The 10th ETSI/IQC Quantum Safe Cryptography Conference organized by ETSI and the Institute for Quantum Computing is hosted by the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore in Singapore. 

The Technical Track on 15 and 16 May follows the Executive track on 14 May.

The Technical Track, through a series of presentations, will dive more technically into the financial sector quantum safe activities, various initiatives world-wide,  migration aspects (Urgency, readiness , challenges), QKD networks etc..

The Technical Track will:

  • Showcase and provide an update of the most recent research, initiatives and standardization activities worldwide
  • Bring together key players from industry, academia, government and standardization bodies
  • Facilitate networking and relationship-building opportunities
  • Encourage discussion and critical thinking around pertinent topics 

The Technical Track will start at 09:00 am on Wednesday 15 May and will end on Thursday afternoon 16 May.  

Event attendees will have the opportunity to visit the posters during the conference coffee and lunch breaks.

  • Wednesday 15 May

    09.00 Opening Remarks
    Michele Mosca, Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), Programme Committee Chair

    09:05 SESSION 1: National and Multi-National Initiatives - Asia 
    Session Chair tbc

    Integrated Development and Application of QKD and PQC
    Wei Qi, CAS Quantum Network Co.

    Quantum-Resistant PKC Algorithms: Design, Analysis and Standardization
    Xianhui Lu, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Proof of Concept of QKD Network and Quantum Secure Cloud in Japan
    Mikio Fujiwara, NICT

    Practical Challenges of Deploying a Quantum Key Distribution Link: An Indian Perspective
    Arka Mukherjee, C-DOT

    Building a Fully Interoperable Quantum-Safe Network Testbed with Versatile Reference Applications
    Jing Yan Haw, Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore

    10:20 Coffee & Networking Break - Posters Visits

    11:00 SESSION 1 part 2: National and Multi National Initiatives - Europe and the US 
    Session Chair tbc

    The First NIST PQC Standards
    Dustin Moody, NIST

    Post-Quantum Cryptography and Considerations at the IETF
    Sofia Celi, Brave

    The Madrid Quantum Communications Infrastructure: QKD and PQC Deployments
    Vicente Martin, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

    Martin Ward, ETSI ISG QKD Chair, Toshiba

    ETSI Cyber QSC
    Matt Campagna, ETSI Cyber QSC Chair, Amazon

    Questions and Discussions

    12:30 Lunch & Networking Break - Posters Visits

     13:45 SESSION 2: Financial Sector Quantum-Safe Activities 
    Session Chair tbc

    Post-quantum Migration Platform For Commercial Banks in China
    Jintai Ding, Tsinghua University

    Splendors and Miseries of Adopting Quantum Security
    Vladimir Tsitrin - Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT)

    Quantum Safe Metro and Long Distance Financial Communications Protection
    Juan P. Brito - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / Center for computational simulation

    100 Gbps Quantum-safe IPsec VPN Tunnels over 46 km Deployed Fiber
    Obada Alia, JPMorgan Chase & Co

    15:00 Tea & Networking Break - Posters Visits

    15:30  SESSION 3: Migration : Urgency and Readiness
    Session Chair tbc

    On the State of Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computers
    Joe Fitzsimmons, Horizon Quantum

    Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography
    Murugiah Souppaya, NIST

    The PQC Decision Tree: A Tool for Selecting Suitable Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithms
    Vincent Dunning, TNO

    Framework for Assessing Quantum Readiness
    Roddy Kok, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

    16:30 SESSION 04: QKD Networks
    Session Chair tbc

    Overview of Quantum Communication Use-cases in Italy and Neighbouring Countries
    Davide Bacco, QTI s.r.l.

    QKD and Quantum Secure Cloud Trials for Genome Medical Domain and Large Scale QKD Networking R&D
    Yoshimichi Tanizawa, Toshiba Corporation

    QKD Migration Strategies Implemented by Telco Operators
    Simon Patkovic, IDQuantique

    Pathfinder Demonstrator Missions for Satellite QKD Services
    Robert Bedington, SpeQtral

    EAGLE-1: Delivering Satellite-Enabled QKD Solution
    Petra Sala, SES Techcom S.A.

    QKD From a Geostationary Satellite: HISPASAT’S Caramuel System
    Antonio Abad, HISPASAT

    17.45 End of Afternoon 

  • Thursday16 May

    08:45 SESSION 5: Migration Challenges and Cryptographic Agility
    Session Chair tbc

    Practical Challenges in Deploying Quantum-Safe VPNs
    Gert Grammel, Juniper Networks

    Embracing Post-Quantum Cryptography: Strategies for Cryptographic Agility in Product Security
    Avesta Hojjati, DigiCert

    Agile PKI in eIDAS 2.0
    Jan Klaußner, Bundesdruckerei

    Preparing Your Enterprise for PQC Through Total Certificate Agility
    Tim Callan, Sectigo

    PKI Deployments are as Unique as any Snowflake; How to Build Equally Flexible PQ Migration Strategies
    Greg Wetmore, Entrust

    The Magnetic Pull of Mutable Protection: Worked Examples in Cryptographic Agility
    Mark Carney, Santander

    Post-Quantum Cryptographic Agility in Hardware and CHIPS Act
    Reza Azarderakhsh, PQSecure and Florida Atlantic University

    RISC-V PQC Instruction Set Extension Standardization
    Markku-Juhani Saarinen, Tampere University and PQShield Ltd.

    10:45 Coffee & Networking Break - Posters Visits

    11:15 SESSION 6: Toward QKD Certification
    Chaired by Martin Ward, Programme Committee Member, Toshiba

    Title to be provided
    Norbert Luetkenhaus, Institute for Quantum Computing

    Implementation Attacks Against QKD Systems
    Tobias Hemmert, Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and Ulrich Seyfarth, BearingPoint GmbH

    Introduction to the Verification System for QKD Equipment in South Korea
    Hong, Chang Ho, ITSCC

    Nostradamus Project
    Martin Stierle, AIT 

    Questions and Discussions

    13:00 Lunch & Networking Break - Posters Visits

    14:00 SESSION 7: Cryptographic Defense-in-Depth, Hybrid Implementations and New Schemes
    Session Chair tbc

    Quantum-Secure Communications for Critical Missions
    Johanna Sepúlveda, Airbus Defence and Space

    Quantum Secure end-to-end Key Establishment Using Multimodal Cryptography
    David Jao, evolutionQ

    A Security Analysis of "TS 103 744: Quantum-safe Hybrid Key Exchanges"
    Bertram Poettering, IBM

    The Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar (UOV) and T(riangular) UOV Digital Signature Schemes
    Jintai Ding, Tsinghua University

    Creating Hybrid Quantum-Safe Digital Signatures for Authenticating Documents: AHAPKIDO PoC
    Stefan van den Berg, TNO

    Quantum threat mitigation in optical networks and recent progress in Europe
    Jim Zou, Adva

    15.15 Wrap Up

    Michele Mosca, University of Waterloo, Programme Committee Chair

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