 June. On Monday, some theory sessions will be provided, followed by a description of the different challenges to be completed through the week. Participants will select a challenge to work on individually or by pairs.

During the week, participants will code autonomously (individually or by pairs) to solve their challenges. Daily sessions will be scheduled with the mentors, so that participants can ask questions and solve blocking points.

On Friday, participants will share their achievements and lessons learn with the OSM community.

All active participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Certificates of Excellence will be awarded to all those participants that complete their challenge.

This event will be an opportunity for participants to:

  • Understanding the role of NFV Orchestration and OSM
  • Understanding OSM architecture and relationship with ETSI NFV Specifications
  • Getting familiar with OSM installation
  • Understanding OSM development workflow, practices and tools: git, tox, gerrit, jenkins..
  • Understanding the way of working in an open source project: contributing code, code reviews, automated testing...
  • Developing a first-hand experience with code development in OSM
  • Getting to meet and interact with key OSM community members.

For the latest agenda please click on the link below where you will find further information:

Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia (PMT) - Building B4 Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss 7 08860 - Castelldefels Barcelona, Spain

More details at: Venue & Accommodation

Who should attend:

  • This Hackfest is dedicated to software developers willing to gain a first experience in contributing to Open Source MANO (ETSI OSM).


Participation in ETSI Hackfests is free and open to all upon registration.

  • ·Participants are expected to have previous knowledge of Linux and Python.
  • ·Experience with Git and Docker will be a plus.
  • ·Participants will need their laptop.
  • ·A remote lab environment will be provided.

Find latest instructions to get ready for this Hackfest in the OSM#15 Hackfest Wiki.

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