ETSI is pleased to endorse the GSMA Mobile360 Series - Security for 5G event. Join us in The Hague, The Netherlands on 28-29 May 2019.

5G will support a huge number of connected devices, enable lower latencies, increase bandwidth and bring about the development of innovative digital services. Simultaneously, 5G promises to create a next generation threat landscape that the mobile industry currently does not fully understand.

Security cannot be successfully implemented in retrospect; it must be built into the DNA of the 5G network as it is designed. In order for this to happen, active dialogue and collaboration is required between the security community and all other stakeholders in the 5G ecosystem.

GSMA Mobile 360 Series – Security for 5G convenes the mobile ecosystem to unpack the security challenges of the 5G network and shine a light on the innovation and initiatives in place to secure the networks of tomorrow.

A combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, interactive workshops and in-depth case studies address key topics including the 5G threat landscape, AI, IoT security, data privacy, certification and security assurance, reskilling, security transformation, policy & regulation and more.

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