Cybersecurity is at the heart of the digital economy. Policy makers are taking up ambitious legislative initiatives for a secure digital economy for Europe and beyond. The industry is challenged to provide products and services which comply with such legislation. And standards are expected to play an important role in support as well. Will the policy, industrial and standardization actions succeed in making the cyber world safer?

The workshop looked at the panorama of cybersecurity, taking in the primary security issues and drivers.

This looked at the major technical issues and challenges to protecting information, infrastructure, customers, industry and assets from attack and failure. Then we reviewed the high-level drivers such as regulations, directives and mandates that help support cybersecurity. Finally, we looked at supporting vulnerability and disclosure schemes.

Target Audience

This event was of interest for those wishing to understand the latest context and direction of Cybersecurity initiatives: This will include C Level (such as CISO, CTOs), those responsible for security and involved in Standards making.


  Monday 11 June 2018
08:30 Check-in
09:00 Welcome 
Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director General
09:10 Session 1: Cyber Landscape: Critical Attacks in the Past Year
Session Chair: Alex Leadbeater, BT
The session will give an overview of the major Cyber Attacks over the past years and will look at the mitigation actions undertaken.
  09:10 Insight on Major Attacks
Christoph Fisher, BFK
  09:40 A National View, UK NCSC
Ian McCormack, NCSC
  10:10 From Security Vulnerabilities to Better Practices: Version 7 of the Critical Security Controls
Curtis Duke, Center for Internet Security
10:40 Coffee & Networking Break 
11:15 Session 2: Challenges at Political Level and Actions Taken to Overcome Those (Part 1)
Session Chair: Andreas Fuchsberger, Microsoft
This session will review the latest policy and legislative acts and the resulting actions from stakeholders. Participants will debate as to whether the legislative and political actions and the standardization actions are actually helping improve security and the cost of these actions.
  11:15 Security Assurance - Regulatory and Legislative Approaches and Business Drivers 
G. Narendra Nath, Department of Telecommunications, Government of India
  11:30 The Cybersecurity Landscape and Policy in China
Wei Du, Chinese bureau of Cybersecurity
  11:45 European Commission – Status on Latest Cybersecurity Policies and Legislative Actions
Florent Frederix, European Commission, DG CNECT
  12:00 A New Certification Framework for the EU: Proposal & Current Status
Steve Purser, ENISA
  12:15 Suggestions from ECSO for a European Cybersecurity Certification
Roberto Cascella, ECSO
12:30 Lunch & Networking Break
14:00 Session 2: Challenges at Political Level and Actions Taken to Overcome Those (part 2)
Session Chair: Colin Whorlow, NCSC
  14:00 ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 27 Activities on Cybersecurity
Andreas Fuchsberger, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 27
  14:15 Standards, Requirements and Regulation in Cybersecurity: Finding the Right Balance
Cinzia Missiroli, Walter Fumy - CEN/CENELEC
  14:30 Challenges for ETSI in Cybersecurity Regulations
Luis Jorge Romero - ETSI
  14:45 Roundtable: how do the Political, Industry and Standardization Actions Meet the Issues Raised in the Introductory Talks?
With session 1 and Session 2 Speakers
15:45 Coffee & Networking Break
16:15 Session 3: Information Sharing and Vulnerability Disclosure Programs
Session Chair: Slawomir Gorniak, ENISA
  16:15 Vulnerability Disclosure Program
James Moran, GSMA
  16:30 Vulnerability Disclosure
Bengt Sahlin, Ericsson
  16:45 IoTSF Vulnerability Disclosure Program
Stephen Pattison, ARM 
  17:00 Questions & Answers
17:30 Wrap up and Closure
Charles Brookson, Zeata
17:40 Networking Cocktail

Click here to access the presentations of the day. 

The Programme Commitee was composed of the following members: 

  • Charles Brookson, Zeata & PC chairman
  • Sonia Compans, ETSI
  • Marijke De Soete, Security4Biz 
  • Andreas Fuchsberger, Microsoft
  • Eric Gauthier, Orange
  • Slawomir Gorniak, ENISA
  • Alex Leadbeater, BT
  • James Moran, GSMA
  • Colin Whorlow, NCSC 
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