Joint ETSI - OSA Workshop: Open Implementations and Standardization

ETSI and the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) in association with EURECOM were pleased to announce a Joint ETSI - OSA Event on Open Implementations and Standardization. Preceded by a one day training on 11 December, the Joint ETSI - OSA Workshop: Open Implementations and Standardization took place on 12-13 December 2018 at ETSI premises in Sophia Antipolis, France.

The workshop brought the 5G standardization and implementation communities together to reflect on the role of open implementations such as OpenAirInterface in support of the development of standards. The event came at a time when collaborative and open initiatives for wireless 5G are influencing how state of the art wireless networks can be designed and implemented. This in turn is impacting the work of standards groups.

This workshop was organized on the premise that open implementations can help promote innovation in wireless technologies by speeding up testing and validation of new functionality proposed through standardization.

Agenda for 11, 12 and 13 December 2018

A one day pre event training on Open implementation of 5G on General Purpose Processors took place on 11 December 2018.

The training, addressed to engineers and software developers was a combination of tutorials and hands-on on the OpenAirInterface Software Stack and PHY software. The training allowed participants new to OpenAirInterface to understand its functions, features and extent to which it can serve standards.

Training Objectives

  • learn how 4G/5G features are implemented and optimized on general purpose processors and Commercial Over The Shelf hardware as well as how open projects are managed and code quality ensured;
  • kick start work on tools such as OpenAirInterface;
  • cover basic software elements, installation and start-up procedure, brief overview of current test framework and deployment possibilities of the platform;
  • cover coding guidelines and continuous integration topics and why they are of key importance in open community-based projects.
  • Agenda Pre Event Training: Wednesday 11 December
  • 09:00

    Basics of the OpenAirInterface: Status of current develop code and OAI Tools
    Florian Kaltenberger, OSA/EURECOM / François Taburet, NOKIA BELL LABS

  • 10:30

    OpenAirInterface SW architecture and design
    Laurent Thomas, OPEN CELLS

  • 11:15

    Coffee Break

  • 11:30

    Recent progress in improvements in OAI code base: the Code cleanup initiative

    François Taburet, NOKIA BELL LABS

  • 12:15

    Lunch Break

  • 13:30

    (a) Training of OpenAirInterface L1-L2 procedures and (b) Implementation of TM4 into OAI softModem

    Raymond Knopp, OSA/EURECOM - Saaifan, Khodr, FRAUNHOFER IIS

  • 14:45

    Training of OpenAirInterface Core Network: Recent enhancements in OAI-CN, MME, SPGW, HSS

    Lionel Gauthier, EURECOM / Beken Dincer, BLACKNED.

  • 15:30

    Coffee Break

  • 16:00

    Training of OpenAirInterface 5G Core Network
    Olivier Choisy, B-COM / Michel Trefcon, B-COM / Tien-Thinh Nguyen, EURECOM / Luhan Wang, BUPT

  • 17:00

    Training of the Continuous Integration bench at OSA
    Raphael Defosseaux, OSA

  • 18:00

     Close of the Training

  • Agenda Day 1: Thursday 12 December
  • 09:00

    Opening Session & Keynotes
    Chair: Anthony Wiles, ETSI

  • 09:00

    Welcome on behalf of ETSI

    Anthony Wiles, ETSI

  • 09:15

    Welcome on behalf of OpenAirInterface Software Alliance

    Christian Bonnet, OSA/EURECOM

  • 09:30

    Keynote: O-RAN, the ICDT Convergence Empowered by Open Source

    Chih-Lin I, China Mobile

  • 10:00

    Coffee Break and Demonstration visits

  • 10:30

    Keynote: The Making of 5G
    Mischa Dohler, Kings College London

  • 11:00 

    Keynote: Network Softwarization Stays to Become A Reality
    Akihiro Nakao, University of Tokyo

  • 11:30

    Questions & Answers with all three keynote speakers 

  • 12:00

    Lunch Break and Demonstration Visits


    SESSION 01: Prototyping of 5G wireless technologies based on OpenAirInterface and other open projects
    Session Chair: Florian Kaltenberger, Eurecom

  • 13:30

    Ulak Communications’ View On Open Source Code and Interfaces As An End-To-End Network Solutions Provider
    Akin Soysal, ULAK Haberlesme

  • 13:50

    Cognitive Radio Networks
    Parag Naik, Anindya Saha, Saankhya Labs Pvt Ltd

  • 14:10

    Porting the Open Air Interface protocol stack to NI Linux Real-Time OS on USRP-2974
    Markus Ullmann, National Instruments

  • 14:30

    5G Massive MIMO mm-wave Software Radio
    Pierre Bonnard, TCL

  • 14:50

    Panel: Open Implementations for Cellular Standards and Commercial Deployments

    Moderated by Florian Kaltenberger, EURECOM



    • Yuko Akiyama, Fujitsu
    • Pierre Bonnard, TCL
    • Raymond Knopp, EURECOM/OSA
    • Fred Schreider, InterDigital Corp.
    • Harald Welte, OSMOCOM
  • 15:40

    Coffee Break and Demonstration Visits


    Session 02: (Pre-)commercial and experimental deployments of 5G based on open platforms
    Session Chair: Raymond Knopp, EURECOM

  • 16:30

    Blackned Ridux Networking Solution
    Rony Schenk, Blackned

  • 16:50

    Skylark Iris: Massive MIMO Prototyping and Commercialization
    Clayton Shepherd, Skylark Wireless

  • 17:10

    Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research: Enabling Convergence of Open, Modular, and Intelligent Future Networks
    Abhimanyu Gosain, PAWR Project Office

  • 17:30

    Networking Cocktail

  • Agenda Day 2: Friday 13 December

    Keynote Session:
    Session Chair: Irfan Ghauri, OSA

  • 09:00

    Keynote: A Regulator's View of 5G Technology and Innovation

    Mansoor Hanif, OFCOM

  • 09:30

    Keynote: Collaboration Between Standards and Open Source Via Testing
    Pierre Lynch, Keysight Inc.

