This hackathon, jointly organized by ETSI and INSA Toulouse, aims to imagine the new applications that a smart city could offer its citizens, its elected officials or its technical and administrative services in a multi-domain vision based on the oneM2M standard.

In this city can be found:

  • smart buildings equipped with sensors for temperature, brightness, presence, sound volume, etc., participants can also operate lighting, ventilation, billboards
  • connected bus equipped with geolocation sensors, pollution, movement, temperature, sound volume, etc., participants can operate a billboard or interact with other equipment in the city
  • green space equipped with humidity sensors and pump
  • public space allowing you to manage parking, household waste, the display of information, pollution data or even public lighting.

A simulation of the smart city will allow participants to develop ideas that they can then test on a model reproducing spaces of the city of Toulouse -then why not propose these innovative applications to the metropolis of Toulouse further to this event?

The hackathon will begin on Thursday, January 25, 2018 afternoon and end Friday, January 26 morning with a panel of experts who will evaluate how the participants' ideas can break the single-domain vision for a richer vison and multi-field of the city showcasing the potential of the oneM2M standard to achieve this.

This event is supported by oneM2M and the European Commission.

INSA Toulouse – Amphitheatre Fourier

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