The ETSI IoT Workshop, taking place in ETSI premises (Sophia Antipolis, FR), will start on 22 October and end on 25 October. The workshop attendees will have the opportunity to visit the IoT Standard Showcases during the coffee and lunch breaks on 22–24 October.

The event will include an essential update on the major IoT standardization, such as those ongoing in ETSI, oneM2M, SmartM2M and 3GPP.

An essential element of deploying IoT services is the choice and the availability of IoT communication technologies such as those developed by the 3GPP partnership project (NB-IoT, LTE- M). Selecting the right IoT connectivity technologies, that are optimized for multiple IoT solutions and work at scale, is essential to ensuring futureproof and sustainable IoT deployments.

Interoperability and interworking remain key factors for a successful development of IoT. This is particularly true when it comes to ensuring the security and semantic interoperability. The standards being developed in ETSI, oneM2M and 3GPP, act as the essential “glue" between the various technologies that are present in the complex IoT ecosystem.

The workshop will cover:

  • IoT connectivity: 5G, NB-IoT, and more - which technology for which application,
  • IoT for industry and manufacturing: How IoT is used to support manufacturing, production, maintenance, monitoring and distribution, and the new business models,
  • IoT security and privacy: Exploring the specific Security and Privacy challenges for IoT,
  • IoT semantic and ontology-based interoperability: Explaining the importance of SAREF (Smart Applications REFerence ontology), the European lead solution for intra and inter sector semantic data interoperability,
  • AI and big data in the IoT standards,
  • Mobile Edge Computing in the context of IoT services,
  • and more: smart energy, smart home, buildings and environment, smart cities and communities, water management, cooperative and connected mobility, asset monitoring and management, logistics and supply chain, smart agriculture, wearables/body area networks, e-health/ageing well.

The IoT Standard Showcases will enable attendees to see and interact with real-life implementations of standard based technologies for oneM2M standard and SAREF, communication networks (e.g. 3GPP cellular 5G) applied to IoT services. 

ETSI IoT Workshop Agenda:

The ETSI IoT Workshop will start on Tuesday 22 October at 9:00 and end on Friday 25 October at 13:20 .

Check-in (badge collection) will start at 08:15 on Tuesday 22 October.

  • 09:00

    Welcome Address
    Adrian Scrase, CTO, ETSI
    Enrico Scarrone, ETSI TC SmartM2M & oneM2M Steering Committee Chairman, Telecom Italia

  • 09:10 - Session 1: The ETSI IoT Week, chaired by Enrico Scarrone, ETSI TC SmartM2M & oneM2M Steering Committee Chairman,Telecom Italia

    This session focuses on the approach and goals of the 2019 edition of the ETSI IoT week, including overview of the showcases. It will also inform about some ETSI and EU initiatives for the support of standardization exploitation in Europe.

    • 09:10 Presentation of the ETSI IoT Week
      Enrico Scarrone, Session chair

    • 09:20 Overview of the IoT Standard Showcase,
      Laurent Velez, Centre for Testing and Interoperability, ETSI

    • 10:20
      Axel Rennoch, Fraunhofer Fokus, External Advisory Group

  • 10:30

    Coffee Break & Showcase Visit

  • 11:00 - Session 2: ETSI makes the IoT Standards, chaired by Enrico Scarrone, ETSI TC SmartM2M & oneM2M Steering Committee Chairman,Telecom Italia

    IOT means connecting objects and exchange information among them. This session will drive you through the ETSI standards framework for IoT, as leading standard body for IoT communications, and will provide a synthesis of the encounter of small and big players.

    • 11:00 oneM2M Value and Status,
      Roland Hechwartner, oneM2M Technical Plenary Chair, Deutsche Telekom AG / T-Mobile International Austria

    • 11:20 SmartM2M Value and Status,
      Francisco Da Silva, ETSI TC SmartM2M, Huawei

    • 11:40 Update of Major IOT Activities in ETSI,
      Lindsay Frost, NEC

    • 12:00 Maturity of the oneM2M Standard: Multi-application Proof Points,
      Ken Figueredo, Convida Wireless

    • 12:20 Questions & Answers
  • 12:30

    Networking Lunch & Showcase Visit

  • 14:00 - Session 3 - Part 1: Connecting the Internet of Things, chaired by Mona Mustapha, GSMA

    Connectivity is a key enabler for IoT, allowing all manner of remote “things” to be connected together, enabling their essential data to be shared and analysed. This session outlines the connectivity options and current status, including how these can be utilised in various market segments.

