ETSI's Centre for Testing and Interoperability, the OSM community and the Open Air Interface Software Alliance organised the OSM Mid-Release 11 Hackfest from 13 to 17 September 2021. The event was run remotely, allowing participants to join from their homes or offices.

The OSM MR#11 Hackfest was followed by the OSM MR#11 Plenary the week after.


The OSM-MR#11 Hackfest was fully dedicated to OAI 5G Core Network Functions packaging and onboarding to OSM Release TEN bringing yet a new challenge to OSM and OAI users and developers.

During the Hackfest kick-off, an overview of the OSM NF Onboarding in Guidelines was provided by the OSM community experts. Participants were then organised in teams to collaborate on the onboarding tasks. Through the Hackfest week and with the mentoring of OSM and OAI community experts, they were challenged to build the package, including NFV standardized descriptors, instantiation, Day-1, and Day-2 operations, and build a functional 5G Core. On the last day, each team had the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements and the best onboarding demonstration was awarded!

OAI 5G Core Network Functions

For the latest agenda please click on the link below where you will find further information:

Who may attend:

  • Network Function vendors, who want to learn to onboard their NF in OSM following best practices
  • System Integrators who want to develop their expertise with OSM and OAI
  • Service providers, who want to get a first-hand operational experience with OSM and OAI
  • Students and Researchers, who are using or considering OSM and OAI as platforms for their research activities in networking
  • OSM users and developers willing to share, learn and test with the community


 Registration was mandatory and closed on 3rd September 2021.

Participants were expected to be familiar with NFV and SDN concepts and have user-level knowledge of Linux, OpenStack and Kubernetes and basic knowledge of the 5G Core Network Architecture.

Participants needed their laptop and a good internet access remote environment and the OSM labs was made available for participants through VPN.

Before the Hackfest, you could:

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