ETSI is pleased to support the 2nd edition of Bharat 6G 2024 International Conference & Exhibition, scheduled on 15th May 2024 at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi.

India has been actively involved in the development of 6G technology and has played a key role in framing the International Telecommunication Union's framework for 6G, recently finalised by the UN Telecom agency. The Department of Telecommunications' efforts have led to the adoption of connectivity, intelligence, and sustainability in 6G technology. India's Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has released the Bharat 6G Mission manifesto, which aims to position India as a leading supplier of advanced telecom technologies. The mission focuses on collaboration between government bodies, industry players, and academia, and plans to conduct pilot-scale demonstrations and validations through field trials across various use cases to contribute to national and international standards starting around 2025.

The potential impact of 6G is significant, as it has the power to reshape human interactions, machine communications, and data interactions. The integration of AI/ML and exploration of quantum technologies will be crucial in driving innovation in sectors like education, agriculture, and healthcare. The establishment of a seamless integrated optical and wireless network, with a focus on rural areas, is necessary. India's proactive measures in the development of 6G technologies will position the country as a global leader in the field. Keeping in mind Indian Government initiative on 6G, Bharat Exhibitions is pleased to present the 2nd edition of Bharat 6G 2024 International Conference & Exhibition scheduled on 15th May 2024 at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi.

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