ETSI’s annual flagship event on Cyber Security, the ETSI Security Conference, took place face-to-face from 16 to 19 October 2023, in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France and gathered more than 200 people.

This year the event focused on Security Research and Global Security Standards in action The event also considered wider aspects such as Attracting the next generation of Cyber Security standardization professionals and supporting SMEs.

Meet & Network with the Community

This exclusive face-to-face event provided an exceptional opportunity for the security community to come together to exchange with experts, network with peers, and share facts and opinions around the subject of cybersecurity standardization. 

Please find below the event programme for the ETSI Security Conference 2023. 

  • Day 1: Monday 16 October

    09.30 - 09:45  EVENT OPENING 

    • Alex Leadbeater, ETSI TC Cyber Chair
    • Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director-General

    Chaired by Alex Leadbeater, ETSI TC Cyber Chair, GSMA

    • KEYNOTE: Where Security Research and Standardization Meet
      Claire Vishik, Former Intel Fellow
    • KEYNOTE: ENISA Security Landscape - State of the Nation
      Andreas Mitrakas, ENISA
    • KEYNOTE: IoT Security Labels: Now what?
      Dave Kleidermacher, Google

    11:00 Coffee & Networking Break - Demos and Posters Visits

    Chaired by Alex Leadbeater, ETSI TC Cyber Chair, GSMA

    • Security in ETSI
      Charles Brookson, Zeata
    • Product Security – Connecting Standards and Regulation to Market Access Opportunities
      Amit Elazari, Open Policy Group
    • Post Quantum - Network Standards Ecosystem Update
      Michael Salmon, Verizon
    • SBOM and Vulnerability Management
      Phyllis Lee, Center for Internet Security (CIS)

    12:45 Lunch & Networking Break - Demos and Posters Visits

    Chaired by Colin Whorlow, NCSC

    • Overview of EU Cybersecurity Regulatory Instruments and ETSI Support
      Tony Rutkowski, Lead, ETSI REGPOLES Regulatory Instruments group
    • IoT Security Initiatives in India
      Sushil Kumar, Telecommunication Engineering Centre, DoT, Government of India
    • How to Reconciliate International Standards and Regional Policy Making on Cybersecurity?
      Eloïse Ryon & Gabriel Faifman, Schneider Electric
    • EU CSA 5G Scheme Update
      Philippe Magnabosco, ENISA
    • NESAS Update
      James Moran, GSMA

    16:00 Tea & Networking Break - Demos and Posters Visits

    16:30  SESSION D1-04: Regulation, Data Protection and Privacy, Technical Aspects
    Chaired by Slawomir Gorniak, ENISA

    • Achieving Data Privacy Without Sacrificing Data Usability: The ENCRYPT Solution
      Salvatore Dantonio, University of Naples Parthenope
    • Global Cyber Security Regulation – Analyst’s Perspective
      Patrick Donegan, Harden Stance
    • Key Steps for Developing Trustworthy AI
      Philippe Coution, TÜV SÜD
    • The Role of Digital Twins in the Era of 5G: Ensuring Security and Compliance
      Ian Carpenter, Valid8

    17:50 Networking Event

  • Day 2: Tuesday 17 October

    Day Opening by Alex Leadbeater, ETSI TC Cyber Chair, GSMA

    08:30 SESSION D2-1 : Zero Trust, Supply Chain & Open Source
    Chaired by Scott Cadzow, C3L

    • Ensuring Trustworthy Identification for Accountability in Today’s Distributed Environments
      Santino Foti, TC ESI Vice-Chair, InfoCert
    • Beyond SBOM: Observability, Security Automation and Business impact Analysis for Heterogenous, Programmable Infrastructures
      Piotr Zuraniewski, TNO
    • DevSecOps in Telco: Full Lifecycle Management of Security Testing Tools for Better R&D
      Luca Bongiorni, ZTE
    • ZTA - The Inevitability … or is it NOT?
      Galina Pildush, Palo Alto Networks

    09:50 KEYNOTE: Export Controls - Wassenaar and Beyond
    Torbjörn Gustavsson -FRA  - Mathilde Latour Cisco

    10:20 Coffee & Networking Break - Demos and Posters Visits

    10:45 KEYNOTEBuilding an Ecosystem for Baseline Security
    Sandro Amendola, BSI's Standardisation and Certification Department

     11:10 Session D2 - 2: ioT & Certification
    Chaired by Samim Ahmadi, ETSI TC Cyber Vice-Chair, Umlaut

    • EN 303 645 Eco-System Update
      Samim Ahmadi, ETSI TC Cyber Vice-Chair
    • From Standards to the UK Product Security Regime: Legislation and Enforcement
      Veena Dholiwar and Warda Hassan, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT)
    • Small “s” Standards: NIST's Role in IoT Cybersecurity
      Katerina Megas, NIST
    • Unveiling CyberPass: Streamlining Cybersecurity Assessment & Certification for IoT Products in Compliance with ETSI EN 303 645
      Roland Atoui, Red Alert Labs

    12:30 Networking Lunch - Demos and Posters Visits

    Chaired by Gerry McQuaid, Ofcom

    • ETI - Zero Trust’s Role in Enabling Network Visibility
      Scott Cadzow, C3L 
    • Front-end Access Management (feam)– Combining Best Features of Fido and Oauth!
      Andras Vilmos, SafePay Systems Ltd.
    • Efficient Fine-Grained Hidden Access Control with Pre- and Post-Quantum Hybridization
      Chloe Hébant, Théophile Brezot - Cosmian
    • TCG Standards for Zero-Trust: Ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity, and Supply Chain Trust
      Silviu Vlasceanu - Huawei 

    15:20 Tea & Networking Break Demos and Posters Visits

    15:50 SESSION D2-4 Quantum Safe Cryptography Session
    Chaired by Matt Campagna, ETSI QSC Chair, Amazon

    • Update on the NIST PQC Standards
      Lily Chen, NIST
    • Quantum Safe Cryptography and ETSI Cyber QSC
      Matt Campagna, ETSI TC Cyber QSC, Amazon Web Services
    • Quantum Key Distribution and ETSI’s ISG QKD
      Martin Ward, ETSI ISG QKD, Toshiba 
    • Towards Certification of Quantum Communications: an EU Perspective
      Adam Lewis, European Commission Joint Research Centre
    • Simple and Effective Methods to Achieve Quantum Security Today
      Daniel Shiu, Arqit
    • Efficient Quantum-Safe Communication Using Hybrid Encryption
      Rei Safavi-Naini - University of Calgary

    18:00 Networking Drink

  • Day 3: Wednesday 18 October

    Day Opening by Alex Leadbeater, ETSI TC Cyber Chair, GSMA

    08:45 KEYNOTE: The Path to Diversity: How the UK CyberFirst Project is Shaping the Next Generation of Cyber Security Professionals
    Helen L, NCSC - Jane Wright, QinetiQ

    09:10 Session D3-1: Experiences of Attracting Next Generation of Engineers and Investing in Future
    Chaired by Nataliya Stanetsky, Google

    • Skills Short, Threats Deep...How to Foster and Retain a Security Team amongst a Significant Workforce Gap
      Jon France, IC2
    • ETSI’s Approach to Education about Standardization
      Claire d'Esclercs, ETSI - Nizar Abdelkafi, Politecnico di Milano
    • PANEL DISCUSSION led by the session chair with all session speakers