    • 14:00 Standards for the Global Internet of Things: How 3GPP Enables Massive Machine Type Communications,
      Georg Mayer, 3GPP SA chairman, Huawei

    • 14:20 SSP: The disruptive Secure Elements for the IoT
      Denis Praca, ETSI Technical Committee Smart Card Platform (ETSI TC SCP), Thales

    • 14:40 Where are we with standardizing IoT device management: A LwM2M Status Update,
      David Navarro, IoTEROP

    • 15:00 Questions & Answers
  • 15:20

    Coffee Break & Showcase Visit

  • 16:00 - Session 3 - Part 2: Connecting the Internet of Things, chaired by Mona Mustapha, GSMA
    • 16:00 Driving global adoption of Mobile IoT,
      Lauren Purnell, GSMA

    • 16:20 Can Cellular IoT become the holy grail of massive IoT,
      Thierry Berisot, Novamint

    • 16:40 IoT impact on 5G,
      Georgios Karagiannis, AIOTI WG03 - IoT Standardization, Huawei

    • 17:00 Do No Harm to the Network using oneM2M,
      Bob Flynn,
      Chordant Inc.

    • 17:20 Questions & Answers
  • 17:30 - Panel Discussion: 4G, 5G and NB-IoT, moderated by Mona Mustapha


    • Bob Flynn, Chordant Inc.
    • Georgios Karagiannis, AIOTI WG03 - IoT Standardization, Huawei
    • Georg Mayer, 3GPP SA chairman
  • 18:10

    End of day 1 & Networking Drinks

  • 09:00 - Session 4: Spotlight on: Approaching IoT Adoptions, chaired by Franck Boissiere, DG CONNECT, European Commission

    IoT is becoming pervasive in all the industrial ant technology activities. This session gives a starting guideline to govern the multiplicity of approaches and proposals, and within the variety of skills required.

    • 09:00 IoT Standards: A Global Approach (Lessons learned from STF 547),
      Emmanuel Darmois, CommLedge

    • 09:20 Study of Use Cases and Communications Involving IoT Devices in Emergency Situations,
      Michelle Wetterwald, Netellany / FB Consulting

    • 09:40 Guidelines for Using Semantic Interoperability in the Industry,
      Mahdi Ben Alaya, Sensinov

    • 10:00 IoT Interoperability with Special Focus on Industrial IoT,
      Massimo Vanetti, European Digital SME Alliance

    • 10:20 Questions & Answers
  • 10:30

    Coffee Break & Showcase Visit

  • 11:00 - Session 5: IoT interworking & semantic Interoperability – Part 1, chaired by Christophe Colinet, Bordeaux Metropole

    Interworking (exchange data) and semantic interoperability (exchange information) across systems are core abilities for IoT. This session complements the SAREF session, driving to various aspects and standard (industrial or de Jure) related solutions.

    • 11:00 Connected Devices Augmentation and Collaboration based on Natural Language,
      Thierry Grenot, Le Peuple Habile

    • 11:15 On the Bulk Acquisition of IoT Devices from Heterogeneous IoT Brokers,
      Marco Mesiti, University of Milano

    • 11:30 Towards a Unified IoT Device Management Federative Platform,
      Sebastien Bolle, Orange

    • 11:45 Testing Semantic Interoperability,
      Michelle Wetterwald, Netellany/FBConsulting

    • 12:00 Digital Twins and Provenance: Modelling for the Real World,
      Lindsay Frost, NEC

    • 12:15 Questions & Answers
  • 12:30

    Networking Lunch & Showcase Visit

  • 14:00 - Session 6: Semantic for Smart Applications, chaired by Raul Garcia-Castro, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

    Semantic interoperability requires the ability to understand the information exchanged under the undelaying communication frameworks. SAREF represents the wider EU approach to integrate ontologies, in synergy with oneM2M and W3C Semantic WEB.

    • 14:00 SAREF in the EU Picture,
      Svetoslav Mihaylov, DG CONNECT, European Commission

    • 14:10 The SAREF Ontology: Current Status and Roadmap,
      Raul Garcia-Castro & Maria Poveda-Villalón, UPM 

    • 14:30 STF 566: SAREF extensions for Automotive, eHealth/Ageing-well, Wearables and Water,
      Raul Garcia-Castro, UPM

    • 14:50 Preview of the SAREF Community Portal, and the New SAREF Development Workflow,
      Maxime Lefrancois, IMT Mines Saint Etienne

    • 15:15 Questions & Answers
  • 15:30

    Coffee Break & Showcase Visit

  • 16:00 - Session 7: IoT interworking & semantic Interoperability – Part 2, chaired by Christophe Colinet, Bordeaux Metropole
    • 16:00 Bridging OGC/STA and oneM2M Introduction of a Sensor Things API-to-oneM2M gateway service,
      Ingo Friese, Deutsche Telekom AG T-Labs

