Participate in the Middlebox Hackathon!

Interested in improving network security? 

  • Learn about middleboxes through practical implementation
  • Learn about and improve the TC CYBER Middlebox Standard

Target Audience

All attendees interested in middlebox security are welcome. The event is best suited for software development professionals. Students on relevant educational programmes are also welcome.

Join in the Slack conversation now: (email us for an invitation)

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  • The Hackathon is focused on implementing the TLMSP draft specification and comparing it to related Middlebox Security protocols.
  • Additional TLMSP profiles are sought. Examples of Hackathon projects include:
    • Developing an OpenSSL plugin which implements TLMSP
    • Developing a TLMSP middlebox for use by enterprise networks, e.g., financial institutions, mobile networks, and other compelling use cases
    • Developing application layer content splitters to divide content across different TLMSP contexts (e.g. separating http headers and different body content across different contexts)
    • Developing compatibility interfaces between TLMSP and other protocols
    • Understanding the performance effects
  1. To familiarise developers, systems engineers and other technical experts with emerging protocols for middlebox security for trusted encrypted traffic visibility
  2. To promote one of the several new TC CYBER Middlebox Security Protocol specifications for use in middlebox implementations for enhanced cyber security, infrastructure protection, and other operational requirements
  3. To encourage anyone to create, demonstrate, and compare their own middlebox security protocol(s)
  4. To encourage work on analysis at the middlebox, detecting attacks, enhancing trust, and auditing
  5. To identify, through practical implementations, any unknown difficulties or vulnerabilities for the ETSI Middlebox Security Protocol Profile for Transport Layer traffic (TLMSP) draft specification (a derivative of the well-known mcTLS protocol
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