    10:30  Coffee and Networking - Demos and Posters Visit

    11:00 SESSION D3-2: IoT and Certification Session
    Chaired by Davide Pratone, Huawei

    • Implementing Design Practices to Prevent Coercive Control in Consumer IoT
      Alex Cadzow, C3L
    • Automated and Continuous Cybersecurity Certification for Internet of Things
      Shahid Raza, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
    • SparkLink: What it is and Why it Matters for Secure AIoTI
      Peter Schmitting, AIOTI
    • Security in oneM2M
    • Rana Kamill, BT Group

     12:20 Lunch & Networking  - Demos and Posters Visit

    14:00 SESSION D3-3: IoT & Mobile Certification
    Chaired by Hollie Hennessy, Omdia

    • TS 103 732 Presentation
      Davide Pratone, Huawei
    • GSMA certification program based on ETSI TS 103 732 and Importance of Security Labelling
      Brian Wood, Google
    • CSA IoT Certification Overview: Is EN 303 645 your one-stop shop for Global Consumer IoT regulatory compliance?
      Nataliya Stanetsky, Google
    • PANEL DISCUSSION with Davide Pratone, Brian Woord and Paul Watrobski (NIST), led by the session Chair

    15:45 Tea & Networking  - Demos and Posters Visit

    16:15 SESSION D3-4: 5G in the Wild - Part 1
    Chaired by Alf Zugenmaier, NTT Docomo

    • Introduction to 3GPP
      Mirko Cano Soveri, ETSI
    • Securing the Telecom Business across IT and Network
      Anand Prasad, Deloitte Tohmatsu Cyber LLC
    • ETSI Addresses Certificate Woes in NFV Technology Based 5G Networks
      Ben Smeets, Ericsson
    • What Will Happen and Is Happening on 5G/5G-A Security?
      Rong Wu, Huawei
    • How to Test and Certify the Security of 5G Products in the Wild - Approach and First Insights from BSI in Germany
      Heiner Grottendieck & Jens Ziegler, Federal Office for Information Security (BSI Germany)

     18:00 Day 3 Networking Drink

  • Day 4: Thursday 19 October

    Day Opening by Samin Ahmadi, ETSI TC Cyber Vice-Chair, Umlaut

    08:45 SESSION D4-1: 5G in the Wild - Part 2
    Chaired by Bjorn Fanta, Fabasoft

    • ETSI NFV & NFV Security State of the Nation
      Leslie Willis, BT
    • Road-Map Towards the Adoption of Dynamic Trust Assurances for Safety and Security Convergence in Safety-Critical Systems
      Francesca Bassi, IRT SystemX
    • Security Challenges in 5G-based Public safety Networks
      Ravishankar Borgaonkar, SINTEF AS
    • On using Containers, Virtual Machines, LigthVMs and Unikerls in a Secure Operational Environment for Critical Infrastructure
      Djibrilla Amadou Kountche, Akkodis
    • UICC, the universal toolbox for securing your services in the 5G ecosystem
      Denis Praca, TC SET Chair, Thales

    10:30 Coffee & Networking - Demos and Posters Visits

    11:00 Session D4-2 6G Futures
    Chaired by Charles Brookson,ZEATA Security

    • ETSI Perspectives
      David Boswarthick, ETSI 
    • PDL for Trustworthy 6G
      Chonggang Wang, Interdigital
    • 6G - The Next Hyper-Connected Experience For All
      Erik Guttman, Samsung

    12:00 Lunch & Networking - Demos and Posters Visits

    13:15 SESSION D4-3: Augmented Reality and AI
    Chaired by George Sarkhov, SBS aisbl

    • The Challenge of Standards for Securing AI - the Work of ISG SAI
      Scott Cadzow 3CL 
    • The proposed Framework for AI good Cybersecurity Practices (FAICP)
      Nineta Polemi,  University of Pireaus
    • Cybersecurity research and innovation needs and priorities for AI and what it means for standardization
      Corina Pascu, ENISA
    • Is AI Security scalable?
      Manojkumar Parmar, Bosch
    • Leverage AI in Cyber Security Audits – NLP, LLM and Evidence-Based Approaches.
      Bjorn Fanta, Fabasoft

    15:00 Event Wrap Up 

    15:15 Close 

Venue: ETSI Headquarters
650 Route des Lucioles
06560 Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis

FRANCE Tel: +33 4 92 94 42 00 

During the event breaks, attendees were able to visit the following demos and poster sessions:


  • Covercrypt: an Efficient Pre and Post-Quantum Early-Abort KEM for Hidden Access Policies with Traceability - by Cosmian
    Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) is a very attractive primitive to limit access according to specific rights. While very powerful instantiations have been offered, under various computational assumptions, they rely on either classical or post-quantum problems, and are quite intricate to implement, generally resulting in poor efficiency; the construction we offer results in a powerful efficiency gap with respect to existing solutions.
    With the threat of quantum computers, post-quantum solutions are important, but not yet tested enough to rely on such problems only. We thus first study an hybrid approach to rely on the best of the two worlds: the scheme is secure if at least one of the two underlying assumptions is still valid (i.e. the DDH and LWE).
    Then, we address the ABE problem, with a practical solution delivering encrypted contents such that only authorized users can decrypt, without revealing the target sets, while also granting tracing capabilities. Our scheme is inspired by the Subset Cover framework where the users' rights are organized as subsets and a content is encrypted with respect to a subset covering of the target set.
    Quite conveniently, we offer black-box modularity: one can easily use any public-key encryption of their choice, such as Kyber, with their favorite library, to combine it with a simple ElGamal variant of key encapsulation mechanisms, providing strong security guarantees.  

  • CyberPass | Trust Your Connected Products with ETSI EN 303 645r - by Red Alert Labs
    Nowadays, cybersecurity assessments and certification of ICT/IOT products are more often costly, slow, and cumbersome. However, these processes are capital to ensure cybersecurity and trust through your supply chain. In this demo we will show you CyberPass - an innovative cybersecurity solution that provides businesses with a cost-effective and scalable way to assess the level of cybersecurity of their connected ICT/IoT products from third-party vendors. This solution fully implements ETSI EN 303 645 and TS 103 701 standards, and combines automation with the precision of recognized experts to evaluate suppliers from all over the world. CyberPass provides manufacturers with a standardized cybersecurity assessment, a label, and a certificate that they can share with customers, as well as a detailed improvement plan to increase their level of maturity. With CyberPass, businesses can ensure cybersecurity throughout their supply chain without the heavy processes, cost, and time associated with traditional cybersecurity assessments.

  • Beyond SBOM: observability, security automation and business impact analysis for heterogenous, programmable infrastructures - by TNO
    We present a technical demonstration of the Automated Security Operation (ASOP): cloud-based, open, modular and vendor agnostic platform for automating security operations in heterogenous, hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructures. We show how an incoming cyber-threat intelligence triggers a series of events like activating monitoring functions, assessing impact of the threat for the given asset and judging what business impact is expected if certain course of action is taken, finally offering a SoC specialist to execute a selected response. We demonstrate how exploiting and extending CycloneDX (OWASP Bill of Materials standard) to create a cloud agnostic infrastructure model, allows to perform the aforementioned operations in a heterogenous cloud environment.

  • Using 5G Digital Twins to test Security and Compliance - by
    As 5G technology continues to evolve, maintaining and securing the network and devices accessing the network will become increasingly challenging. This demo will highlight ways operators can face security challenges and properly test their equipment to meet their goals of ensuring a seamless, secure user experience.

