ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) is organizing a remote Plugtests interoperability event on Registered Electronic Mail (REM) standard. Originally planned to run remotely from 31 May to 18 June 2021 using a testing infrastructure and a dedicated portal, this event was extended upon participants' request until 16 July 2021. The participation is free of charge.


Registered Electronic Email service provides secure and reliable delivery of emails between parties, producing evidence of the delivery process for legal accountability. Evidence can be seen as a declaration by a trusted party that a specific event related to the delivery happened at a certain time. Evidence can be immediately delivered to the interested party or can be kept in a repository for later access.

The scope of the event is to check the interoperability of REM services by verifying Secure Electronic Mail service exchange and the ability to generate trusted electronic evidence attesting that certain relevant events have occurred. The goal is to ensure maximal interoperability in cross-REM interoperability domain and, specifically, in cross-border use of REM services.

The interoperability testing will allow participants to test their REM services, including the new REM Baseline, according to the following standards:

  • ETSI EN 319 532-1 Framework and architecture
  • ETSI EN 319 532-2 Semantic content
  • ETSI EN 319 532-3 Formats
  • ETSI EN 319 532-4 Interoperability profiles
  • Draft ETSI EN 319 532-4 V1.1.3 Interoperability profiles including the new REM Baseline.

The Draft ETSI EN 319 532-4 is available here.


Registration has been extended until 30 May 2021 provided the RoE and NDA are signed on time (see below).


By registering for the REM Plugtests event, participating organisations will be asked to sign the Rules of Engagement (RoE) and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which they will receive upon registration. Companies will not be allowed to participate to the event if the Rules of Engagement (RoE) and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) have not been signed by a legal representative of the organisation. The deadline to return the signed RoE and NDA is 28 May 2021

Upon signature of the RoE and NDA sent to the official contact, the new participants will receive their credentials for the REM Plugtests WIKI. 

This activity is supported by the European Commission and EFTA Secretariat.

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