10:00 am CEST (8:00 am UTC) to 12:00 am CEST - on ETSI BRIGHTTALK CHANNEL

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio technology enables a new generation of high-speed data devices for short-range communication purposes as well as location tracking and Sensor devices and opens new markets with a variety of innovative applications. UWB devices may form an integral part of other portable electronic equipment such as future generation cellular phones or laptops equipped with UWB enabled short-range air interfaces. [EN 303 883-1]

Commission Implementing Decision C(2015) 5376 on a standardization request to the CENELEC and ETSI as regards radio equipment in support of Directive 2014/53/EU demanding standardisation regarding receiver characteristics and receiver performance parameters.

ETSI TC ERM/TG UWB responded by developing innovative solutions for specification of receiver characteristics and receiver performance parameters for UWB and SRD.

Topics to be covered:
• Requirements of M/536
• Shift from Generic standards to product specific standards
• Development of relevant for UWB Receiver parameters
• New measurements standards for SRD and UWB equipment
• Worldwide UWB regulations between 3,1 and 10,6 GHz

Presented by: Igor Minaev (ETSI), Michael Sharpe (ETSI), Michael Mahler (Bosch)

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