  • Automated IoT Cyber Security Test Platform - SafeShark
    The SafeShark test platform is a unique cyber security test platform for consumer IoT. With a plug and play device with no buttons or screens that connects to the product under test, it continually reports the status of the testing, providing reports and results against the international standard EN 303 645. The SafeShark test platform also enables remote testing and results of all products under test can be viewed via a secure portal where separate labs, or employee views can be set up. The platform can be licensed and white labelled to enable in-house self-assessment.


  • Continuous and Efficient Cooperative Trust Management for Resilient CCAM- by IRT SystemX
  • AI Computing Platform Security Framework - By Huawei
  • Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) for Cooperative ITS: ready for transition?  - by IRT SystemX
  • The ABCCD's of Cybersecurity: Architecting and Building Collaborative Cybersecurity Demonstrations at the U.S. National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) - NIST

N AbdelkafiProf. Nizar Abdelkai - Politecnico di Milano
Prof. Nizar Abdelkaf is Associate Professor in Supply Chain Planning and Management at Politecnico di Milano. Before joining Politecnico di Milano, he was head of the research unit “Business Models: Engineering and Innovation” at Fraunhofer IMW (International Management and Knowledge Economy) and senior researcher at the department of Innovation Management and Innovation Economics at the University of Leipzig. He holds an Industrial Engineering diploma from the National Engineering School Tunis, a Master degree in Business Administration from the Technische Universität München, a PhD degree from the Hamburg University of Technology and habilitation degree from the University of Leipzig. Nizar Abdelkaf is interested in supply chain innovation, innovative business models, standardization along with sustainability management. He has published his research in three books, several international journals such as International Journal of Innovation Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Creativity and Innovation Management, and IEEE transactions on Engineering Management, as well as over 50 conference papers and book chapters.

Ahmadi SamimDr. Samim Ahmadi - umlaut - Member of the Programme Committee
Dr. Samim Ahmadi is an expert in cybersecurity standardisation working for umlaut (part of Accenture) with a background in the telecommunications and manufacturing industry. He is currently vice-chair of ETSI TC CYBER, member of the Expert Group Radio Equipment for the European Commission, rapporteur of different IoT security-related standards and is mainly involved in the development of IoT security standards for consumers. In parallel, he is actively involved in the development of harmonised standards for the cybersecurity-related articles of the Radio Equipment Directive in CEN/CLC JTC 13 WG 8 and supports the standards mapping activities around the Cyber Resilience Act, also within CEN/CLC JTC 13 WG 9.

Djibrilla Amadou Kountche Dr. Djibrilla Amadou Kountche - AKKODIS Research
Achieved his PhD in Machine Learning and Indoor Localization at the University of François Rabelais in Tours in 2013. He worked at IMT-Atlantique for 3.5 years as Postdoctoral researcher on the RoCaWeb and SCOOP@F project. In
June 2018, he joined AKKODIS as Project Manager. Since then, he has managed the H2020 ELVITEN, 5G-MOBIX and PRECINCT projects for AKKODIS. His fields of expertise are Machine Learning, Security and Privacy, Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems and Wireless Networks.

Rolland Atoui

Mr. Roland Atoui - Red Alert Labs
Roland Atoui, Managing Director & Founder, a Cybersecurity expert with more than 15 years of recognized achievements in both research and industry. From smart cards to smart embedded devices up to cloud services. Roland is a new technology enthusiast with a current mission to bring trust to the IoT. Roland has achieved a series of world-first publications, evaluations of new products and services. He represents the French delegation in ESO and ISO activities and is member of the adhoc WG on EUCC working with ENISA. He is behind the development of and main contributor to several certification schemes and standards such as FIDO/FDO, Eurosmart IoT, IoTSF, EUCC, ioXtAlliance and ETSI EN303645. Finally, Roland is awarded TOP 100 worldwide IoT influencers by IoTOne for the past 2 years.

BassiDr. Francesca Bassi - IRT SystemX
Francesca Bassi is a Senior Researcher at IRT SystemX, where her primary focus is security and privacy in Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS). She previously held the position of Assistant Professor at ESME-Sudria, Ivry-sur-Seine, France and Associate Researcher at the Laboratoire des Signaux et des Systèmes, Gif-sur-Yvette, France. She obtained a Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering in 2010 from Paris-Sud University and completed a postdoc at the University of Michigan.
Her research primarily revolves around wireless and mobile networks, with a current emphasis on vehicular communication systems.


Mr. Luca Bongiorni - ZTE Italia
Luca Bongiorni has more than 15 years of international experience in the Information Security sector with a particular focus on Offensive Security and Applied Research, where his main fields of research are: Radio Networks, Embedded Hardware Hacking, Internet of Offensive Things and Physical Security. He also loves to share his knowledge at security conferences around the globe: BlackHat, TROOPERS, HackInParis, DEF CON, HackInBo, OWASP Chapters, etc. Finally, He is also a GPEN, GRID and GCFA certificates holder.

BORGAONKARDr. Ravishankar Borgaonkar, SINTEF Digital
Ravishankar Borgaonkar works as a senior research scientist at SINTEF Digital and Associate Professor II at the University of Stavanger in Norway. He holds a PhD in telecommunication security area from Technischen Universität Berlin (TU Berlin, 2013). In 2007, he received an Erasmus Mundus award from the European Union and completed a dual master's degree from the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Aalto University (previously TKK) in 2009. His primary research themes are related to mobile telecommunication networks and security threats for the next generation of digital communication, ranging from 2G/3G/4G/5G network security to end-user device security. At SINTEF currently, he researches on securing critical digital infrastructure (such as smart grid/Maritime/healthcare/public-safety communication) and 5G network-enabled business verticals. He has extensive experience in a cellular network and information security domain at Deutsche Telekom's lab (Germany), TU Berlin (Germany), Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing at Aalto University (Finland), and University of Oxford (United Kingdom). He has found several protocol flaws in 3G/4G/5G technologies (affecting billions of devices) and assisted in improving 4G/5G security standards. Also, he is a frequent speaker at several leading security (hacking/academic) conferences and is listed in the Hall of Fame of Google, Qualcomm, Huawei, and GSMA.

BoswarthickMr. David Boswarthick - ETSI
David is currently the ETSI Director of New Technologies (NET), which involves tracking the latest ICT technology and business trends and all relevant research initiatives in order to identify appropriate technology standards needs and future opportunities for ETSI.
In addition, he works on outreach initiatives towards the research and academic communities, both in Europe and globally, as well as engaging with key European research programs such as Horizon Europe.
David has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications sector, which includes over 20 years’ working in ICT standardization supporting both 3GPP and ETSI Technical and strategic groups.

Charles BrooksonMr Charles Brookson, Zeata -  Member of the Programme Committee
Charles worked in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills of the United Kingdom Government for twelve years, and is a Professional Electronic Engineer. He previously was Head of Security for the UK mobile operator one2one, and worked in British Telecom for twenty years before that, the last few years in the Chairman’s Office. He has worked in many security areas over the last 40 years, including Cryptographic systems, secure designs, policies, auditing, and mobile radio for over 30 years. He now runs his own Company Zeata Security Ltd, and is a Director of Azenby and Floor51 Ltd.
He was Chairman on the GSM Association Security Group for 25 years. He worked within GSM and 3GPP security standards, first chairing the Algorithm Expert Group way back in 1986, which helped define GSM Security. He was also involved helping to define Public Key Standards and ISO 27000 Standards. He has held various positions in ETSI and other groups, but now an ordinary delegate. He is an ETSI Fellow and was awarded an OBE for services to Telecommunications Security in 2015.

