EUROCONTROL and ETSI are organizing the VoIP in ATM over IPv6 (Voice over IP in Air Traffic Management over IPv6) PLUGTESTS™ event which will take place from 23 to 27 September 2024. This event will be hosted by ETSI in Sophia Antipolis, France. 

The format of the event will be lab tests conducted in the premises of ETSI.


This VoIP in ATM over IPv6 Plugtests event intends to demonstrate vendor interoperability using IPv6 by performing a series of VoIP-in-ATM Interoperability Test Scenarios between Telephone, Radio, Recorder and Supervision interfaces configured for IPv6.


  • Telephone: Perform pre-agreed VoIP-in-ATM Telephone call type/feature test scenarios using IPv6
  • Radio: Perform pre-agreed VoIP-in-ATM Radio session/feature test scenarios using IPv6
  • Recorder: Perform pre-agreed VoIP-in-ATM Recorder session/feature test scenarios using IPv6
  • Supervision: Perform pre-agreed VoIP-in-ATM Supervision Annex 3 MIB test scenarios over IPv6


  • Voice Communication System (VCS) vendors
  • Radio vendors
  • Recorder vendors
  • Observers: pre-registrered Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP).


  • To assess the level of interoperability of your implementations
  • To validate your understanding of the standards
  • To test with (many) other real implementations and demonstrate end-to-end interoperability
  • To debug your implementation: early bug fixing, saving time and costs
  • To promote the technology and the ecosystem.

ETSI Headquarters

650 Route des Lucioles

06921 Sophia Antipolis

FRANCE Tel: +33 4 92 94 42 00  

Details of how to get to ETSI, local transport and hotels


All participants must register individually for the event in order to receive their credentials and be subscribed to the mailing list dedicated to this event. Companies registered are expected to have at least one person present on site during the event. The registration deadline is 31 March 2024.

Each first person in a company to register to this event is de facto the official contact from this company for administrative matters. Each participant is invited to register individually. Maximum two technical experts per equipment type and not more than four participants per company.

The event is free of charge and attendees will be responsible for all other associated costs (travel, meals, etc.).


All participating companies, observers included, must sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that the official contact will receive upon registration. Organizations will not be allowed to participate to the event if the NDA and Rules of Engagement (RoE) have not been signed.

The deadline to return the signed NDAs and RoEs to ETSI is 31 March 2024. Credentials to access the Wiki will be sent to the registered participants upon signature of the NDA and RoE by the authorized representative of their company.

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