The 10th ETSI/IQC Quantum Safe Cryptography Conference,organized by ETSI and the Institute for Quantum Computing was hosted by the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore in Singapore. 

The conference began with the Executive track taking place on 14 May 2024. 

Business leaders worldwide are increasingly taking concrete steps to prepare for the quantum era: protecting business continuity, the resilience of critical cyber systems, and the integrity and confidentiality of information assets.

The Executive Track on 14 May was a high-level session, specially designed for business executives, including CEOs, CTOs, and CISOs. This one-day event was an opportunity to get an executive-level overview of quantum computing, the event outlined the state of the quantum threat and quantum risk management via various Keynote speeches and high-level discussions on government actions and approaches, on the shift to quantum-safe cryptography in the financial sector and on the transition to a quantum secure cryptographic infrastructure viewed from various angles. 

The Executive Track :

  • Encouraged discussion and critical thinking around pertinent topicsShowcase recent research, initiatives and standardization activities worldwide
  • Provided actionable steps and takeaways for novices wanting to begin their quantum-safe migration
  • Facilitated networking and relationship-building opportunities

    09.00 Opening Remarks

    • Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director-General
    • Michele Mosca, Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), Programme Committee Chair
    • Towards a Quantum-Safe Future,Chuen Hong Lew, IMDA

    09:40 Keynote Speeches

    9:40 Securing the Quantum Frontier
    Artur Ekert, University of Oxford, National University of Singapore

    10:00 Quantum Computing for Business Executives
    Michele Mosca, evolutionQ

    10:45 Coffee & Networking Break - Posters Visits

    11:15 Government Actions and Approaches
    Chaired by Colin Whorlow, NCSC

    In this session a range of thought leaders will discuss where Governments should be concentrating their efforts on Quantum-Safe Cryptography, including consideration of what regulation, if any,  may be required.

    • Filipe Beato, World Economic Forum
    • Paul Caetano, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security
    • Manfred Lochter, BSI
    • Rodney Tan, CSA

    12:15 Lunch & Networking Break - Posters Visits

    14:00 Future-Proofing Finance: Navigating the Quantum Shift in Financial Cryptography
    Session Chair: Jaime Gómez García, Santander 

    A Closer look at Quantum-Safety for the Financial Industry: Global experts will discuss how the financial services industry, as a principal user of cryptography, is getting ready for the shift to quantum-safe cryptography. This is a unique chance to learn from pioneers in the field and understand the practical steps involved in the journey towards quantum-safe cryptography.

    14:00 Introduction 
    Jaime Gómez Garcia – Santander

    14:05 The Significance and Possible Paths of Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Migration in the Financial Sector
    Chengjun Zhou – Central Bank of China  

    14.20 Financial Services and Post-Quantum Cryptography​ - Initial Industry Response and Work Products
    Mike Silverman. FS-ISAC

    14:35 Quantum-Proofing the Financial System  
    Angela Dupont, BIS 

    14:50 Quantum Security at HSBC
    Alejandro Montblanch, HSBC

    15:05 Building a Resilient and Robust Financial System for Post Quantum Age
    Giuseppe Bruno, Bank of Italy 

    15:20 Panel Discussion
    led by Jaime Gómez Garcia

    • Giuseppe Bruno, Bank of Italy 
    • Angela Dupont, BIS
    • Charles Lim, JPMorgan Chase
    • Alejandro Montblanch, HSBC
    • Chengjun Zhou – Central Bank of China

    16:00 Tea & Networking Break - Posters Visits

    16:30 Beyond the Bits and the Qubits: Preparing for the Cryptographic Infrastructure Evolution
    Moderated by Donna Dodson, evolutionQ

    Cryptographers and cryptographic engineers are having a moment. At least that is how some organizations are looking at discussions around the need to evolve their cryptographic infrastructure and prepare for advances in quantum computing. Today’s discussion focuses at the primitive and algorithm level.  While addressing the technical cryptographic underpinnings of a cryptographic infrastructure is necessary, it is not sufficient. What else needs to be considered? To address this question, we have convened a panel of experts from industry and government with backgrounds in communication, cloud, technology, business, finance and policy.  They will discuss the transition to a quantum secure cryptographic infrastructure including the people, policies, processes, and technologies needed for success.


    • Jaya Baloo, Rapid7
    • Matt Campagna, AWS
    • Martin Charbonneau, Nokia
    • Hubert le Van Gong, JPMorgan Chase
    • Wee Sain Koh, IMDA
    • David Turkington, GSMA

    18.00 End of Executive Track

    18:00 - 19:30 Networking Cocktail

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