Mr. Alex Cadzow - Cadzow Communications Consulting -  Member of the Programme Committee
My area of work is in cybersecurity and human factors building on my educational background in anthropology and other sciences. My background in non-technical sciences is an essential balance to the technology led study of AI and of SAI. In a system engineering approach, it is vital to equally address and integrate these three key elements: hardware, software, and human systems integration. Therefore, the human element is something that integration and systems engineering processes must address.

Scott Cadzow P2760011Mr. Scott Cadzow, C3L (Cadzow Communications Consulting Ltd)  Member of the Programme Committee
Appointed as an ETSI Fellow in 2023 Scott has a number of years of experience in standardisation at ETSI. Whilst often focussing on security it is in the application of security across technologies that are the standout characteristic of his career. In domains including eHealth and ITS, in AI and in the integration of transparency and applicability in the use of security technologies, that ensure ETSI is able to address the societal role of security and privacy in ICT, Scott has along the way helped to provide guidance and standards to solve problems.

CanoSoveriMr. Mirko Cano Soveri,ETSI - Member of the Programme Committee
Mirko Cano Soveri graduated as electronics engineer in 2001 in the University of La Laguna, Spain. His first experience in the telecom world was in the product engineering department in Vodafone Spain. After that he moved on to work for British Telecom, Telefonica and TNO in the Netherlands, where he worked as a consultant for European research projects and standardization groups. He joined ETSI in 2012, where he works as technical officer of SA3, the security group in 3GPP.He also provides support for ETSI SAGE (in charge of security algorithms) and 3GPP SA5 (OAM and Charging).

CARPENTER IANMr. Ian Carpenter -
Mr. Carpenter is a knowledgeable innovative entrepreneur in telecommunication and network testing. During his 25 years of experience, he has remained in the forefront of testing and verifying NextGen telecommunication and public safety test tools through his technical understanding of the network protocols and test challenges, providing innovative solutions to address the challenges, and attentive service. He created the world’s first SIP Conformance Tester in 2000 to test new phone equipment that was in its infancy as the industry was transitioning from legacy H.323 to SIP; tested some of the major phone vendors’ products that are still widely in use today. More recently, he has played an integral role in the development of test technologies for P25 ISSI/CSSI and MCPTT. He has designed and overseen the evolution of the Valid8 technology to a single solution for testing networks and devices for performance, load and conformance.


Mr. Philippe Coution - TÜV SÜD Digital Service
As Lead Artificial Intelligence at TÜV SÜD, Philippe Coution leads strategic development initiatives of Artificial Intelligence and market implementation. He has over 20 years’ experience of senior management in manufacturing and retail, Digital Transformation, rounded by Start-up experience as head of Engineering for Computer Vision applications. With a deep understanding of market needs and change management required, Philippe Coution is developing the services to ensure Trustworthy AI Quality. Philippe Coution has a passion for showing the pass to a new technology, connecting people and systems.
Philippe Coution is a certified Scrum Master and IEEE certifAIed assessor.

DantonioProf. Salvatore D'Antonio - TRUST UP srl - University of Naples Parthenope
Salvatore D’Antonio is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Law, Cybersecurity, and Sports Sciences of University of Naples “Parthenope”. His research interests fall in the field of cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection. Salvatore D’Antonio was the Coordinator of FP7 EU-funded INSPIRE and INSPIRE-International projects and he participated /is participating in several European and national research projects on digital security. Salvatore D’Antonio actively contributed to both IETF and ETSI standardization activities. He currently is the Chair of IMG-S (Integrated Mission Group for Security).


Ms. Claire d'Esclercs - ETSI
Claire d'Esclercs – Director, Membership DevelopmentClaire, who is originally from Wales with double French and British nationality, joined ETSI in 1992 following several years as a manager in non-IT business.
She is currently Director for Membership Development and responsible for the management of the Education about Standardization programme.
Previously she managed the Membership care team, Forapolis and the staff responsible for ETSI external relations, and before that had responsibility for the technical project management of seven committees.
She was instrumental in the launch and evolution of an International Partnership Project standardizing a Mobile Broadband System aimed at the Public Safety sector. Claire also played a vital role in the founding of the Emergency Telecommunications group.
At Forapolis she specialized in start-up endeavours and was also instrumental in the promotion of both Forapolis and its partners’ activities.

Dholiwar Veena Ms. Veena Dholiwar, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology DSIT
Veenar leads on the enforcement of the product security legislation at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology. Veena has contributed to the design and the development of the UK's new consumer connectable product security regime, and now leads on the operational enforcement approach alongside the intended enforcement authority OPSS.

DoneganMr. Patrick Donegan - HardenStance
Patrick Donegan is Founder and Principal Analyst with HardenStance, a leading industry analyst firm providing trusted research, analysis and insight in telecom and IT security. HardenStance provides consulting services, public speaking services and leading analyst reports on cybersecurity risk and solutions across the telecom sector and broader enterprise markets.
HardenStance openly supports the work of key industry associations, organizations and SDOs, including NetSecOPEN, AMTSO, ETSI, the GSMA, MEF, CTIA and OASIS. HardenStance is also a recognized Cyber Threat Alliance ‘Champion.’"

AmitDr. Amit Elazari, OpenPolicy
Dr. Elazari is Co-Founder and CEO of OpenPolicy, the world first tech-enabled policy and advocacy company, aiming to democratize access to information concerning future regulation action, policy and lobbying to entities of all sizes by leveraging scale and technology. Prior to OpenPolicy, she served as Head of Cybersecurity Policy for Intel Corp and chaired the Cybersecurity Committee for the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) among others. She holds a Doctoral Degree in the Law (JSD) from Berkeley Law, and graduated summa cum laude with three prior degrees in law and business. Her research appeared in leading academic journals, key conferences such as RSAC, Black Hat, DEFCON, Bsides, and USENIX, and was featured at the WSJ and NYT. She co-founded, a non-profit that foster adoptions of legal protections for good-faith security research. Amit has a diverse background in technical, policy, and legal roles, and practiced Hi-tech, Venture Capital, and M&A law at Israel's largest law firm, Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co. She also participates in international standardization at ISO/IEC and is the co-editor of ISO/IEC 27402, baseline security measures, in draft.

FantaMr. Björn Fanta, Fabasoft  Member of the Programme Committee
Allow me to tell a story about my last name, Fanta. While my Swedish first name, Björn, might seem relatively straightforward, things get complicated with my last name.
Björn Fanta – easy to remember, right? However, in my work I frequently come across people who confuse my last name with my first name. Then it’s Mr. Björn. This has led to some hilarious moments. The good thing about it: being memorable in the business world is a plus, even if it’s for a brief smile. My background is in electrical engineering. At university, I specialized in economics and statistics. Over the last couple of years, I’ve worked on international IT-innovation projects. 2018, a pretty cool journey began at Fabasoft, I was given the opportunity to build up the department Research - a highly ambitious team. Everyone has their expertise and together we research on different topics with partners all across Europe."

fotiMr. Santino Foti, InfoCert
Santino Foti is an expert eDelivery with particular regard to technical specifications and standards for secure messaging and digital data exchange. He actively contributed to a number of STF and ETSI standardization activities on eDelivery, and he currently is the Vice-Chair of ETSI TC ESI. He is working at InfoCert Spa as security and certification expert in the domains of eDelivery, contributing to research and innovation projects in such area. In particular, he dealt in drafting of technical specifications and participation in groups involving Trust Service Providers and eGovernment authorities. His experience matured since the degree at University of Turin on computer networks and by focusing for over 30 years, in the sector (more than 15 years for an American company and the rest for many other European initiatives).

