ETSI is pleased to endorse the 5G Briefing, a unique event, designed to facilitate the discussion of use cases and to present current best practice across key topics that are driving our industry.

The conference features one day of presentations and panel sessions, representing the cutting edge Next Generation Mobile Communications, and a pre-conference workshop to provide an understanding of what the future of mobile networks will look like and discuss the 5G mobile network - the economic need and technical need for 5G and the various technologies that will support 5G mobile networks.

Why you should attend this unique Forum?

In one day, you will:

  • Understand the technical architecture, business models and societal impacts of 5G technology
  • Operators will know how to leverage technology building blocks for fast rollout in profitable business
  • Financial people will understand the essentials of the 5G business case modelling and Regulators will
    appreciate the impact of 5G on the digital economy
  • Manufacturing managers will learn about how 5G Robotics will change industry as will Doctors realise their
    dream of virtual Tele surgery
  • Software developers will be given fresh hope about new applications and content that will drive the space
    age economy
  • And participants will be given an opportunity to contribute their perspectives on how 5G will transform lives
    in Europe

For further information and registration, please visit the event website.

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