3:00 pm CEST (1:00 pm UTC) to 4:45 pm CEST - on ETSI BRIGHTTALK CHANNEL

ETSI ZSM ISG PoC#2 aims to demonstrate the capability to automatically scale out a network slice instance deployed across multiple administrative domains. This is achieved using the 5G assets of 5G-VINNI. 5G-VINNI is a large-scale, end-to-end 5G facility composed of several interworking sites, each corresponding to a different EU node and defining a single administrative domain. The management and orchestration capabilities of individual 5G-VINNI facility sites, and the enablers allowing for the interworking across them, are aligned with ZSM architectural design principles.

This webinar showcases the ZSM PoC#2, with a demo applied over a network slice deployed across two 5G-VINNI facility sites: Madrid (Spain) and Patras (Greece). This PoC demo will show how OSM and Openslice stacks collaboratively work to provide automation means for a zero-touch scaling operation over this network slice.

Presented by: Jose Ordonez-Lucena, Telefonica I+D, Christos Tranoris, University of Patras, Greece, Borja Nogales, UC3M

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