  • 10:00

    Questions and Answers with Keynote Speakers

  • 10:15

    Coffee Break and Demonstration Visits


    SESSION 03: Applications of 5G open implementations in commercial solutions, prototyping and standardization
    Session Chair: Raymond Knopp, OSA

  • 10:45

    Fujitsu's OAI Activity Of The Year And The Road Ahead
    Masayuki Harada, Fujitsu

  • 11:05

    5G End-to-End Opensource Chain As Developed By And For Orange Research
    Marion Duprez, Orange

  •  11:25

    5G NR Platform For Research Based On Standardized Interfaces

    Francois Périard, InterDigital Corporation

  • 11:45

    Assessing Compliance of 5G Device Implementations To 3GPP Standards

    Olivier Genoud, ETSI

  •  12:05

    Lunch Break and Demonstration Visits


    SESSION 04: Open platforms as an early testing and validation tool
    Session Chair: Olivier Genoud, ETSI

  • 13:30

    RAN Dynamic Reconfiguration Using Controller Interfaces
    Gian-Michele Dell’Aera, Telecom Italia

  • 13:50

    A Real-Time SDR Modem for Early LTE-V2X Testing: Development Activities & First Field Tests In Vehicles
    Antonis Gotsis, FERON TECHNOLOGIES P.C.

  • 14:10

    RENEW: Programmable and Observable Massive-MIMO Networks
    Rahman Doost-Mohammad, Rice University

  • 14:30

    Standards Based Testing, Emulation And Next Generation AI
    Samit Ghosh, Abot Rebaca

  • 14:50

    Mobile Edge Computing and OAI Enabled Autonomous Driving
    Luhan Wang, BUPT

  • 15:10

    Coffee Break and Demonstration Visits


    SESSION 05: Open implementations and coding methodologies
    Session Chair: Luhan Wang, BUPT

  • 15:45

    OpenAirInterface As A Research And Prototyping Platform
    Francois Taburet, Nokia Bell-Labs

  • 16:05

    3GPP SBA Architecture Toward Micro-Services Control Plane Implementation
    Olivier Choisy, B-COM

  • 16:25

    NB-IoT Implementation On The OpenAirInterface
    Mathieu Kanj, B-COM

  • 16:45

    Offload Solutions for 5G-NR
    Patrick Robert, Syrtem

  • 17:05

    Conclusions of the Workshop
    Anthony Wiles, ETSI / Raymond Knopp, OSA/EURECOM

  • 17:15

    Close of the Event

  • 18:00

    Close of the Event

ETSI Headquarters

650 Route des Lucioles
06921 Sophia Antipolis

Tel: +33 4 92 94 42 00

 Details of how to get to ETSI, local transport and hotels

Demonstrations on 12 and 13 December 2018

The workshop hosted 10 demonstrations of technology showcasing 4G and 5G features. Advanced implementations in step with or in advance of latest releases of standards were also welcome to underline how open platforms can serve as a pre-standardization study tool.  

The demonstrations took place during the coffee and lunch breaks of the OSA Workshop: Open Implementations and Standardization on 12-13 December 2018.

  • Augmented Reality exploiting the Multi-Access Edge Computing in OpenAirInterface testbed 
    Jan Plachy, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • 5G Massive MIMO mm-wave software radio
    Pierre Bonnard, TCL/Syrtem
  • 5G NR Radio demonstation
    Florian Kaltenberger, EURECOM
  • Flexible and Repeatable Bare-Metal Wireless Experimentation on the POWDER Platform
    Kirk Webb, University of Utah
  • A standards-compliant, OAI-compatible MEC platform and its applications
    Pantelis Frangoudis EURECOM
  • Flexible Network Slicing with QoS support for 5G Verticals
    Navid Nikaein, EURECOM
  • General 5G Radio and Compute Units for OAI
    Luhan Wang, BUPT
  • Running the Open Air Interface protocol stack on the new embedded USRP-2974
    Markus Ullmann, National Instruments
  • Live Demo for mmwave module of 5G technology solution
    Ren-Jr Chen, ITRI Taiwan
  • OpenAirInterface on the Skylark Iris Platform
    Clayton Shephard, Skylark Wireless
  • ABot - A Test Automation Solution for 4G and 5G/IoT Networks
    Samit Ghosh, Rebaca Technologies


  • Yuko Akiyama (FUJITSU)
  • Pierre Bonnard (TCL)
  • Christian Gallard (Orange) 
  • Florian Kaltenberger (OSA/EURECOM)
  • Raymond Knopp (OSA/EURECOM) 
  • Laurent Roullet (Nokia Bell Labs) 
  • Adrian Scrase (ETSI) 
  • Anthony Wiles (ETSI)
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