The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is organising a Joint ETSI ISG F5G (European Telecommunications Standards Institute – Industry Specification Group -Fifth Generation Fixed Network), BBF (Broadband Forum), CCSA TC6 (China Communications Standards Association – Technical Committee 6) and ITU-T SG15 (International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunication Standardization Sector – Study Group 15) Workshop on “FTTR” (Fibre to the room) taking place virtually on 14 June 2021 from 14h00-18h00 CEST, Geneva time.

This workshop intends to offer a discussion opportunity for all involved stakeholders and focuses on FTTR (Fibre to the room), which is a new topic of Q18/15

FTTR is a new topology for home networks. The fibre in-home topology and functionalities of FTTR technologies may be different from the current fibre-based technologies in transport and access network. Before developing the FTTR specification (G.fin), it is necessary to understand the use cases of FTTR and derive the corresponding network requirements. In this regard, ITU-T has recently approved a Technical Paper: Use case & Requirements of Fibre-to-The-Room (FTTR).

Participation in the workshop is open to all regular participants of ETSI ISG F5G, BBF, CCSA TC6 and ITU-T SG15 meetings and to any individual interested in the topic who wishes to contribute to the work.

Participation is free of charge.

All pertinent information relating to this workshop including the draft programme, speakers, remote connection link, registration details will be made available on the event webpage. This website will be updated regularly as new or modified information becomes available. Participants are requested to check periodically for new updates.

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