ETSI and the Institute for Quantum Computing are pleased to announce the 10th ETSI/IQC Quantum Safe Cryptography Conference, taking place in Singapore on 14-16 May 2024. The event will be hosted by the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore.

Join us in marking this important milestone by contributing with a talk, proposing a panel discussion or simply coming along to learn more about this rapidly evolving field and meet the key players behind these important maturing technologies.

We increasingly rely on cyber technologies, and hence are ever more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As progress toward a cryptographically relevant quantum computer advances, these attack vectors grow and the imperative to prepare for a transition to quantum secure technologies continues to increase. In response, standardization efforts are accelerating; the initial NIST PQC standards are due in 2024, and our working groups here at ETSI are active in evaluating these and how they will fit into existing protocols, applications and public-key infrastructures. Hence solutions are starting to become commercially available, best practices are being developed and shared, and the ability to transition in a secure and cost-effective way continues to increase. This is a continually evolving and complex journey and much remains to be understood and navigated.

This event was designed for members of the business, government, and research communities with a stake in cryptographic standardization to facilitate the knowledge exchange and collaboration required to transition cyber infrastructures and business practices to make them safe in an era with quantum computers. It aims to showcase both the most recent developments from industry and government and cutting-edge potential solutions coming out of the most recent research.

Conference Objectives:

  • Showcase recent research, initiatives and standardization activities worldwide
  • Bring together key players from industry, academia, government and standardization bodies
  • Facilitate networking and relationship-building opportunities
  • Encourage discussion and critical thinking around pertinent topics
  • Provide actionable steps and takeaways for novices wanting to begin their quantum-safe migration

Why should one attend?

The first NIST standards for PQC will be released in 2024 and therefore there is no reason to delay your quantum-safe migration further.
This conference is a perfect opportunity to determine your next steps, learn from experts and network others going through the process. Nowhere else can you encounter the latest research in such an actionable way, with specific tracks for both executives and technical experts.


  • Michele Mosca, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo (Programme Committee Chair)
  • Jaya Baloo, Rapid7
  • Johannes Buchmann, TU Darmstadt
  • Matthew Campagna, Sr. Principal Engineer, Amazon Web Services
  • Sofia Celi, Brave
  • Lily Chen, NIST
  • Jaime Gomez, Grupo Santander
  • Alexander Ling, NUS
  • Sarah McCarthy, IQC, University of Waterloo
  • Máire O'Neill, Queen's University Belfast
  • Mark Pecen, Approach Infinity, Inc.
  • Bart Preneel, KU Leuven
  • Gregoire Ribordy IDQuantique (Replacing Nicolas Gisin)
  • Johanna Sepulveda, Airbus
  • Masahiro Takeoka, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan
  • Martin Ward, Toshiba Europe
  • Colin Whorlow, Head of International Standards, NCSC
  • Hong Xiang, Chongqing University

The Programme Committee is calling for presentations. Submit your proposal via Easychair by 30 November 2023.

Do note that you will have to create an easychair account to submit a 300-word abstract + presentation title.
Additionally, you'll be requested to submit a 100-word biography. 

The Programme Committee will review and choose amongst the proposals received within the deadline those fitting most with the topics below:

  • Migration paths and roadmaps for post-quantum cryptography and/or QKD (including challenges and resolutions)
  • System integration of QKD and post-quantum
  • Practical challenges to deploying quantum-safe schemes
  • Computational constraints and considerations for post-quantum cryptography and security from an industry perspective
  • High-priority use cases for quantum-safe cryptography
  • Standards for quantum cryptography devices and systems
  • Standards for quantum-resistant public-key crypto algorithms
  • Testing, metrics, validation and certification for quantum-safety
  • Cryptanalysis and side-channel analysis of post-quantum systems/QKD
  • Hybrid key agreement and signatures
  • Strategy to achieve cryptographic agility in products
  • Global efforts on quantum-safe schemes
  • New applications of post-quantum crypto or QKD
  • Innovative ideas utilising post-quantum crypto or QKD in the real world
  • Other cryptographic primitives requiring practical quantum-safe alternatives (e.g. aggregate signatures)
  • Demonstrations of post-quantum and QKD in deployment
  • Next steps in response to the publication of PQC standards

Submit your proposal via Easychair by 30 November 2023.

Do note that accepted speakers are requested to attend the face-to-face event in Singapore. 

The Programme Committee will evaluate the received proposals from early December onwards.

The detailed event programme will be available by the end of February 2024. 

The event will be hosted by the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore.

The event will be taking place at the Catapult
1 Rochester Park, #02-01 Rochester Commons, Singapore 139212

More details will be provided early 2024.

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