    • 16:15 A Generic Semantic Interoperability Approach Based on the Web of Things,
      Andrea Cimmino (speaker), María Poveda-Villalón, and Raúl García-Castro, UPM


  • 16:30

    Panel Discussion: The Standard Approach to Interworking & Semantic Interoperability, moderated by Enrico Scarrone


    • Vincent Audebert, EDF – R&D Lab Saclay
    • Christophe Colinet, Bordeaux Metropole
    • Ingo Friese, Deutsche Telekom AG T-Labs
    • Lindsay Frost, NEC
    • Raul Garcia-Castro, UPM
    • Svetoslav Mihaylov, DG CONNECT, European Commission
  • 17:10 - Session 8: PANEL: Spotlight on: Learning from the EU Large Scale Pilots, moderated by Emmanuel Darmois, CommLedge

    Launched in 2016, the five first H2020 IoT Large Scale Pilots project are coming to an end in 2020 :  More than 250 organisations from 19 European countries addressed over 80 use cases. Their representatives will be able to share their testimonies, lessons learned technological choices, sustainability and replicability of architectures, standards, interoperability properties, and key characteristics such as security and privacy.They will debate issues and solutions found to successfully implement real scale services operationally in the field. Some representatives of the next wave of  Large scale pilots for Digitisation of European Industries will also participate.


    • Rita Campos, ATB-Bremen: IOF 2020
    • Christophe Colinet, Bordeaux Metropole: Synchronicity
    • Emmanuel Darmois, CommLedge: LSP CSA
    • Iris Cuevas Martínez, HOP Ubiquitous S.L.: ACTIVAGE
    • Steffen Ring, RING Advocacy LLC: MONICA
    • Ovidiu Vermesan, SINTEF: AUTOPILOT
  • 18:10

    End of Day 2 & Networking Drinks

  • 09:00 - Session 9 Part 1: IoT Experiences, chaired by Massimo Vanetti, European Digital SME Alliance

    The session focuses on real experiences and lessons learned, concerning the application of IoT to various domains ranging from Smart Cities, services and manufacturing. It will cover aspects such as security, semantics, the usage of standards within the framework of methodological approach and pros/cons associated with adopted solutions.

    • 09:00 Ontology-based IoT and Building Data Integration for Demand Response,
      Iker Esnaola-Gonzalez, IK4-TEKNIKER

    • 09:20 How the advanced capabilities of 5G will transform Industry 4.0/IoT,
      Ludger Boeggering, u-blox AG

    • 09:40 Long Term Use Wireless Adaptive Network – LUWAN,
      Pascal Daragon, TRAXENS

    • 10:00 Facilitating the Development of IoT Applications in Smart City Platforms,
      Stefano Valtolina, University of Milano

    • 10:20 Questions & Answers
  • 10:30

    Coffee Break & Showcase Visit

  • 11:00 - Session 9 Part 2: IoT Experiences, chaired by Massimo Vanetti, European Digital SME Alliance

    • 11:00 A Holistic Approach to Industrial Data Security, Privacy and Safety – CHARIOT project,
      Konstantinos Loupos, INLECOM Innovation

    • 11:20 Validation of OPC UA Interfaces within the Scope of Digital Plug-and-Produce,
      Patrick Gering, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

    • 11:40 Roadblocks to IIoT: EDF R&D vision of what it solved and what remains
      Vincent Audebert
      , EDF – R&D Lab Saclay

    • 12:00 Questions & Answers
  • 12:20

    Networking Lunch & Showcase Visit

  • 14:15 - Session 10: Smart Cities are Coming to Town, chaired by Lindsay Frost, NEC

    In the area of Smart Cities, standards have been developed and viable digital solutions have been developed and tested in Europe and outside Europe. The European Commission has a bold plan to foster and finance the deployment at scale of urban data platforms within the Digital Europe Programme in the next multiannual framework period. The support and participation of all the stakeholders is of vital importance for the success of these initiatives.

    • 14:15 Monitoring the Impact of Mobility on Air Quality at a City Scale: The Liverpool Smart Pedestrian Project,
      Nicolas Verstaevel, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole - University of Wollongong, SMART Infrastructure Facility

    • 14:35 Smart cities Implementation in Bordeaux: A Proof of Concept to be extended at the City Level Now!
      Christophe Colinet, Bordeaux Metropole

    • 14:55 Smart Cities are coming to Town: A path to develop Trustworthy IOT Ecosystem
      Shailendra K Sharma, Telecom Engineering Centre, DoT, India

    • 15:15 Smart Cities and Communities in the Next EU Multiannual Financial Period,
      Svetoslav Mihaylov, European Commission

    • 15:35 Questions & Answers
  • 16:00

    Coffee Break

  • 16:30 - Session 11: Spotlight on Security & Privacy, chaired by Alex Leadbeater, ETSI TC CYBER Chair, BT

    As IoT becomes ever more ubiquitous there is an increasing concern that it will negatively impact the privacy of users and be used as a launchpad for major cyber-attack. The role of ETSI in this domain has been to push the role of standards to counter the concerns by raising awareness through providing best practice guidelines and developing training material.

