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3:00 pm CET (2:00 pm UTC) to 4:00 pm CET - on ETSI BRIGHTTALK CHANNEL

The ever pervasive adoption of encryption poses challenges to many of the core stakeholders in society that rely on communications. From the perspective of the developers and operators of networks it makes many routing efficiencies difficult if not possible to achieve. The core phenomena that the ETSI ISG Encrypted Traffic Integration is trying to avoid is that of “going dark”, the phenomenon by which an authorized user lacks the technical or practical ability to access data, applies in particular to access to Encrypted Traffic where a normally authorized user, for example the CSP's management entity, cannot access data due the imposition of encryption by an end-user. The intersection of the two elements, A, representing network capabilities that, when content and headers are encrypted, pose extreme challenges to network operation, and B, representing Network capabilities that are core to development of cyber/digital busines, has to be minimized, whilst always seeking to eliminate A. Thus getting to understand and mitigate issues that make A more likely and developing strategies that encourage all the good things that security and confidentiality of traffic using encryption can bring, i.e. maximizing B, is at the root of the work of ETSI’s ISG ETI that this webinar will address.

Presented by: Tony Rutkowski, ISG ETI Chair and Scott Cadzow, ISG ETI Vice Chair

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