ETSI and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are co-organizing a workshop in Dubai for Middle East and Africa on Globalisation of Trust Services.


This workshop is organized as part of an ETSI study investigating existing PKI-based trust services schemes that operate in different regions of the world, and their possible mutual recognition / global acceptance. In particular, the study aims to identify further steps which could be taken to facilitate cross recognition between EU trust services, based on ETSI standards supporting the eIDAS Regulation (EU) No 910/2014, and trust services from other schemes.

A key element of the study will be an exploratory mapping between:

  • ETSI standards related to EU trust services for:
    • Policy requirements, defined in ETSI EN 319 4xx series (e.g. EN 319 411-2) and EN 319 5xx series;
    • Assessment scheme, defined in ETSI EN 319 403;
    • And trust service status lists, defined in ETSI TS 119 612; and
  • Corresponding information on other PKI-based trust services schemes.

Based on a preliminary questionnaire, this latter information will be collected through desktop research, interviews and other investigations, and put in perspective based on results from prior joint workshops to be held on the same topic at a number of locations around the world.

Objectives of the event

This workshop aims for:

  1. Providing Middle Eastern and African representatives with an opportunity to present their views on the international recognition of national / regional PKI-based trust services schemes in a globalised market of trust services-based electronic transactions,
  2. ETSI experts to present the latest European standards for trust services and how these may foster international recognition in a globalised market of trust services-based electronic transactions,
  3. Discussions between ETSI experts and stakeholders on how to maximise secure global interoperability supported by trust services in Europe and Middle East / Africa.

Target Audience

Middle Eastern and African national regulatory authorities and/or supervisory bodies in charge of electronic trust services.

The agenda for this event is available on the pdfETSI server.

Click here to access the presentations.

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