FranceMr. Jon France, ISC2
Jon is a CISSP with more than 20 years of experience across media and telco sectors building and leading diverse IT and security teams, setting and executing strategy and delivering programs that empower stakeholders and operations while effectively managing risk.


GrottendieckMr. Heiner Grottendieck - Federal Office for Information Security (BSI Germany)
Heiner Grottendieck holds a Diploma in Communications Engineering and had been working in industry projects on hardware and software development for 27 years.
Since 2008 he took over Management positions in the domains of Application Performance Management, Test Automation, Blockchain Solutions and IT-Security. In these roles he built various teams and business areas. In 2021 Heiner joined the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Germany at the newly established BSI Location in Freital near Dresden. There he runs Division SZ 31 with the main topic 5G/6G Security.

GustavssonDr. Torbjörn Gustavsson- FRA
Dr. Gustavsson has more than 35 years of experience from cryptography and information security, including 20 years of involvement in export control and participation in the Wassenaar Experts Group.

warda hassanMs. Warda Hassan, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
Warda is a senior cyber security policy advisor in the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology. She led the development of key parts of the UK’s Product Security & Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act 2022 and is now supporting enforcement efforts ahead of the UK’s regulatory regime coming into force on 29th April 2024.

hebantMs. Chloé Hebant, Cosmian
Chloe is a cryptographer at Cosmian, where her primary focus lies in client-side encrypted solutions, particularly in the development of searchable encryption techniques. She is deeply engaged in applied cryptography, striving to create efficient, and practical solutions.
She is also interested in ensuring privacy and anonymity in digital communications with a specific interest in homomorphic signatures. On that subject, she earned her Ph.D. in Cryptography from the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris in 2021, with her dissertation titled "Homomorphic Cryptography and Privacy.”


Hennessy HollieMs. Hollie Hennessy - Omdia
Hollie provides insight into the fascinating and fast-moving domain of IoT cybersecurity.
Hollie has a range of experience in research. She began her career in the legal sector, writing and researching for expert witness reports on the labour market. She then moved into product testing, with a consumer protection focus. In this role, she was responsible for managing comparative tests of various technology products, as well as regular testing and investigative work into the security of these products. She has published articles in Which?, one of the UK’s largest subscription magazines, produced by the country’s largest consumer organization; and Computing magazine.

Rana Kamill Rana iotweek 2023Ms. Rana Kamill, British Telecom Plc
Rana Kamill is an IoT Ecosystem Architecture Solution Manager at BT. She is currently the vice chair of Working Party 1 in ITU-T SG 20 (IoT and Smart cities and communities (SC&C). Before moving to the Architecture and Technology strategy area, Rana was a Security consultant providing consultancy across BT’S all Customer Facing Units. Rana represents BT in various standards body like ETSI, oneM2M, 3GPP and the ITU-T. Rana has over a decade of experience in Research and Academia and the Telecommunications industry and a strong passion for IoT, Cyber Security and developing technical standards.

KleidermacherMr. Dave Kleidermacher, Google
Dave Kleidermacher is the VP of Engineering for Android and Made-by-Google Security & Privacy at Google. In this role he leads the engineering teams responsible for protecting the billions of users and devices in the Android ecosystem and in the Made-by-Google ecosystem - this includes the Google Play App Store, the Android operating system, Pixel devices, Nest devices, FitBit wearables, and related services. Prior to his role at Google, Dave held positions as SVP/Chief Security Officer at Blackberry and VP/Chief Technology Officer at Green Hills Software.
David is also active in global standards committees, focused on increasing transparency for device product security and privacy, including co-chair of the IEEE 2621 standard for medical device security assurance, member of US delegation to ISO 27402 baseline security requirements for the Internet of Things, and driving related security and privacy evaluation schemes within the Connectivity Standards Alliance, GSMA, and App Defense Alliance.
Dave earned his bachelor of science in computer science from Cornell University and is a frequent speaker and writer in the area of computer security. Credits include delivering the 2014 Embedded World Conference Keynote, “Securing the Internet of Things”, Google I/O, and author of the book “Embedded Systems Security”, Elsevier 2012.

Sushil KumarMr. Sushil Kumar - Telecommunication Engineering Centre, Government of India
Mr. Sushil Kumar has more than 30 years of experience in Telecom and IoT/ICT and presently working as Deputy Director General in Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) and heading IoT division since 2014. He released twenty technical reports in IoT domain covering various verticals, communication technologies and IoT Security.
He is Chairing ITU-T SG-20 Regional Group for Asia Pacific, Vice Chair in ITU-T SG-20 Management Team, Vice Chair in ITU / FAO Focus Group on AI and IoT for Digital Agriculture (ITU-T FG AI4A), Vice Chair in APT WTSA 24 Preparatory group; member in ISO-IEC-ITU Smart city task force.
At the national level he is the chairman of several committees in TEC and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). He has submitted significant contributions in several ITU recommendations besides working as an editor. oneM2M Rel 2 and Rel 3 have been adopted as National standard in India by the committee chaired by him.

LatourMs. Mathilde Latour - Cisco Systems
Mathilde Latour is a Principal Corporate Counsel in Cisco Systems Global Trade Legal & Compliance Team where she leads a team that is responsible for export classification and licensing. Prior to joining Cisco, she was a Desk Officer in charge of encryption controls for the French Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI). As part of her responsibilities, she was France’s Delegate to the Expert groups of the Wassenaar Arrangement and the EU Council. She holds leadership positions on export control issues in Digital Europe, AmCham EU and CompTIA. She also teaches seminars on encryption controls and has been a lecturer at the Paris-Saclay University from where she holds a master’s degree in space and telecommunications law.

leadbeaterjpgMr Alex Leadbeater CEng, GSMA, Chair ETSI TC Cyber - Chair of the Programme Committee
Alex is Technical Security Director at GSMA. Alex has spent over 25 years working across the Communications and Cyber Security industry. Alex specialises in bridging the gaps between communications technology evolution and regulatory requirements (Security, Privacy, Public Safety) placed on the Communications Service Providers.
Alex has been involved in standardisation for 20+ years and currently chairs several industry Cyber Security and Regulatory standards groups. Starting his career in satellite communications, following a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Warwick University. Prior to joining GSMA in Jan 2023, Alex held a range of technical, design and regulatory governance roles for BT Plc.

Phyllis Lee portraitMs. Phyllis Lee, Center for Internet Security (CIS)
Phyllis Lee is the Senior Director of Controls at the Center for Internet Security (CIS). She has over 25 years of experience in information assurance and has performed vulnerability assessments, virtualization research and worked in security automation. Prior to joining CIS, Ms. Lee worked at the National Security Agency (NSA) focusing on the intersection between malware and virtualization, which included collaboration with MIT Lincoln Labs. She also participated in a variety of security automation standardization efforts and led the security automation strategy for the NSA Information Assurance Directorate (IAD). Ms. Lee graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Master of Science in Computer Science.


