Supporting European Cyber Security & Privacy Standardisation in the European Digital Single Market context – - co located with the ETSI Security Week


The Digital Single Market (DSM) is aimed at boosting Europe's competitiveness throughout multiple industrial and service sectors. 5 priority domains are highlighted as the building blocks of the DSM: 5G, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and Big Data. The emergence and continuous evolution in these domains compels the establishment of common standards to guarantee interoperable and benchmarked services and technologies to drive the DSM, keep markets open, support innovation and allow a full-service portability. In this context it is important to support contributions from the international Standards Development Organisations, national standardisation bodies, voluntary communities while ensuring the promotion and convergence of activities, interests and priorities.

The event will discuss the role of standardisation and the different European players in the domain of Cybersecurity: achievements made, ongoing activities, and gaps where standards are needed but have not been addressed so far. Standards in this domain are mainly driven by industry and private sector stakeholders playing a fundamental role in fostering innovation. However, voluntary communities, e.g. Open Source Software communities, and research, like in the field of Blockchain, have an increasing impact. The different players are considered as target audience and as contributors to the event., "Supporting European Experts Presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT", addresses the need for ICT Standardisation and defines a pragmatic approach and streamlined process to reinforce EU expert presence in the international ICT standardisation scene. Through a Standards Watch, will analyse and monitor the international ICT standards landscape and liaise with Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) and Standard Setting Organisations (SSOs), key organisations such as the EU Multi Stakeholder Platform for ICT Standardisation as well as industry-led groups, to pinpoint gaps and priorities matching EU DSM objectives. These will become the topics for a series of 10 Open calls focused on priority domains and a continuous cascading grants process, launched by from March 2018, providing support for European specialists to contribute to ongoing standards development activities, as well as to attend SDO & SSO meetings. has published the first Open Call for proposals from 30 March - 29 May 2018, midnight CET. The call is open for submissions of proposals for grants to support activities in standardisation addressing one or more priority topics of the call.

Links to and to the 1st Open Call

Event Objectives

The event outputs will be oriented along the following lines:

  • Getting an overview of relevant ongoing standards development activities in the domain of CyberSecurity & Privacy.
  • Gathering input from the international and national standardisation activities in Europe – understanding the landscape and defining a way to organise contributions supported by
  • Identifying a list of standardisation issues/gaps/topics relevant for the Cyber Security & Privacy domain that are stemming from, e.g., the organisations of the stakeholders, from communities active in the field, users.
  • Engaging the participants to leverage their contribution to interoperability and standards activities in the domain of CyberSecurity & Privacy through's Open Calls.

Target audience

Target audience are stakeholders engaged in the development of standards in the domain of Cybersecurity & Privacy both from SDOs and communities, researchers and developers in the field, practitioners and potential users.


13:30 Check-in
14:00 Cyber Security standardisation in the European Digital Single Market context
  (1) Overview of the role of standardization in the context of the European Digital Single Market context
(2) The role of standardization addressing technical challenges / solutions to improve security and facilitate interoperability
(3) contributions to support interoperability and standards
15:30 Coffee Break 

Bridging it all Together
Panel to discuss identification /selection/prioritisation of topics that should be included in future open calls of

17:00 Wrap-up & identify calls to action
(1)Concrete outcome - list of topics identified & calls to action
(2)Contribution to topics of the next calls
(3)Invitation of applicants and evaluators
17:30 Close of the workshop

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