ETSI is pleased to endorse the event about the CJEU’s Decision in James Elliott and its Impact on Standardisation in Europe taking place on 7 December 2020 from 13.30 to 17.00 CET.

Join us for an in-depth legal debate on the James Elliott case (Case C-613/14) and its potential effects on the standardization eco system!
The CJEU decision in ‘James Eliott’ classifies harmonized standards as part of European Union Law. This conference seeks to address potential legal interpretations of the James Elliott decision in light of the European standardization system. In particular we are keen to address the following questions:

  • Does the CJEU have jurisdiction over voluntary harmonized standards?
  • Who should offer an interpretation of the CJEU’s decision and how should it be understood?
  • To what extent can harmonized standards take legal effect, given that they are elaborated by foreign and private organizations?

We aim to bring together scholars and practitioners of law, alongside representatives of E.U. members states and the European Commission.

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