    • 16:30 The training and Awareness Challenge to Enable IoT Security – Review of TR 103 534-1,
      Scott Cadzow, Cadzow Communications Consulting Ltd.

    • 16:50 oneM2M Architecture Embedding the GDPR Principles (STF 547),
      Jumoke Ogunbekun, Ex2 Management Consulting Ltd

    • 17:10 Secure Discovery and Identity Management in IoT – a Review of ETSI TS 103 486,
      Scott Cadzow, Cadzow Communications Consulting Ltd.

    • 17:30 New Industry Initiatives for Securing the Future of the IoT,
      Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform

    • 17:50 Questions & Answers
  • 18:10

    End of Day 3 & Networking Drinks

  • 09:00 - Session 12 Part 1: Security & Privacy, chaired by Jumoke Ogunbekun, Ex2 Management Consulting Ltd

    Confidentiality is essential to many (not all) steps in business; privacy is a human need for many (not all) aspects of living; yet in a world of digital services, discovery (and gaining value) from information is a universal need. This makes hacking and espionage into big businesses. The session will address approaches enabling a flexible balance.

    • 09:00 The Triple Disruption of Privacy by IoT,
      Alain Staron, Amborella

    • 09:20 Data-driven Business Models: What about privacy?
      Carna Zivkovic & Carmen Perea, University of Kaiserslautern & Atos Spain

    • 09:40 Distributed Ledger Technologies and IoT, a devices attestation system for Smart Cities,
      Evandro Pioli Moro, British Telecommunications (BT)

    • 10:00 SIMs, eSIMs and Secure Elements: Providing a roadmap to dynamic security and flexible control for connected devices,
      Claus Dietze, SIM Alliance

    • 10:20 Meaning of IoT in Cyber-Physical Integrated Society and IoT Security
      Toshikazu Okuya,
      Cybersecurity Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan
  • 10:40

    Coffee Break

  • 11:10 - Session 12 Part 2: Security & Privacy, chaired by Jumoke Ogunbekun, Ex2 Management Consulting Ltd
    • 11:10 IoT Security Measures in Japan
      Kohsuke Ikeda, Office of the Director-General for Cybersecurity, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Japan

    • 11:30 Building Trust into the IoT,
      Mona Mustapha, GSMA

    • 11:50 The role of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Authorization in Environments with Constrained IoT Devices,
      Vasilios Siris, Athens University of Economics and Business

    • 12:10 Balancing requirements of Security, Usability and Functionality within IoT,
      Alex Cadzow, Cadzow Communications Consulting Ltd.
  • 12:30

    Panel Discussion: Security & Privacy, Moderated by Jumoke Ogunbekun, Ex2 Management Consulting Ltd


    • Kohsuke Ikeda, Office of the Director-General for Cybersecurity, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Japan
    • Mona Mustapha, GSMA
    • Evandro Pioli Moro, BT
    • Vasilios Siris, Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Closing Remarks of the ETSI IoT Week, presented by Enrico Scarrone, ETSI TC SmartM2M & oneM2M Steering Committee Chairman, Telecom Italia
  • 13:20

    End of the ETSI IoT Week 2019!

    Sandwich Lunch

The IoT Standard showcases will be accessible on 22–24 October during the coffee and lunch breaks.

The list of the selected showcases is available below:

  • Device Management of heterogeneous and constrained IoT devices using oneM2M and SDT abstraction layer - Orange, Chordant, Pilot things, LAAS-CNRS, Sierra Wireless, including:
    • Demo 1: Abstracting Device Management with oneM2M and SDT
      Demo 2: oneM2M stack for IoT constrained devices
      Demo 3: oneM2M and OMA LWM2M in action for IoT use cases
  • LTE as a Service - CTTC
  • Cellular IoT Device Triggering using oneM2M and Rel 15 SCEF- Chordant Inc, Definition Networks
  • Open-Source testing tools for AE Developers - Chordant Inc
  • LTE-M connectivity with a oneM2M-enabled service deployed on a Kubernetes cluster - Easy Global Market
  • Parking Recommendation Service and Data Marketplace - KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute) & Sejong University
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