The current eCall regulation provides requirement for Circuit switched based Mobile Networks, supported by GSM and UMTS. The LTE coverage and the deployment of 5G networks grows rapidly and most of the mobile devices are supporting LTE. CEN has developed a technical specification, CEN TS 17184:2018, to provide eCall services via packet switched mobile network using IMS (LTE and beyond).

From 2 to 6 November 2020, ETSI Centre for Interoperability held a Next Generation eCall Plugtests interoperability testing event, remotely hosted by SINTESIO. The European Commission looks forward to updating the current eCall regulation to include the eCall over IMS procedures thus ensuring compliancy with Packet Switched only mobile networks.

In order to inform the eCall community about the eCall evolution, ETSI organises, on Wednesday 10 March 2021, from 13:30 to 17:00 CET, a Programme on the state of the art of the eCall over IMs technology and deployment challenges.

The Programme will present the following topics and include a Q&A session with the experts:

  • eCall over IMS principles and main differences with legacy eCall
  • European Commission plans for updating the eCall regulation
  • Deployment challenges of eCall over IMS for PSAP and the automotive supply chain
  • NG eCall Plugtests 2020 results and plans for the 2021 Plugtests event.

This Programme is open to all. In order to attend, please register on the top of this page by clicking on "Register Now". You will soon receive the invitation to the call with the dial-in details from the ETSI Plugtests team.

The deadline to register is 9 March 2021, COB.

13:30 Opening Address
Ultan Mulligan - Director Centre for Testing and Interoperability - ETSI
Roman Kuznar - CEO - SINTESIO
13:50 Updating the Legacy eCall regulation
Gilles Carabin - Policy Officer - European Commission DG MOVE
14:10 PSAP and Member state views about eCall over IMS - challenges and plan for upgrading PSAP
Freddie McBride - Director - EENA Digital Communications Policy & Regulation
14:30 Next Generation eCall principles and main differences with legacy eCall
Ralf Weber - Director Technical Standards - QUALCOMM
14:50 PSAP and IMS network functionalities and difference between CS and PS mobile network needing eCall over IMS
Ana Robnik - Telecommunications Consultant - Iskratel (TBC)
15:10 10-minute break
15:20 NG eCall integration - technical challenges and options - how the OEMs could plan the evolution
Alin Stanescu - Pilot - ACEA Radio Regulations Expert Group
15:40 Future Proofing eCall Connected Vehicles in the 5G era
Shane Rooney - Senior Director - IOT, Auto & ITS - GSMA  
16:00 1st NG eCall Plugtests results and next event perspectives
Denis Filatov - Technical Expert - ETSI
Bostjan Pintar - Project Manager - SINTESIO
 16:30 Q&A Session
17:00 Closing of the Programme


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