ETSI is pleased to be the official partner of THE EDGE COMPUTING WORLD who will be hosting our annual Hackathon on 12-14 October. The Hackathon will be held virtual over the summer. Edge Computing World will be hosting the Hackathon information portal and will be the venue for final pitches and judging of the Hackathon entries during the Edge Developers Conference on 12 October.   

This year’s challenge will be “What innovative Edge Application or Service can you imagine using MEC Service APIs?” Contestants will be asked to bring that app or service to life with the ETSI MEC Sandbox. Teams are encouraged to be creative in selecting an application vertical to focus on for their submission, include:Automotive, Drones, AR/VR, media, and entertainment & Smart Cities.

Call for Edge Developers

Bring your application or service to life with the ETSI MEC Sandbox.

Enter your team for this competition today! You will be asked to develop an Edge Application or Edge Service, using MEC Service APIs offered by the ETSI MEC Sandbox.  Your solution may include any combinations of terminal apps, edge apps or services, or cloud components. 

Final deadline for submission 28 July 2021
Registration Notification to the teams: 6 August 2021.

All related information

You will find all related information to enter the competition here: MEC Edge Hackathon – EDGE Computing World

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