The ETSI TeraFlowSDN community is organizing the 4th TFS Hackfest on 21-22 May 2024. The Hackfest will be hosted by UBITECH in Athens, Greece and technical sessions will be led by Telefonica. Participation is free and open to all upon registration.

Scope: Network Discovery, Inventory Management and Telemetry with TeraFlowSDN

TeraFlowSDN Hackfest #4 is an immersive event aimed at advancing skills in network automation via BGP Speaker and gNMI protocols. It begins with a focus on network device discovery and inventory management through BGP Speaker, followed by a tutorial to showcase its utility. Participants will tackle a challenge to enhance the BGP Speaker's functionality, delving into configuration adjustments. The event also explores IP router management through gNMI, emphasizing control and telemetry. Interactive sessions with TeraFlowSDN experts will facilitate hands-on learning in deploying and managing software-defined networks, making it a compact yet comprehensive experience for network professionals.

The Hackfest's agenda is available on the event's WIKI: TFS Hackfest 4 WIKI

Divani Palace Acropolis
19-25 Parthenonos str.
11742 Athens, Greece

Room booking

Who should attend:

  • Network Operators and Service providers, who want to get first-hand operational experience with TeraFlowSDN Controller
  • System Integrators, who want to develop their expertise with TeraFlowSDN
  • Academia and Universities, who are using or considering TeraFlowSDN as a platform for their research activities in networking
  • TeraFlowSDN developers and users that want to share and test with the community
  • Members of research projects interested in using TeraFlowSDN Controller in their research and proof-of-concept activities.


Registration is mandatory.

Participants are expected to:

Check latest instructions to prepare for the Hackfest in the TFS#4 Hackfest WIKI.

Please send your technical questions to or join the TFS Community Slack Workspace
Questions about ETSI, joining TFS, this Hackfest and future events can be sent to:

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