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In the 1980s, IPv4 became the basic protocol of the Internet and promoted the development of IP networks. In the 2000s, the MPLS technology enhanced the comprehensive bearing capability of voice and video services. After 2010, IPv6 deployment was accelerated. As more and more devices, vehicles, sensors, and home appliances go online, enabling IP on everything becomes a vision and industry trend.
In this context, all the statistics show that IPv6 is growing constantly and faster than IPv4 in all measures such as number of users, percentage of content, and amount of traffic. For the first time in history, the user–network–content communication chain is ready for IPv6 and this means that the industry has selected IPv6 for the future. On the other hand, the networking field is in constant evolution and all the new use cases and scenarios were not mature or even did not exist when IPv6 was introduced. For this reason, IPv6 started its massive introduction recently and keeps evolving to prepare for the future and meet the new challenges as they arise. Cloud-based everything, Internet of Everything, and industry digitalization posed new requirements on IP networks. The IPv6 enhanced innovation represented by SRv6 emerged.
ETSI ISG IPE will investigate the IPv6 enhanced innovation as required by the new and evolving applications in order to develop an IPv6 enhanced network, to drive the transformation of network service, stimulating business model innovation.

Part 1: Regulator and ETSI IPE Work session

0 - Opening speech – Ton Brand, ETSI
1 - IPv6 Enhanced Innovation (IPE) introduction – Latif LADID, IPE ISG Chair
2 - IPv6 Policy and 5G for Connected Automated Mobility – Jorge Pereira, European Commission
3 - IPv6-based Enterprise networks and IoT – Pascal Thubert, Cisco, IETF WG Chair
4 - IPv6 Enhanced Innovation: Gap Analysis – Robin LI, Huawei, IETF IAB Member
5 - IPv6-Only Internet – John Lee, Internet Associates

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