In the context of the NFV Plugtests Programme, ETSI's Centre for Testing and Interoperability organized the NFV&MEC Remote API Plugtests 2021 event from 1 to 28 February 2021. The event was held remotely.


The NFV&MEC Remote API Plugtests 2021 offered NFV and MEC solution providers and open source projects an opportunity to meet, discuss and self-evaluate the level of conformance of their NFV and MEC APIs.

Participation was open to organisations working on the following NFV or MEC APIs:

  • Virtual or Containerized Network Functions (VNF, CNF) and Element Managers (EM) implementing NFV-SOL002 APIs
  • Virtual Network Function Managers (VNFM) implementing NFV-SOL002 or SOL003 APIs
  • NFV Orchestrators (NFVO) implementing NFV-SOL003 or NFV-SOL005 APIs
  • MEC Platforms, Platform Managers and Orchestrators (MEO, MEA, MEPM, MEPM-V) implementing MEC010-2, MEC011 or MEC016
  • MEC Services providers implementing MEC012, MEC013, MEC014, MEC015, MEC021 or MEC029
  • Test Tools and simulators implementing NFV or MEC APIs.

Network Function Virtualisation Infrastructure (NFVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Managers (VIM) providers were invited to join  to provide the Test Environment.

Organisations interested in actively participating or providing support to the Test Sessions were invited to join the ETSI NFV Plugtests Programme by registering to the NFV&MEC Remote API Plugtests 2021. Operators, Research and Academia were also invited to participate or join as observers.

The NFV Plugtests Programme is powered by the Hub for Interoperability and Validation at ETSI (HIVE) which interconnects participants’ labs and implementations with local infrastructure at ETSI running the Test Automation Platform (HIVE TAP).

The Programme enjoys a diverse community of over 65 organisations active in the NFV and MEC ecosystems, including vendors, operators, academia and wide range of supporting open source communities such as ETSI OSM, OPNFV, OpenStack, StarlingX, Open Air Interface Software Alliance, ONAP, OpenDayLight, Fog05, Openslice and Kubernetes

The NFV Plugtests Programme activities offered a unique opportunity to exchange, collaborate and make significant progress in NFV and MEC implementations and standards.

ETSI Plugtests are supported by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association.

Follow the NFV&MEC Plugtests on Twitter with #NFVplugtests, #MECplugtests.

The NFV&MEC Remote API Plugtests 2021 offered participants individual test sessions allowing to self-evaluate the level of conformance of their NFV and MEC implementations.

Participants connected to the Test Automation Platform (HIVE TAP) and ran as many test sessions targeting as many APIs as desired over the Plugtests duration. 

The HIVE TAP allowed to run the Robot Framework developed for NFV-TST010 v2.7.1 and MEC-DEC032 v2.1.1 and allowed to evaluate the level of conformance with:

  •      NFV-SOL002, NFV-SOL003, SOL005 for versions 2.4.1, 2.6.1, 2.7.1
  •      MEC010-2, MEC011, MEC012, MEC013, MEC021, MEC029 v2.1.1
  •      MEC014, MEC015, MEC016 v1.1.1

The detailed scope were defined together with the participants of the event.

Participation to the NFV&MEC Remote API Plugtests 2021 required to join the ETSI NFV Plugtests Programme and the signature of its non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

  • Event registration was mandatory for online representatives and was only confirmed once the NDA signed.

The remote event from 1 to 28 February 2021, was preceded by a remote integration and pre-testing phase. Access to the remote test infrastructure was only provided once the NDA signed. Participation to the regular preparatory conf-calls and pre-testing sessions were mandatory.

Participation to ETSI NFV&MEC Plugtests activities was free of charge.

Registration opened on 2nd of November 2020.

Registration deadline was 15th of December 2020.

This activity was supported by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association.

Follow the NFV&MEC Remote API Plugtests 2021 on Twitter with #NFVplugtests and #MECplugtests.

NFV&MEC Remote API Plugtests 2021 

Open Call on Monday 16th of November from 3pm to 4pm CET

Monday 16th of November: Kick-off call

Please note that this call is open to everyone.

NFV&MEC Remote API Plugtests 2021 - Open call - Mon 16th Nov from 3pm-4pm.
Mon, Nov 16, 2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CET)

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