ETSI is pleased to endorse this webinar organized by the International Society of Automation (ISA) in the frame of the IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Series.

Mobile 5G technology recently reached a key milestone with the finalization of the Release 16 standard. For the first time, wireless technology with global scale will be able to deliver fully-reliable, ultra-low latency data communications, along with broadband data rates. This creates great opportunity for an array of verticals with the impact to manufacturing particularly relevant, for Industry 4.0 use cases that require five-nines reliability, precise latency levels, security and deployment flexibility.

However, each implementation brings a unique set of challenges, supply chain dynamics, installed technology bases and technology adoption cycles. Even so, compelling implementations are already underway that will pave the way to delivering on 5G’s promise for industrial use cases.

This panel will examine some of those early implementations beginning with the importance of the work behind the development of the 5G standards. Other areas for discussion will include: the need for 5G and Wi-Fi to be tightly coupled with other transformative technologies such as AI, Edge Computing and Network Cloudification; and, bridging IT with OT through public, private and hybrid network deployments.

Presenters: Adrian Scrase, Chief Technology Officer European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

Adrian currently serves as CTO for ETSI with operational responsibility for all of its standards production activities. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications field, which includes 25 years of experience in standardization.

Andrew Alleman, Chief Architect for Network Solutions Intel

Andrew is responsible for leading the Customer Solutions Architecture program within the Next Generation and Standards group at Intel. In this role, Andrew is tasked with leading 5G End-to-End network architecture and execution across multiple business segments and product organizations.

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