ETSI Seminar in Sophia Antipolis

The ETSI Seminar is run once a year to provide an intensive course on ETSI, its organization, structure, ways of working and related subjects.

It is targeted at those who are new to ETSI or those who need to develop a deeper understanding of how to work effectively in ETSI.

The last Seminar took place on 20 June 2023.

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Who should attend?

  • New members of ETSI
  • Candidate (applicant) members
  • New delegates in ETSI committees
  • Newly appointed chairs, vice-chairman or rapporteurs in ETSI
  • New experts on ETSI Special Task Forces
  • Those who are involved in managing or tracking standardization activities
  • Staff from national standards bodies, or other standards bodies or fora

In fact, anyone involved in ETSI and standards-making in any way will benefit from attending!

For more information please contact the Events team.

ETSI Seminar in Webinar format

We also provide the various modules in a Webinar format that we invite you to view at your leisure.