Technology changes the world and our societies at a fast pace. Society, public and private sectors have established that digitisation is beneficial and furthermore, fundamental in modern society. So, it deserves resilient IoT products, systems and services, with future-proof IoT security and privacy by default and by design.
At ETSI Security Week 2018, we will discuss these and related opportunities and challenges.
How to address, organize, standardize this dynamic hyper-connected world?

Target Audience

The event is of interest to:

  • Organizations and stakeholders involved in IoT Security projects
  • Government agencies and organizations working on Security
  • SMEs and Start-Ups driving technology innovation in the domain of Security Solutions
  • Research Institutes & Universities
  • IoT Applications developers, device and infrastructure manufacturers
  • Network Operators
  • Service Providers
  • Network and Systems Security Administrators
  • Security Engineers, architects, consultants
  • Risk Managers
  • Information Security Staff

  Tuesday 12 June 2018
08:30 Check-in
09:00 Welcome 
Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director General
09:05 Session 1: Setting the scene
This session will introduce the current IoT security landscape, challenges and opportunities covering legal, technical, organizational aspects.
  09:05 Keynote: Future-Proof IoT Security and Privacy
Arthur van der Wees, Arthur's Legal
  09:30 Panel: Future Proof IoT Security and Privacy - Challenges and Opportunities
Moderator: Arthur van der Wees, Arthur's Legal
  • Franck Boissière, European Commission

Large IoT industry providers

  • Jean-Michel Brun, Schneider Electrics
  • Enrico Scarrone, TIM
  • Arnaud Taddei, Symantec
  • Eric Vetillard, NXP
  • Guilin Wang, Huawei

Industry Associations

  • Ian Smith, GSMA

Consumer Side

  • Chiara Giovannini, ANEC
10:30 Coffee & Networking Break - Poster Session Visits
11:00 Session 2: The pros and Cons of Fragmentation
Session Chair: Arthur van ders Wees, Arthur's Legal
  11:00 Coordinated Approach for Security and Privacy in IoT
Emmanuel Darmois, ETSI Smart M2M STF 547, ComLedge

11:15 Panel: What are The Plans in Standardization? The Pros and Cons of Fragmentation
Moderator: Arthur van ders Wees, Arthur's Legal

How to cope with the proliferation of standards, best practices and recommendations;
Return of experience from implementations in listing, sorting and selecting the appropriate documents;
How to facilitate common solutions becoming standards;
Initiatives to provide a landscape of IoT security/privacy standards/best practices/guidelines and /or an assessment of the most reliable, sustainable, appropriate ones.
  • AIOTI - Harm Jan Arendshorts
  • CEN/CENELEC - Cinzia Missiroli
  • ECSO - Sergio Lomban
  • ENISA - Apostolos Malatras
  • ETSI TC CYBER - Charles Brookson
  • IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) - Lee Wilson
  • Industry Platform 4.0 - Detlef Houdeau, Infineon
  • IoTSF - Stephen Pattison
  • OneM2M security - François Ennesser
  • TCG - Claire Vishik

Networking Lunch - Poster Session Visits

14:00 Session 3: Transformation on the Horizon
Session Chair: Apostolos Malatras, ENISA
  14:00 Secure by Design: Improving the Cyber Security of Consumer Internet of Things (IoT) Products and Associated Services
Jasper Pandza, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), UK Government
  14:20 Balancing Safety and Privacy: GDPR Compliance in the Industrial IoT
François Ambrosini, IBIT Ambrosini UG - Mathieu Destrian, Intellinium
  14:40 A Quantum of Safety – Rooting Trust in a Quantum World
Mark Pecen, Isara Corporation
  15:00 AI as a Disruptive Opportunity and Challenge for Security
Antonio Kung, TRIALOG SA
  15:20 Questions & Answers
15:30 Coffee & Networking Break - Poster Session Visits
16:00 Session 4: Fault Lines and Enablers of Trust in IoT
Session Chair: Harm Jan Arendshorts, iLabs Technologies
  16:00 IoT Trust: Key Management Approaches for Enabling Security and Privacy
Roderick Hodgson, Secure Chorus ltd
  16:20 Attribute-Based Encryption for Data Access Control in the IoT: a Newly Standardized Mechanism
Christoph Striecks, AIT
  16:40 Standard Based Regulation vs. Certification: What End-Users and Manufacturers Need for IoT-Security
Lukas Linke, ZVEI e.V. Association of German Electrical Industry
  17:00 Going Further with Common Criteria
Eric Vetillard, NXP
  17:20 Questions & Answers
17:30 Wrap up and Closure for the Day
17:40 Networking Cocktail


  Wednesday 13 June 2018
09:00 Session 5: Benefits and Challenges of 5G and IoT From a Security Perspective
Session Chair: Arthur van der Wees, Arthur's Legal
  09:00 Setting the Scene
Franck Boissière, European Commission
  09.15 ENISA's View on Security Implications of IoT and 5G
Apostolos Malatras, ENISA
  09.30 Smart City Aspects
Bram Reinders, Institute for Future of Living
  09.45 The Network Operators Perspective on IoT Security
Ian Smith, GSMA
  10:00 Questions and Answers 
10:30 Coffee & Networkin Break - Poster Session Visits
11:00 Panel Discussion : How to Assure Security in Connected IoT Ecosystems?
Session Chair: Harm Jan Arendshorts, iLabs Technologies
  • Sander Kievit, TNO, 3GPP SA3 Representative
  • Apostolos Malatras, ENISA
  • Bram Reinders, Institute for Future of Living
  • Enrico Scarrone, TIM, oneM2M
  • Ian Smith, GSMA

Networking Lunch and Poster Session Visits

Click here to access the Future-Proof IoT Security and Privacy Presentations

  • Quantum Safe Security Protocols for Future IoT
    Anthony Barnett, Thales UK
  • Online sextortion within IoT a cyber security and privacy perspective
    Alexander Cadzow, C3L
  • Why Certify? Increasing adoption of the proposed EU Cybersecurity Certification Framework
    Peter Cihon, Sam Kee, Glenda Michel, and Thanel Voigt
  • Smart Grid security in practice: The FutureFlow experience SCOTT – Secure Connected
    François Ennesser, Gemalto
  • SCOTT – Secure COnnected Trustable Things

    Michael Karner, Kompetenzzentrum – Das virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Security and Privacy Platform for Industrial IoT – The CHARIOT EC Project

    Konstantinos Loupos, INLECOM SYSTEMS
  • Accelerating security at the edge: The H2020 FORTIKA Paradigm

  • H2020 project SUCCESS - A Security Concept for Critical Infrastructures

    Panagiotis Paschalidis, P3 Group
  • Towards a Standardized Approach for Automated Threats Detection for Internet of Things

    Marcin Pawlowski, Secure Ltd

The Programme Committee is composed of the following members:

  • Harm Jan Arendshorts, iLabs Technologies
  • Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform
  • Franck Boissière, European Commission
  • Sonia Compans, ETSI
  • François Ennesser, Gemalto
  • Patrick Guillemin, ETSI
  • Alan Hayward, NCSC
  • Georgios Karagiannis, Huawei
  • Jacques Kruse-Brandao, NXP
  • Brigitte Lonc, Renault
  • Apostolos Malatras, ENISA
  • Arthur van der Wees, Arthur's Legal
  • Thomas Weisshaupt, Wirepas

The Programme Committee is in charge of selecting the presentations that fit the event objectives and build the programme on IoT Security.

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