Mr. Adam Lewis, JRC
Adam Lewis's background is in nondestructive testing, medical imaging, applied magnetics and signal processing. He has worked at the European Commission for 25 years, starting as a programme officer in Brussels and then transferring to the JRC in Ispra, where he led projects on sensors for demining and worked on border security, explosives and critical infrastructure. Since 2015 he been JRC's head of sector for quantum technology and is EC Counsellor on ETSI ISG quantum key distribution and CEN-CENELEC JTC22 quantum technology. He is a member of the Institute of Physics and SPIE.

Ms. Helen L - NCSC
Having graduated with a Physics degree, Helen has worked in Defence & National Security for over 20 years with a variety of postings across the Ministry of Defence and NCSC. She joined CESG (the predecessor to NCSC) 14 years ago as a Microelectronics Researcher, before leading the Engineering Processes & Assurance team. As Technical Director for Sociotechnical Security and the Research Institute for Sociotechnical Cyber Security (RISCS) she has helped the NCSC and its partners to value and realise the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to cyber security. Over the last few years, Helen has been developing a new approach to Technology Assurance which will enable the UK’s future digital growth ambitions, whilst gaining confidence in the security of the critical services and technologies on which we rely. Whilst Head of NCSC’s Technical Assurance Group (TAG), Helen was responsible for driving change in the way we carry out in-house assurance activities for our more sensitive applications. 
Helen is a passionate supporter and ambassador of the importance of diversity and inclusion. She enjoys encouraging the next generation of cyber security professionals: supporting women in cyber security through mentoring, speaking and various contributions to our CyberFirst initiatives, such as the immensely popular and successful NCSC’s Girls Competition.
Most recently, Helen has moved to become the CTO for Cyber Growth where she is now responsible for the technical aspects of the wider cyber security ecosystem the UK needs to build, to respond to the scale and nature of the cyber threats we face both now and in the future.

Mr. Gerald McQuaid Ofcom UK
Gerry is the Director for Telecoms and Internet Security at Ofcom with a focus on regulating the technical aspects of security within the regimes of the Telecoms Security Act and the NIS Directive. Previously a CISO and CSO of an International Organisation he has also worked for a global operator and a vendor with responsibility for managing the various national security obligations globally. He has chaired or participated in a number of ETSI/3GPP/GSMA technical security committees and European bodies and has invested time advising various international bodies, particularly on capacity building and specific vendor related oversight e.g. evaluation centres and supply chain security.

MegasMs. Katerina Megas - U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology
Kat leads the NIST Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things (IoT) Program at the US. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), focused on advancing and accelerating the development and application of research, standards, guidelines, and technologies necessary to improve the security and privacy of ecosystem of connected devices. As the Program Manager she coordinates across the agency on all things related to cybersecurity of the IoT as well as leads a number of projects, including the NIST response on IoT for EO 13800, EO 14028 and the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020. Before joining NIST, Kat worked in the private sector for 25 years leading organizations in the development and execution of their IT strategies.

Mitrakas AndreasDr. Andreas Mitrakas - ENISA
Dr. Mitrakas is Head of Unit “Market, Certification & Standardisation” in the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA). He co-chairs the Stakeholders Cybersecurity Certification Group (SCCG).
Prior to joining ENISA, Andreas served as General Counsel in Globalsign and as a Senior Counsel in Verizon and Ubizen. Andreas is a qualified lawyer and holds a doctorate in Law from Erasmus University of Rotterdam, a M.Sc. in Strategic Quality Management, from Portsmouth Business School, a LL.M. in Computer science and Law from Queen’s University of Belfast and a first degree in Law from the University of Athens.

Moran JamesMr. James Moran - GSM Association
James is Head of Security at GSMA where he supports and directs the security work of its Fraud and Security Group.
James studied law and started his professional career in the financial services sector where he participated in a range of international fora and initiatives. James has worked in fraud and security management positions in the mobile telecommunications industry since 1996.
James has worked with law enforcement agencies, governments, regulators, network operators and suppliers on a wide range of initiatives to protect mobile networks and their users. He has been centrally involved in developing responses to a wide range of challenges including device theft, interconnect security, security certification and vulnerability disclosure. His contributions have been acknowledged by governments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

ParmarMr. Manojkumar Parmar - AIShield, Powered by Bosch
Manoj is the Founder, CEO, and CTO of AIShield, a Corporate Startup of Bosch with a mission to secure AI systems of the world. He is a serial corporate Intrapreneur, and AIShield is the second one. He and his teams have built several innovative and successful products and solutions using multiple classical and emerging technologies resulting in billion $ portfolios. He is an award-winning, experienced, seasoned Technologist with 25+ patents and 13+ papers. He holds engineering and management degrees and his alma mater also includes IIM Bangalore, UC Berkley, and HEC Paris.

PascuMs. Corina Pascu - ENISA
Corina Pascu is a cybersecurity expert with European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) in Athens, where she covers cybersecurity certification and cybersecurity research and innovation. In 2022 she was involved in preparing the EU5G candidate certification scheme and leading a string of activities related to the preparation of the 2022 ENISA Research and Innovation Brief, while in 2023 she leads the feasibility study on cybersecurity certification of Artificial Intelligence, participates in the cybersecurity market activities (focused in 2023 on cryptographic products and services) and leads the R&I Observatory activity.
Prior to her assignment in Athens, Corina worked with the European Commission Directorate General Research and Innovation on the formulation of European Open Science policies, European Open Science Cloud EOSC and co-chairing for the European Commission of the G7 Open Science Open Science Working Group.
She has also worked with European Commission’s in-house Science Hub on Sevilla site, on the social and economic implications of ICTs and digital innovations in society and digital economy.
She has extensive international and multicultural exposure, analytical mind forged in think tanks and international expert panels on digital innovations and she has extensive writing experience as author and co-author of peer-reviewed articles (ORCID , Scopus (author ID: 54889553600), ), reviewer of academic papers and associate editor for research topics with renewed journals (Frontiers).

PildushDr. Galina Pildush - Palo Alto Networks
Dr. Galina D. Pildush has been active in the computer networking and cyber security industry for more than twenty years. She holds PhD in Organization and Management, specializing in IT, MSc and BSc, both in Computer Science. Over a decade, Galina’s passion had expanded into Mobile Network Operator (MNO) infrastructure protection, cloud security, and virtualization. Throughout the years, Galina held various engineering roles, product management & architecture, and strategy & planning with various high-tech companies. Galina has been an active industry standards contributor (3GPP, IETF, ETSI, GSMA), an author of computer networking books and articles, a blogger, and a frequent speaker/panelist at various security conferences, evangelizing MNOs infrastructure security and services. At Palo Alto Networks, Galina’s role is Global Consulting Engineering, focusing on MNOs & PCNs infrastructures’ security and services.

PolemiProf. Nineta Polemi - UPRC/ trustilio BV
Nineta Polemi is a cybersecurity Professor in the University of Piraeus-UNIPI- (Cyber Security Lab, Dept. of Informatics) and CTO/ Co-Founder of trustilio. She served (2017-2020) as Programme Manager and Policy Officer in the European Commission DG (CONNECT H1 Unit entitled ’Cybersecurity Technologies and Capabilities’). Her cybersecurity expertise is on: security management, incident management, supply chain security, threat intelligence. She has obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (Coding Theory) from The City University of New York (Graduate Center). She held teaching and research positions in The City University of New York (Queens & Baruch Colleges), State University of New York (Farmingdale), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)-Solvay Brussels School-. She has over 150 publications in security, has organised numerous scientific and policy international cybersecurity scientific events and trainings. She has received many research grants (NATO, IEEE) and awards (NSA, MSI Army Research Office IEEE, CYNY, Hellenic Ministry of Maritime, Hellenic National Defense General) and has participated as Project and Technical Manager in more than 60 cybersecurity international, EU and national R&D and commercial projects. She serves as external expert/reviewer/consultant in EC, ENISA, Focal Point, CodeWeTrust. She is a member of ETSI in the working groups of Cyber and AI.

