This conference co-organized by ZVEI and ETSI will take place on 15 and 16 June during lunch breaks. It will be online, in English, moderated by KREAB and the European Policy Centre (EPC). 


Standardization is bound to play a critical role to support EU ambitions for the “digital decade”, the European Green Deal and the “twin transition”. For this to happen, policymakers, industry and other interested parties must be able to reply on a solid standardization system to assert EU leadership in global standardization.

Flash back

Three decades ago, EU lawmakers took a pragmatic approach to combat the “cost of non-Europe: the internal market. In particular, the “New Approach to technical harmonization and standards” (now called New Legislative Framework -NLF) was laid down, with a very effective division of labor between the legislator, the European Standards Organizations and industry.

Over time however this clear-cut division of labor has blurred, and the production of Harmonised Standards has grown so cumbersome that companies and administrations are questioning the validity of investing resources and time in this aspect of standardization, albeit its relevance to the Single Market. A series of judgments of the EUCJ and the precautionary principle adopted by the European Commission since then added to the intricacy of the situation.

Taking stock to move forward

ETSI and ZVEI are convinced that the challenges are multi-dimensional and can only be addressed with the involvement of a variety of players, from the legislative, industrial and technical spheres. To this aim, ETSI and ZVEI co-organize a conference split into 2 lunch briefs with the objectives:

  • raise high-level political and industry interest for the strategic importance of a functioning standardization system.
  • identify and prioritize key challenges from a business and economic perspective.
  • Discuss concrete tracks to improve the EU standardization system

When: two lunch breaks

Day I: Tuesday 15 June 12h30 to 14h00: Why standardization matters: Register here for Day 1 

Day II: Wednesday 16 June 12h30 to 14h00: Standards made in Europe for Global use: Register here for Day 2

Tuesday 15 June 12h30 to 14h00

Part I: Why standardization matters

12:30   Setting the scene

Why we are here today and what we are trying to achieve

Sebastian Remoy, President Public Affairs, KREAB

12:40   Panel 1-Standardization and competitiveness, moderated by Sebastian Remoy

Why and how standardization is strategic in our business roadmap

  • Per Beming, Vice-President Standard & Industry Initiatives, Ericsson
  • Kaisa Olkkonen, Chair of the Board ENFOgroup
  • Juan Ignacio Conrat, Head of Technical Market Access / BSH Corporate Technology and Innovation
  • Philippe Lucas, Senior EVP Orange Customer Equipment & Parterships

 13:20   Panel 2- The EU has a strong hand (an industrial strategy, R&D and intellectual capital, Very competitive industries, Innovative SMEs, Better regulation)

.            Playing with cards at hand

  • Gerard de Graaf, Director Directorate Digital Transformation DG CONNECT
  • Christoph Luykx Policy Director, Orgalim
  • Diederik Peerebom, Secretary General T&D Europe
  • Dietmar Röthlinger, Head of Strategic Partnerships Region Europe, Drägerwerk

13:50   Intermediate findings and meeting adjourns at 14:00


Wednesday 16 June 12h30 to 14h00

Part II: Standards made in Europe for Global use


12:30   Introduction and summary day 1

Frederico Mollet, Policy analyst, European Policy Centre (EPC)

12:35   A solid standards partnership – a foundation stone for the EUs digital and green transformation

Malcolm Harbour, Senior Adviser EPC, former EP-IMCO Chairman

12:45 Looking Est and West: The international perspective of EU Standarrdization

Reinhard Bütikofer, Member of the European Parliament

12:55   Panel 3- If it is not broken, make it better, moderated by Frederico Mollet  

  • Mikael Laine, SVP Strategy, Cargotec
  • Rada Rodriguez, President of Orgalim – Europe’s technology Industry
  • Sophie Müller, Acting Head of Unit, Standards Policy, EC DG GROW
  • Geraldine Larkin, VP Policy Cenelec           

13:40 A solid partnership-where next?

  • Gunther Kegel, CEO Pepperl+Fuchs, President ZVEI,
  • Neviana Nikoloski, Chair ETSI GA

14:00   Meeting concludes

Register here for Day 1 

Register here for Day 2

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