ETSI’s annual flagship event on Cyber Security, the ETSI Security Conference, will take place face-to-face from 14 to 17 October 2024, in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France.  Save the date in your calendar not to miss this opportunity to Meet and Network with the Community! 

This exclusive face-to-face event will provide an exceptional opportunity for the security community to come together to exchange with experts, network with peers, and share facts and opinions around the most relevant subjects of cybersecurity standardization. The intensive 4-day programme will gather speakers from government agencies, other standards bodies, academia and various industry sectors. 

This year's event will address AI - Impacts of Regulation on Zero Trust and Consumer devices - Societal Impact of Technology-  Fraud, Security and Standards Convergence - 5G to 6G - Privacy and Considerations of Employing Encryption Technologies -Transport, Public safety and Critical Communications - Consumer verticals. 

You may want to give a talk or present a poster during the ETSI Security Conference!
Currently the Programme Committee is calling for Presentations/ Posters: do not miss the deadline: 26 May!  Please check here the submission modalities and submit your proposal

The event stable programme and the registration opening will be announced in the course of July.
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Venue: ETSI Headquarters
650 Route des Lucioles
06560 Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis

FRANCE Tel: +33 4 92 94 42 00 

The Programme Committee is now looking at the input received further to the call for presentations.

It is intended to publish a stable event programme in the course of July. 

The Conference will be structured around the following sessions : 

  • Impacts of Regulation - Capturing European values in Technologies: The session will focus on impacts of regulation on products, innovation and technology. It will consider how EU regulation (e.g. AI Act, e-IDAS, RED, CRA, NIS2) and other regional regulations have shaped the global technology landscape. The session will also consider points of friction and gaps between aims of regulation and actual security improvements for products placed on the market.
  • AI as a Technology / Platform: The session will consider AI security from the perspective of securing AI as a generic platform capability. The session will discuss latest challenges, threats, legislation and approaches to providing secure AI.
  • AI "Verticals" / End Applications: The session will consider AI security from the perspective of securing AI as deployed in specific vertical applications. The session will discuss latest challenges, threats, legislation and approaches to implementing AI in specific vertical / end applications.
  • Societal Impacts of Technology : This session will explore the societal impact of technology on end users and society. Topics including coercive control avoidance, Metaverse, protection of children, disinformation and protection vulnerable citizens will be discussed.
  • Impact of Regulation - Zero TrustThe session will explore latest developments, regulatory landscape and best practice for zero trust.
  • Impact of Regulation - Consumer Devices: :The session will explore impacts of regulation on consumer products and devices. It will particularly explore successes, failures, best practice and gaps. Focus areas to include IoT and automotive.
  • Quantum Session: The session explore latest developments in quantum algorithm selection, migration strategy, best practice, agility and other cryptography.
  • Fraud, Security and Standards Convergence: This session will explore where standards are being driven by fraud and where fraud is driving standards. The session will discuss how security and fraud prevention / detection can work more closely. Focus areas to include; 5G, PSD2, eSignature and e-payments.
  • 5G to 6G Evolution or Revolution? In early 2024 3GPP, ETSI and GSMA started the multi-year process of developing standards for 6G. While 6G won’t reach the market until ~2030, 2024 to 2026 with be the key years in which 6G architecture is standardised. This session will explore 6G challenges and opportunities from a security perspective.
  • Privacy and Considerations of Employing Encryption Technologies: Privacy by design has become a corner stone of all new information communication technology systems, devices and applications. However this and zero trust can also have negative consequences for security.  The session will explore the interplay between encryption technologies to support privacy requirements, versus the need to detect and mitigate threats, malware and other malicious attacks. This will include consideration for limiting the spread of disinformation.
  • Transport, Public safety and Critical communications: The session will explore security for Transport, Public Safety, Critical Industries and Critical Communications. Topics to include; Tetra replacement, FRMCS Rail, 3GPP SA6 work.
  • Consumer Verticals: The session will explore latest security best practice, challenges and gaps for consumer IoT and other smart devices.

The ETSI Security Conference 2024 programme will be built by the following people:

  • Samim Ahmadi, EY
  • Charles Brookson, ZEATA Security
  • Alex Cadzow, C3L
  • Scott Cadzow, C3L
  • Matt Campagna, Amazon Web Services
  • Peter C, NCSC
  • Mirko Cano Soveri, ETSI/3GPP
  • Bjorn Fanta, Fabasoft
  • Slawomir Gorniak, ENISA
  • Alan Hayward, NCSC
  • Holie Hennessy, OMDIA
  • Alex Leadbeater,GSMA, Programme Committee Chair
  • Tieyan Li, Huawei
  • Gerry McQuaid, Ofcom
  • Mats Naslund, NDRE
  • Kim Nordstrom, ETSI
  • Jean-Pierre Quémard, KAT
  • Davide Pratone, Huawei
  • Tony Rutkowski, CIS
  • George Sharkov, European DIGITAL SME Alliance & SBS
  • Nataliya Stanetsky, Google Ireland Limited
  • Colin Whorlow, NCSC
  • Alf Zugenmaier, NTT Docomo
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