PRACA DENISMr. Denis Praca - Thales
Denis Praca have 36 years of experience in the telecom and security industry including network equipment, modems and video compression systems hardware and software design.
He works as an expert within the standardization team of Thales DIS, as part of the CTO organisation, in coordination with the strategy, marketing and product teams.
He has been involved with Smart Cards for more than 25 years and in standardization activities since 2002 within groups in ETSI, GSMA and TCA: 
Member of ETSI TC SET (Formerly SCP) since 2004, holding the position of plenary vice-chair since 2009 and chair since 2021. He was also vice-chair of ETSI TC SCP REQ for nearly 10 years.
- In GSMA since the beginning of the work on eSIM in 2013 and deputy chair of the eSIM WG since 2020.
- Since 2014, chair of the eUICC WG in TCA, which is defining the eSIM Profile interoperability specification. 

PrasadDr. Anand Prasad - Deloitte Tohmatsu Cyber
Dr. Anand R. Prasad is Partner at Deloitte Tohmatsu Cyber where he leads emerging technology unit. He is also Board of Director at Digital Nasional Berhad. Prior to that, among others, he was Founder & CEO of wenovator, advisor to NTT DOCOMO, CISO of Rakuten Mobile and led 3GPP SA3 standardisation as Chairman. He is advisor to several organizations, an innovator with 50+ patents, a recognized keynote speaker and a prolific writer with 7 books and 50+ publications. He is a Fellow of IET, fellow of IETE, Editor of Cyber Security Magazine and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of ICT Standardization by River Publishers.

Pratone DavideMr. Davide Pratone - Huawei - Member of the Programme Committee
Davide Pratone has a degree in Physics and a Master in Telecommunication. He joined Telecom Italia R&D in 1997 and since 2004 he represented Telecom Italia in several SDOs: 3GPP ETSI, CEN, ISO/IEC. From 2009 to 2013 Davide has been the 3GPP CT6 Vice Chairman, while from 2012 is ETSI TC SET REQ Chair. Davide was even technical project manager for some important Telecom Italia deployments such as the Mobile TV in 2006, NFC payment, transport and loyalty services. In 2016 Davide moved to Idemia (formerly Oberthur Technologies) acting as security standardization expert and supporting the eUICC Product Managers to certify several eUICC products for Consumer and M2M scenarios. In 2019 Davide moved to Huawei to cover the Security Standardization Expert position for Consumer Business Group in Europe. He joined ETSI TC CYBER becoming Vice Chair in 2020 and he has been elected ETSI TC SET Vice Chair in March 2021. In September 2021 he has been elected GSMA eSIM WG1 (requirements) Chair. Davide represent UNI in several CEN/CENELEC JTC13 Working Groups.

RyonMs. Eloïse Ryon, Schneider Electric
Eloïse Ryon is Senior Manager, Europe Digital Policy for Schneider Electric since September 2022. Previously she was in charge of Market Intelligence in the Strategy & Business Development Team of Schneider Electric France.
She is currently the Chair of the Cybersecurity Task Force of Orgalim and is the Issue lead on the Cyber Resilience Act interplay with other legislation at Digital Europe. Her main areas of expertise are cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and data protection policies in Europe.

Prof. Rei Safavi-Naini University of Calgary
Rei Safavi-Naini holds the NSERC/Telus Industrial Research Chair in Information Security and is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Calgary, Canada. She is a co-founder of the Institute for Security, Privacy, and Information Assurance at the University of Calgary, and has served as its Director until December 2018. She has been the program chair of top-ranking conferences including Crypto, ASIACCS and Financial Cryptography, and has served as an Associate Editor for premier journals including IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, and is currently an Associate Editor of ACM Computing Surveys.
She has over 450 publications in refereed journals and conferences in information security. Her current research interests include quantum-resistant cryptography and security in decentralized systems.

SalmonMr. Michael Salmon, Verizon
Michael is part of Verizon’s Technology Strategy team, focused on standards and industry groupsVerizon’s Global Networks. In this role, he is a lead delegate in 5GAA, GSMA, ETSI, and other industry groups and SDOs. Before relocating to Germany, Michael was responsible for product and engineering at various SF startups.
Michael has an EMBA from ESMT Berlin.
SchmittingMr. Peter Schmitting, FSCOM
Peter holds an Engineer Diploma from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. He works for the French SME FSCOM where he covers standardization activities in ETSI and ISO technical committees. His standardisation experiences are complemented by his work focused on the development of test software based on standardised test specifications to validate conformity to protocols and the interoperability of products. Testing projects for the industry covered many technical areas such as telecommunications, Intelligent Transport Systems and eHealth applications which provides him with a good view on the state-of-the-art of currently applied technology solutions.
RazaProf. Shahid Raza - RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Professor Shahid Raza is the Director of the Cybersecurity Unit at RISE, where he has been working since 2008 and currently leading a team of highly qualified cybersecurity experts. Shahid is also a full professor of computer science with specialization in cybersecurity at Mälardalen University Sweden. Shahid has envisioned and founded RISE Cyber Range and the Swedish Cybersecurity Research and Innovation Node ( and leading these initiatives. He has also co-founded Cybercampus Sweden ( Shahid is an expert cybersecurity researcher; his scientific work is published in prestigious journals and conferences, which has received over 6000 citations. Shahid holds a PhD and a Master of Science degree, both in cybersecurity. (

ShiuDr. Daniel Shiu - Arqit Quantum Inc
Daniel worked for GCHQ, the UK’s intelligence, cyber and security agency for 20 years. He was the UK’s Head of Cryptographic Design and Quantum Information Processing, part of the initial National Technical Authority function assumed by the new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). In this role he was responsible for briefing the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser in cryptomathematical matters. Daniel also served as Head of the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research (HIMR), which is a linchpin of the government’s “Advanced Mathematics” strategy. Daniel represented GCHQ in helping to found and direct the National Quantum Technologies Programme. During his career, Daniel’s results and expertise have earned him multiple prizes, including an international award for best crypto-mathematician, and on three separate occasions an international award for the year’s best cryptanalytic achievement. He has published work in pure mathematics, statistics, cryptography and electrical engineering.

SMEETSMr. Ben Smeets - Ericsson
Ben Smeets is an Ericsson Senior Expert in Security. Ben’s main area of expertise is trusted computing. His current work is focused on trusted computing technologies in connection with containers and secure enclaves.
Ben holds a Ph.D. in information theory from Lund University, Sweden, where he also serves as a professor. He joined Ericsson Mobile Communications in 1998, where he started out working on security solutions for mobile phone platforms.

Nataliya StanetskyMs. Nataliya Stanetsky, Google - Member of the Programme Committee
Nataliya Stanetsky is the Senior Program Manager in the Android Security & Privacy Strategy group at Google. In this role, she leads the programs around Connectivity, IoT and Apps security evangelism, certifications, and other special programs.
Nataliya has 15 years of experience in the IT Security, Governance, Compliance and Risk Management field. Before Google, Nataliya spent a number of years in IT Security at L’Oreal and Big 4 Consulting firms.

VilmosMr. Andras Vilmos - SafePay Systems Ltd.
Mr. Andras Vilmos is Managing Director of SafePay Systems Ltd. and he is currently Project Manager of the H2020 IoTAC IoT security project. Over the past 20 years Mr. Vilmos was involved in the design, implementation, validation and documentation of trusted systems and services like mobile payment, mobile banking, chip card management and related applications like identification and access control as well as smart ticketing. He led the concept development and implementation of the by value largest mobile payment service in Hungary.
Mr. Vilmos holds a number of patents in the domains of mobile payment, NFC technology, chip card management and IoT security.

VishikDr. Claire Vishik - Naiga (stealth startup), former Intel fellow/BU CTO
Claire Vishik was until recently Intel Fellow and group CTO before she embarked on new adventures as a founder a CTO of a startup and a consulting company Naiga in the spring of 2023. Her work focuses on Artificial Intelligence, hardware and network security, Trusted Computing, privacy enhancing technologies, some aspects of cryptography and related global policy and trade issues. Claire was appointed to numerous advisory boards and boards of directors for technical organizations and government agencies, such as the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and TDL (Trust in Digital Life), ENISA, FCC CSRIC VIII, CyBoK, QUB ECIT, or UK Royal Society Cybersecurity effort. She led or co-led many initiatives, for example, IEEE blockchain TC, NIST CPC Public Working Group, or Cyber Leap Year Summit. Claire received her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to Intel, she held leadership positions at Schlumberger Laboratory for Computer Science and AT&T Laboratories. Claire is the author of numerous peer reviewed papers and book chapters, editor of several books, associate/advisory editor of two journals, and inventor on 40 pending and granted US patents.

Chonggang Wang - InterDigital Inc USA
Chonggang Wang is currently a Principal Engineer with InterDigital, Inc., USA. He has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of wireless communications, networking and computing, including research, development, and standardization. His recent research interests include 5G evolution and 6G, distributed communications and computing services, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, blockchain-enabled future wireless, and trustworthy ICT. He is Vice Chair of ETSI Industry Specification Group (ISG) on Permissioned Distributed Ledgers (PDL). He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Internet of Things Journal and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Network Magazine. He is a Fellow of the IEEE.

Mr. Colin Whorlow, NCSC - Member of the Programme Committee
Colin Whorlow has worked in the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and its predecessor CESG, for over 20 years. As Head of International Standards he has spearheaded NCSC’s active involvement in global security standards work including within ETSI and 3GPP. He convened the ETSI Quantum Safe Cryptography ISG, now a Working Group within TC Cyber, and has also chaired the group – and he is a Programme Committee member for the annual ETSI/IQC Quantum-safe cryptography workshops. More recently he convened the ETSI Securing AI ISG. Colin was a long-time member of the Management Board of ENISA, and a former chair of the CCRA Management Committee. In previous roles he led CESG’s engagement on EU and NATO information assurance issues, and he has led workshops at Meridian and at the Budapest Conference on Cyberspace. Colin also chaired the Information Security Technical Working Group at the Wassenaar Arrangement for some years.

WillisMr. Leslie Willis  - BT Research and Development
Leslie joined BT Research and Development in 1996 as a graduate in Computer Science from the University of Teesside. Initial work involved creating some of the first web management systems for BT Conferencing platforms (BT MeetMe). In 2006 he moved into network security consultancy working on multiple networks across the UK and the rest of the world. Leslie is now a Principal Security Authority in BT and a Distinguished Engineer within the BT Tech Fellowship as well as the chair of the ETSI ISG NFV Security working group.

Wood BrianBrian Wood, Google
Brian Wood joined the Google Android Security and Privacy team to continue building their mobility security certification program for Android. As a program manager overseeing Common Criteria and FIPS evaluations, he leads the Google program to validate flagship devices through Common Criteria evaluations and supporting FIPS certifications. Brian acts as the Google representative in several organizations and groups, including ETSI, GSMA and several Common Criteria Technical Communities, as participant, editor and chair.

Ms. Jane Wright - QinetiQ
Jane Wright is a Cyber Security Engineer having graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a degree in Mathematics. She has been working at the forefront of innovative thinking within cyber to support the UK’s transition to modernised technology with QinetiQ and other Government departments.
Participating in the CyberFirst programme, Jane promotes STEM career paths and encourages budding cyber enthusiasts of all ages to achieve their vision of success through open communication, education, mentoring and understanding.

Ms. Rong Wu - Huawei Technologies Co., LTD
She has more than 14 years working experience in telecommunication area, more than ten years on security field of Huawei. She has been focusing on 4G/5G security standard and continously contributing on.
Furthermore, she is the main contributor on security assurance scheme, i.e. NESAS/SCAS to help the network equipment has a uniform certification schem in order to avoid the fragmentation.

ZieglerDr. Jens Ziegler - Federal Office for Information Security (BSI Germany)
A passionate IT enabler, Dr Jens Ziegler holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering. He has eight years of experience in academic research and more than four years of experience in managing complex IT projects in the area of Mobile IoT and E-Government. Dr Ziegler has published more than 20 international peer-reviewed papers and founded a research group on "Mobile Information Systems in the Process Industry". In 2021, he became head of the division "Certification of Network Components and Fixed-Time Cybersecurity Certification" at the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI Germany).

ZuraniewskiDr. Piotr Zuraniewski - TNO
Piotr Zuraniewski, PhD. Piotr received his MSc degree in mathematics (Best Graduate Award) in 2003 from AGH, Poland, where he further worked as a research assistant, involved in several EU FP6/FP7 research projects. In 2011 he defended his PhD thesis entitled ‘Stochastic modelling and control of communication networks' at the University of Amsterdam. He now works as Senior Research Scientist at TNO, frequently playing a technical leader role in both research- and business-oriented projects. His research interests are programmable cloud infrastructures and their orchestration using AI, AI security (delegate to ETSI) as well as autonomous security response. Piotr is a co-author of several refereed scientific papers and regularly serves as a reviewer. He is also a former Cisco Academy Instructor and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).


The ETSI Security Conference 2023 programme is being built by the following people:

  • Samim Ahmadi, Umlaut
  • Charles Brookson, ZEATA Security
  • Alex Cadzow, C3L
  • Scott Cadzow, C3L
  • Matt Campagna, Amazon Web Services
  • Peter C, NCSC
  • Mirko Cano Soveri, ETSI/3GPP
  • Björn Fanta, Fabasoft
  • Slawomir Gorniak, ENISA
  • Alan Hayward, NCSC
  • Alex Leadbeater,GSMA, Programme Committee Chair
  • Tieyan Li, Huawei
  • Gerry McQuaid, Ofcom
  • Mats Naslund, NDRE
  • Jean-Pierre Quémard, KAT
  • Ian Oliver, Nokia Bell Labs
  • Laure Pourcin, ETSI
  • Davide Pratone, Huawei
  • Tony Rutkowski, CIS
  • George Sharkov, European DIGITAL SME Alliance & SBS
  • Nataliya Stanetsky, Google Ireland Limited
  • Colin Whorlow, NCSC
  • Alf Zugenmaier, NTT Docomo

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